Maybe... just a little more consideration

Shrikewood… in the middle of a shortened Atlantis rises… Immediately after an event where I burned like 15 flasks and all my items… (it was fun) I’m just asking for a LITTLE… bit more thought before everyone runs off…


Thank you…


yeah, a little more thought in scheduling would be appreciated! So many things to do :slight_smile: and for many of us, Shrikewood and Atlantis Rises are must-dos for mats and resources.


if you need the tonic i would suggest you skip out on atlantis rises

there is another one next month (probably)

literally used all my materials on Knights event and everyone needs a tonic. it’s not a option to skip either.
they are burning everyone out…


So you are forced to buy flasks. Or give up on something.
SG only think about every possible way to milk.
That’s a fact.
Milk as much as possible before the game dies from their own greed


And imagine this in the middle of AR…

Pov mission 1- clear 3 vanaheim stages
Pov mission 2- clear 6 season 1 stages
Pov mission 3- clear 3 Midgard stages

Kill me please


I wish that were not so far from reality :frowning:

I remember this happening before… at the same time as AR we had -

Pov mission 1: 6 season 1 map stages
Pov mission 3: 3 special stages Vanaheim

also remember this:

Challenge Event day,

Pov mission 1: 6 season 1 map stages
Pov mission 3: 3 underwater map stages


It was to be expected. SG always delays rare quests if there is a challenge event running of any type (Towers and Mythic Titan also included, God only knows why, they even use different energy system so they are fully compatible) and always starts them the moment the event ends. I am surprised only by the fact that we didn’t have the purple Omega quest alongside it. However there is still tomorrow…


I prefer it during tavern of legends given the length of that, but I’d rather not delay every future rare quest by two days.

Calendar is packed nowadays. I’m okay with it.

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This is by design. We give you free stuff, but you should really consider using flasks to do it. You know, if you want the free stuff we offer


Wasn’t that last AR? Lol

Probably pop in tomorrow. To force players to choose or pop WE flasks.

Yeap, that’s why I dead from it

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SG knows exactly what they’re doing, this is all by design, clever little buggers. :smiley:


SG had a bounty windfall this weekend in terms of flask sales, and they want that to continue!

If you don’t have enough flags or time to replenish all the wasted items on the crappy loot that was offered, perhaps you just need to buy that dumb titan hunter pack, and remember, axes and bombs are always available in the store…

yuck. but seems to be the direction this is headed…

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I mean…Shrikewood was originally guesstimated for this Friday.

So yes, we lose a flask of flags for looting (and I need to do that too) but also it’s 5 days ahead of the scheduled “best guess”

So Peter to pay Paul I guess…


They offered a lot of discounted flasks last week.

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Five flasks each player for 400 gems (instead of 500 gems in the shop) - so buy 4 for the price of 5? Nice discount… How about just getting a free flask in a message instead…oh wait…


They give free flasks for challenge events, there is no precedence for a free flask with an alliance event since it was the first one! People are so damn entitled “why don’t I get a free flask, screw your discount” :roll_eyes:

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I am fully expecting this.


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