Maybe increase drop-rate?

I have been playing for a while and am completely stuck. All my 4* heroes cannot get to tier 4 because I do not get hidden blades, orbs of magic, sturdy shields, trap tools or warm capes. You can make nice offers for extra diamonds but there’s no point in spending any (more) money really because all I would end up with would be more 4* heroes that are stuck at tier 3. I have 7 (!) 4* heroes hitting that barrier.

If you want players to enjoy the game you must make it possible for them to progress. If you have crowded servers and want players to stop playing (and spending money) then you are doing a GREAT JOB!


I hope you’re enjoying the calendar event going on now.

What level Titan is your alliance on. There’s a big step change in frequency of rare drops when you earn loot tier IX or better. Even below that mark, higher is better.

I’m assuming you do all the rare quests that come every 10days or so? Those are reliable ways of getting 3* mats. Hard to get the 4* mat unless you have strong heroes, though.

Likewise, try to finish the intermediate challenge level. There are rare mats just for finishing.

The best use of gems is to speed up the Monster Wanted chests. Each chest has some chance of a rare ascension item, and the more chests you fill, the sooner you will get an elemental chest with extra chances of good loot.

Necromancer! Aaahhhh! Run for the hills! Run for your lives! :wink:


How does one run across a 5 month old thread without searching for it or it being bumped?

Great advice though Kerridoc! :rofl:

Sorry, it was in the feed below reading box. Pay no attention…

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Yeah, that feature really needs to be tweaked somehow from a forum usability perspective.

Полностью согласен. Купил кристаллов, есть герои, прокачать их не могу(( купил бы ещё кристаллов, но не могу прокачать героев и теряю интерес к игре.

Since we have a revived thread here I wont open a new one.
I am a fairly new player something around 40 days not sure of the exact time ^^

I started reading the forum a few days ago, made an account today
!really nice community here!


I saw a few times now.

I am having a rainbow 4* 3-60 Team(still waiting for a single Compass to drop for me xD)
My question:
At this point is speeding up still the best use for gems or should I try a few Event Summons next week?
I am not talking about Epic or Elemental summon since this game is for the long haul and I can get this drops in the future through TC20, I will need the patience anyway to get the ascension mats xD

But I am not sure if I should try a few Event summons for the nice Heroes you can only get there or do a few summons anyway each month for a chance to get HotM.

Thank you guys for your advice in advance (:

The Avalon heroes are so good, I have to say yes. Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin are top-shelf, and Lancelot not far behind. Morgan is interesting.

My earlier statement was made in the context of having a goof bench of heroes to level up, with ascension mats as the constraint.

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