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Hello everyone,

(Only found a dead thread with 1 response from 2018 which may could have went in a same direction, so I’m starting a new one. If there is another one, dear mods feel free to merge and I am very sorry)

I was actually wondering, if there are nicknames around which have a deeper meaning. Feel free to explain your personal nickname, what it means to you, where it comes from and maybe even why you think it fits to you. That goes for forum and if you like or they differ ingame nicknames.

I start with mine.
Tunixgut is a variation of the German term ‘Tunichtgut’ and in English it means something like ‘ne’er-do-well’ or ‘rapscallion’.
I’m just a very lazy person very often and always full of mischief as well, so I think the name is perfect for me.
Moreover, it could be out of Asterix, a comic/cartoon I really like, but I actually don’t know if a character with the same name even exists.
My ingame name is Tunixgut, too.

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There is a thread similar to this.

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You may have missed this thread discussing how we can lighten the workload of our moderators.

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Just close it, I will copy my nickname explanation in the link above.


Closed per OP request.

Carry on discussion on the thread posted by @Novo above :slight_smile:

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