Me and fire = better love story than Twilight

Don’t know why but it is what it is. Would love to find better yellow heroes and a few more dark ones, but the game gives me fire. :smiley:
Pulled Ares out of Atlantis last month.
Then pulled Wilbur.
Avalon pull = 2x Kelile and Lancelot
Got epic token from vision = Boldtusk
Got epic token from rare fire chest = Scarlett

I got 50 8/8 Azar and Hawkmoon, been looking forward to leveling Nashgar and Namahage for events, but the 4stars keep coming.

Now I have Ares lvl 1/3 Wilbur lvl 31/4 Boldtusk lvl 30/3 Kelile lvl 33/1 Lance lvl 10/1 and Kelile/Scarlett 1/1

Got 5 hidden blades and 4 rings… No idea what to do.
I really want a fast and hard hitting red.
Obviously I have to lvl Wilbur to 70… After that I have to choose.
BT, Lance, Kelile, Scarlett or look for 2 more rings and up Ares?

Don’t know what to do, help me out.

Boldtusk Wilbur and Scarlett

I’d say BT, Ares and Wilbur.


I didn’t have an abundance of Fire until recently.

My first was Gormek, got him leveled , then Scarlet, had her at 3/60 for awhile, then got Gravemaker and got him to 3/70, then Colen he’s still at 3/60, and Scarlet to 4/70 then I got BT, and raced him to 4/70 asap. Then I had the material for Gravemaker and he is now at 4/64.

In the last 3 weeks I got Marjana from TC20, wilbur, and 2 Sumitomo from summons.

I’m down to 1 mystic rings so Marjana will stay on the back burner while Wilbur gets built, then Sumitomo, or Marjana. Kelile will wait some more.

OP said they need a hard and fast hitter. Ares doesn’t hit. Plus he’s clunky on the same team as boldtusk. OP also only has 4 rings anyways.

I’m the same. Been playing 18 months, c2p, so don’t buy a lot… have Ares (yes he is worth it) Marj, Natalya, GMx2, Azlar, Elena And now Zim. No, they are not all maxed.
But can I ever get a green HoTM? I really wanted Evelyn, and Alby, and…etc

To your question, if you are interested in titans, definitely Wilbur, if you need a tank/Titan then Ares.

Scarlett is high tile damage but squishy but lots do well with her in events. Wouldn’t take Kelile past 3/60

Boldtusk is great especially if you don’t have Kiril and Lance is also good

So, if you don’t have a 4* healer do BT first. Otherwise Wilbur. After those two do Ares

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Well this is what I have. If I level and ascend Kiril instead of Sonya, maybe I can ascend Lance/Scarlet or Kelile. Got mats to ascend Sonya and BT, they are a lot closer to 3/60.

Worth mentioning that I have mats to ascend a purple hero, but really wanted to get Merlin maxed. Could switch to Rigard tho and ascend damage hero in both fire/ice.

My logic is that if I use Wilbur and BT together, Kiril becomes bench because I get the attack and def buffs anyway. Then Sonya can become the fast hitter.

But I’m not sure… What would you guys do?

Excellent topic title…but no fan fiction about Greymane and Valeria…?!

Missed opportunity


Sorry, but even Shaolin soccer has a better love story then Twilight.

-Your argument is invalid-

Honestly I was considering a Lance/LilJohn story. The curious eyebrow brothers. :thinking:

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@SWEG, I realize that, but Ares at 3/70 is still better than a maxed Scarlett, with Ares boost being applied, whomever flanks him will hit hard and lasting IF both Ares and BT are on the same team, it only means a continuous cycle of heal and attack buff until one of them is taken down. There’s a reason two people liked my options and no one liked yours, it’s because they are more practical and over better pairings.

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Same here, mate. Natalya, Gravemaker, Zimkitha (maxed) here. Azlar, Khagan from TC20, Kong and Santa from events… And at least 7 maxed 4* reds. I don’t even know how many more hidden blades I’d need… :smile:

I think Graymane is too busy gnawing Tyrum’s and Oberon’s bones to flirt with Valeria :stuck_out_tongue:


Ares is super good but it’s not a hard and fast rule that 5* heroes are better to level than 4* heroes, regardless of how many people think so. Considering we both agreed on boldtusk and Wilbur, the third option is between a high attack stat and fast hit with attack debuff, or an additional healer/buffer. I think Scarlett is the better option here because first of all OP needs a hitter and Scarlett hits, plus she has one of the highest base attack stats in the game. She’s fast mana and her attack debuff is really good. It makes a maxed 5* hero hit like it’s a 2/60 5* hero. Her high attack stat is massively improved with boldtusk buff and her survivability is massively improved with the combination of boldtusks heal and Wilbur’s buff, and her attack debuff. Additionally, OP is in the early stages of the game and leveling 5* heroes will significantly hinder their progress in titans and wars and challenge events due to the time and resources required to level 5* heroes and the fact 5* heroes can’t be used in epic tier of events for completion and to earn those ascension mats. Scarlett is a competitive hero you’ll frequently see on winning rosters in epic category whereas Ares is mostly just a tank hero, but even among tanks he’s not seen that often. He’s good, but he’s not Scarlett good.

Well, I think the point I was trying to make was moot because his Ares is already 3/1, so he can already ascend Scarlett, BT and Wilbur and just level up Ares at his leisure.

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What’s with the glut of reds for some players?

I’m also in the same boat too (GM, BT, Falcon first few months of the game, then Gormek, Kelile, Marjana, dupe BT, Zimkitty). No good blues. I wish I had your Wilbur and Kiril tho - at least you’re in a better position :slight_smile:

Rings are hard to get (I’m still waiting to up Gravy - short a ring), so Wilbur or another 4* is probably a better choice imho (unless you know you can buy the rings?).

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