Maybe not new

I do not know whether it is a new or old question, but I wonder why it does not expand the fort and increase the area of ​​land and the number of buildings

I responded to your question on the other thread. Here is the link again to a similar post. The info is in Copperskys Compendium. You should check it out. Lots of good info for new players.


I’m not a new player I wonder why we do not expand the space

Are you asking why the devs don’t add new building spots? Feel free to throw that in the suggestions section (I’m sure it’s come up multiple times). Not sure what kind of answer you were hoping for…

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Sorry. The way it was worded made it sound like you hadn’t expanded the space at all. I can edit my response to help convey your question better

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If the idea was old, why do not we reconsider it? Sorry I know I speak little English

It is in consideration, just yet to be implemented.

It’s behind other features in the schedule

Will happen eventually

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I hope so I think it will be a good thing

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Doesn’t hurt to add it to the question list and see if they will readdress it. Many are asking for something similar because all their buildings are maxed.

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In fact, with Atlantis, we need a lot of food and building materials

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