Mechanic bug


I found a bug. My opponent has only 2 heroes, Gunnar and Wu Kong, both have Gunnar buff (i use Russian version, i can use not very correct words). I have Domicia, used her skill to Wu Kong (break all buffs). And after that - when i damaged Wu Kong - it’s allright. When i damaged Gunnar - damage were divided to Wu Kong too. But damage should be divided only to 1 hero, cause I’ve breaked Gunnar buff on other hero. Please check this. Thank you


Domitia dispel debuff works only for 1 hero, the one you hit.
So you hit Wu kong and dispel only his buff, not Gunnar’s buff. She works fine.
Her debuff doesn’t work like Caedmon or Sonya.

Check the Domitia description to confirm.


It’s not a Domitia bug, but Gunnar’s. When you have only 1 hero, who should split damage with other heroes who have the same buff (with nobody more, cause of only 1 hero with Gunnar buff), but damage is splited anyway, when you damage Gunnar and not splited when you damage Wu Kong. Or it is mechanic when you dont need buff on allies to split damage with them, if you have?


Gunnars buff has 2 parts.

  • The split damage part
  • The +defense part

I havent tested it much, but I think the reduced damage taken is due to the +defense part.


Oh, now i understand what are you saying.
Nope, i guess with spirit link you just need 1 hero to have that buff to split into others, it doesn’t split on “who have spirit link icon” even if does make sense.

So if you hit the only one that have that icon out of 5 people for example, it does split. Otherwise the other 4 not.

Don’t know if it was intended, cause single dispel or miss dispel is a recently change.