Me and my son both play


Me and my son both play the game. I have switched to an iphone(had android and easy to switch between accounts) I am not able to bring his account to my new phone . Any one know how? I do use two apple ids but when contacting small giants the said they can’t.
The account Id# is the same on both Apple ids


A duplicate account ID may be the issue. SG would need to help you with that via their support system, not here.

But you should know that SG only supports ONE account per device. You can have more, but if something goes wrong, they can only help you with one. :slight_smile:


It might pay to do a “search” on switching from android to ios as I’m sure I’ve “seen” a post recently asking this question.


I think this is it…my apologies if it isn’t.


That is what they said when I emailed with them. Did I word it wrong or … this can’t be resolved?


@Rook. Just tagging you on my previous statement/question
So I did I word it wrong or is this not going to be able to be resolved?
Both Apple ids have the game… two different players though …
my account is on 1st Apple ID (same account identifier #)
The second Apple ID has new player with same account identifier # as the other
My son has to play on old android (not activated) so home WiFi only


Truthfully I don’t know (I’m a volunteer moderator here; player like you!)

I would pursue the question with them to make sure both sides understand it (darn technical stuff!) and confirm whether they can or can’t.

(I have never heard of two accounts with exactly the same account number, which is why I said “hmm…”)

If you have already begun correspondence with them—and they have not yet closed the ticket—please reply to that email to get the question answered. Starting a new ticket usually makes the process take longer, unless the original ticket was closed.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


If it’s the same account, it can be only in one Game Center/Apple ID. As Rook advised, please reply to the ticket if you need further assistance.