Maybe... just a little more consideration

Shrikewod? You need Agwe, he is a weapon, even unlevelled.

I have flasks …… just asking for a little consideration… there’s tons of ways to make money.

This isn’t getting them much it’s a careless oversight because of their not having a calendar … as was stated by staff …

no doubt in my mind it’s careless non organization. Try to get someone to spend 80 or 100 gems lol that’s not really a money maker. Hence a little consideration please. More of a beg then a complaint.

Just a request, thought, idea.

Love the game always trying to help.


I have been saying for months the game is becoming too congested. I don’t even bother trying to finish either tower. I never use all my flags in tournaments. I make sure to complete wars, rare / challenge / seasonal quests, and fill at least one raid and one monster chest a day. Every so often I even squeeze in a few map stages to advance in S3. Everything else is just overkill.


Make a decision and prioritize. It’s only a game. The events will return. The only endpoint is if you decide to stop playing. Enjoy that there’s a bunch of options on how to play.


Purple atheres quest will show up too.


It’s not great timing, but considering how many events we have packed in a month, I think it something we’ll have to get use to. Maybe it means not burning flasks during AR (I never did that to any large degree), and save them for special events. Maybe it means not redoing all those challenge events, or just skip every quest that doesn’t give you an AM or token.


That sounds like a “you” problem and not an E&P problem…

If you need more time between events, etc, why don’t you sit the odd one out so you’re not burnt out?

I used to compulsively do everything all the time and it does become a bit of a chore/job in some folks’ eyes. Take some pressure off yourself and give the odd event just the “completion loot” treatment. :+1:


Yes, I don’t feel the burnout and I think a large part of it is I don’t replay event levels, I play them once and beat them and that’s it. I finish where I finish. I don’t use a bunch of items to do them either.

People have gotten a certain way of doing these things in their head but that way is very stressful so try just completing not competing and see how that is for you.


It is definitely useful to burn flasks in AR to a degree. Certain levels are a stockpile of valuable resources which are always needed. For example, recruits.

However I also think that depleting your reserves completely (be it items, crafting mats or WE flasks) in any event is not a good strategy, no matter how great the prizes of that event are.

A player can complete all events without having too much pressure on any resource, provided they have a good farming strategy.

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What I really don’t understand is the need of some players to get on the case of others that bring up reasonable criticism concerning the game.

Apparently the game developers should do whatever, but the players should just shut up and take it. I can understand if they would express their personal point of view and just say “for me it’s fine”, but don’t blame other players for the game developers/ runners poor decisions.

Does this mean that in real life those players that do not like the criticism of the game just take whatever product others sell them? That they never complain if the pizza has other ingredients than the ones they knew they would be getting etc?

I am p2p and I completely agree that putting a rare quest during Atlantis Rises was in very poor taste. They could have easily put it during the Tavern of Legends which is unreasonably long for only 10 levels that can be played only once. Thanks @Tea for bringing up the issue.


Are you serious?

When you order a pepperoni pizza and it has pepperoni on it, how can you complain that a pepperoni pizza comes out?

We know the odds, we know the probabilities, we know the gem costs, what we get is always in the probabilities.

It’s not always good, and I often wish it was better (and it can be improved), but there’s always a pepperoni pizza at the end of the day.

Frankly, your point uses specious logic at best.

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I am serious. I agree that the example was not the best, but programming a rare quest during Atlantis rises is not the same thing.

I don’t know where you’re from, but I know that is some countries consumers’ protection is really poor. But let’s take another example. An electricity company decides to change your contract. (real life example) You can take it or get disconnected. Then the authorities intervene because that endangers the consumer who does not a lot of alternative choices

But the pizza example surely applies to the nerfs the developers have been doing, especially to the most recent HotM, where they actually did not have any reason for it.

And if you actually read what the OP wrote, they don’t ask for any kind of legal compensation anyway, they just ask for “consideration”. You can always do something correct from legal point of view, but be inconsiderate of the other party’s situation.

The company knows how important Atlantis Rises is for players. It also had free slots for the rare quest during the Tavern of Legends. But it chose to put the rare quest during AR. For me, beside any type of legal implications, this shows utter lack of consideration for players, especially those without a lot of resources.


My issue is there bringing to much in its hard to keep up with back to back events, titans, pov, quests, war, + whatever els I might be missing . I’m doing 13 hour days most times as a duty manager and work around my family and gym time . I’m not going to complete pov due to my busy schedule and hav to priorities the more important events and quests there throwing at me in witch sometimes I can’t even complete them.

SG need to slow down plain and simple it’s to much for players with busy life style.


very well-said.

I also don’t get the “it’s just a game, just enjoy and stop complaining” argument. It’s a game, but it’s something we spend real time (and for some, money) on. Why do some players discourage other players from raising valid complaints in a respectful way?


This poor scheduling definitely would’ve bothered me in the past.

Fortunately, I care less about the game, and now I honestly just expect WE-intensive quests/POV task to happen at a bad time again.

The game hasn’t improved its scheduling. For me, it honestly seems worse than ever*. I’m sure you remember when the aethers quest was literally on top of the Costume Chamber. :rofl:

My attitude towards the game has changed.

Maybe set aside a minimum of three WE flasks for a rainy day?

@Tea Hope you feel a bit better after posting your OP. :heart::heart:

  • I’m glad to see there are some players on the forum who enjoy the busy pace.

Just be glad they aren’t putting out the Aether Quest later during the tail end of Atlantis Rises.


Stop giving them ideas :rofl:

I think the problem is they schedule different groups of content in isolation from each other. Events / quests that have a summons portal are scheduled to not conflict with each other. Other events are grouped to not conflict with each other. But how they conflict across these groups is the issue.

There’s so much added content now it’s a lot like coordinating traffic lights in a big city. The perception is you hit every light red.


I appear to be in a minority (at least in this forum/thread), but Id prefer the event now than later. The tonic is far more valuable than anything I could farm from Atlantis. (Except maybe coins if I got a 5*, but the odds of that…).

The problem with preventing it from spawning during specific events is that you ultimately reduce the number of rare quests - a few days this AR, then what, another one for Valhalla, then 3 for a challenge event…, you could lose many weeks/quests a year.

This game has a lot of resource management elements, and WE/flasks are just another resource that one has to prioritise/balance.

Nobody is saying to eliminate the tonic. It comes on a loose schedule. It arrived very early this time…as it was not “due” yet. They made it almost a week earlier than the usual time frame. It appears they moved it up to conflict with the joys of Atlantis. They could have let people enjoy Atlantis, as that is a well known favorite, and had the tonic quest tomorrow. Nothing changes in terms of mats


I seem to always have too many flasks anyway. I really only use them on Atlantis and occasionally when PoV puts up a stupid challenge parallel to something I want to do. And I get at least 4 and usually 10 on every normal challenge event, plus a few random ones in the month.

But I understand that other people use them more often than I do. I am not sure whether someone is “scheduling” the randomized quests or if they are really randomized. Probably impossible for us to know.


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