Meet the worst player in the game

Good evening everyone.

So, I have a question.

I’m a french player. I’ll be playing this game for exactly one year the next sunday. There is my problem :

We, frenchies, have the biggest troll I ever met in a video game.

Lemme explain the situation : he goes in every ally (as many as he can) & when he gets a rankin (elder, or co-leader), he’s having some fun by banning every players he can, then he leaves the ally. Many allies have lost a few/a lot members this way.

Then he goes into an other one & do the same.

He’s doing that for a year (well, I was not here before but everyone says that he’s always done that).

On the french recruit channel, most of the recruiter know him & know that if he joins your ally, you have to ban him IMMEDIATLY.

Cause when he doesn’t ban peoples, he finds some ways to start some dramas. A few ally got destroyed cause of him.

So yes, many allies close their doors & put “on invitation” thing on to avoid him to join. And when he pops on the recruit channel (really rarely), everyone tells to someone who’d be interrested by him (lvl 52), to avoid him as the fcking cholera.

My question is there : how on earth could this player still be able to play ? As he’s smart, he absolutly never insults anyone so no one can report him. But does it mean that we can’t fight against him ? Are we really going to be forced to watch 24/7 if he’s not arround to be sure that we can let the ally’s doors open ?

Cause he also changes his name ! So he can join some ally without them to know it’s him !

How could we get rid of him ? Does anyone have a solution ? Should all the french recruiters send a mail to SGG via support website ? What do we have to do ?!

Thank you.

That seems like pretty much the only option to me, since only Support could possibly do anything about it.


Well, I guess that I could tell everyone in recruit channel to do that, but how could we prove that ? Could the dev’ check his “logs” & see that he’s banning people ? :confused:

I think they’d have a way to check that, yes. I’m not sure whether they’ll do something about it, but sending screenshots to Support seems like a good starting point.

I know they’ve sometimes banned players for inappropriate in-game behavior, so that seems like a possible solution. Seems like it’s worth contacting them, at least.


Alright thank you Zeph’ .

He did it tonight again (one hour ago) so we’re talking about that in recruit’ channel. The girl should be able to get some screens.

Thanks !


This person seems like a nightmare. Doing it for over a year… needs a psych referral


Hell yeah, that would really fits him well…

Luckily there are more good people in this game than trolls like that. I’m sorry you have to deal with this clown. Everyone needs to report him to SG. Screenshots will help

As he did it tonight again, I managed to get the screenshot of his 7 bans (his 7 bans of tonight, prob more than one hundred since he’s doing that).

I just sent the mail to SGG. I’ll let you know how it’s going as soon as they will answer.

Thanks again


Over a year of this behavior? Smh

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Those that figure out who he is can block him, and keep track of his name changes, probly let friends and acquaintances know who he is through Line and Discord


Well, there are some “black listed” players list that are shared on Line… People who leave during a war, toxic players etc…

But at this lvl of toxicity, I think that SGG should manage it. Their report system is really usefull most of the time, but in certain case, it doesn’t help. And this case is one of them :confused:

So need to find an other solution & if the mail is the solution… Well, I’m ok with that


Hey @H0fm4nN… we lived something similar twice recently in our alliance. I’m part of a top French Canadian alliance. Any chance his name is bobby --------? I hid the the last part of the name for privacy. But this sounds like his MO.

Some people really need to get a life…

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I’ve flagged this issue to staff. Thanks for bringing it to public attention, @H0fm4nN.


It’s Bobby, yes… Btw, be careful, he changed his name one hour ago. It’s now like a smiley ! His name is a smiley

Thank you @Kerridoc !


My guess is that he sucks at raids.


My guess is he REALLY likes throwing his toys out of the crib. Then when the crib is empty he goes looking for a new one.


Well, from what I know, he’s an adult (yes, crazy huh)… But maybe that he never grew up, idk… I don’t know how to explain this behavior. Especially when it lasts for a year

I hope that SGG will have the possibility to see his activity on the game. They should be pretty amazed if yes lol

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Thanks for the heads-up @H0fm4nN. At least it makes me feel better to know that we’re talking about the same guy and that there’s only one of those douche bags out there doing this.



That’s really a sad way to have fun.
Let him/her be, let him/her do that.

If he really do that for so long, i guess he really have some serious real life problems, and that’s the most harmless way to let off some steam.

Don’t really want to know what he/she will do without it.
That’s not really normal.


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