Maybe... just a little more consideration

20 characters of No token :wink:

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And what do we say to today’s PoV tasks?

Skip, Skip and Skip

Not for me. POV is the most accessible loot in the game. Unless it’s something I physically can’t do because don’t have the mats I try not to miss any pov quests.


I’m tempted to, but still doing - though only because I’ve gotten my Slayers event scores where I want them (only aiming for Top 10k/Top 5k/Top 10k).

It IS a bit annoying that we can only miss 3 dailies total, without completing the Daily Challenge task to final tier…

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Not today!

[20 characters of Braavosi]

That is my personal flaw, but I’m used to it now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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