Maybe I need a new alliance?

You might want to have a look at Guardians Academy or Guardians Rising, the two lower level training alliances of the Guardians family. Academy currently is at 30/30, while Rising is at 25/30. Just refer to me when knocking at the door.

You can try pys place were a pretty good group…
Good luck in your new home :two_hearts:

You’re welcome to join Sea cucumber! We’re seeking active members!

I like your alliance name. Saw a brief show on sea cucumbers on a snorkelling tour. Squeeze them and they pee out of their butt hole. Some are hard as rock but will change their shape if you hold them. Cool, weird creatures!

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Are you still looking for a new alliance, I feel we (donkey dragon punchers) would be a good fit for you!


I decided to stick with the current alliance. They encouraged me to stay, so I’m focusing on improving my titan scores to at least get to loot tier C (damage > 1% Titan HP) for some better odds at ascension mats.

Cleanup duty for war isn’t so bad. I just wish the wars weren’t just 5* battle arenas, but that’s another topic.

Thank you all for the recommendations.

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War cleaners are the most under appreciated players in the game. What you need to do though is be around at a couple of the key moments where you alliance is pushing. That way when a mop up is needed in you go. If you aren’t there at those times you end up with that scenario where you only have full teams and that’s not fun.

Titans wise you will get better as you get certain keys heroes. Mine are below and some are easier to get than others but any of them in a 4-1 combo will work. Just be prepared to use some mini-mana or timestops to get into it. You’ll see damage going up no problems. But we can all get rubbish Titan hits. I have spells where I go “no items” and just play the board. Doing that now on a Yellow 14* and I’ve had an 8k hit and a 72k hit. The board giveth and it taketh away.


I can attest to how formidable LL is. We ( 7 Days Reborn) just got mangled by them in a VF war.

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Every member of the alliance needs to be active. That means hitting AND killing titans so that you can progress to the more powerful titans where the better ascension materials are. That means everyone in the war uses all 6 flags. You can’t progress if your alliance members are not working hard too. They don’t want you to leave because you are playing and trying. Are they willing to do the same? If not, you should make a change. You’d be surprised at the difference it makes to work with 29 others who have the same goal as you.


Join my team, we’re chill and building up

More great replies. I think most alliances that aren’t too pushy will wind up with a handful of players who aren’t consistent. Sucks to have a titan down 50% and have to pass. Those items aren’t cheap and I hate to see them go to waste. That doesn’t happen often for us, though and we’ve been successful with the last few wars and nice to see a few Aethers, but I am desperate for some fine gloves. i have 4 or 5 heroes stuck at 3/60 right now and after finally getting my 4th shield I would love to use for Franz, He’s stuck along with Falcon, Sabina, Orla, and BoldTusk.

yeah, I usually stalk the board, looking for crumbs. There are a couple of us now. Def more fun when you can feel like you’re making a difference.

We’ve all been there bud. The Ascension wall is painful but as you get into it the 3* ascension issue just literally disappears. Said before I remember my Boldtusk sat at 3-60 for a month waiting on a compass. I have like 120 of them now…

Goodness. Hard to imagine having 120 compasses lol. Encouraging to hear!

You play long enough 3* mats start coming from all over. Initially it’s tough as you can’t compete in everything but as you get stronger teams suddenly you do better in events, tournaments & titans and the 3* mats start to drop more freely. Rarely do I get a Titan that doesn’t give me a 3* mat these days. Shames they’ve essentially become junk now

Straying a bit off topic, but that’s what was discouraging when I first joined this new alliance. The first one was too casual. No strategy. Mixed participation, so we were having 5* titans escape and losing wars. The new alliance was totally opposite and I was excited to be in the loot pool for the 12* titans, but at loot tier D, the loot was just as horrible as the 4*'s. It forced me to strategize titan hits a little more and to craft the items I need to survive long enough to do some damage. getting at least 1& of titan health gets me to tier C and that’s usually been ok. I’ve seen a few capes and aethers and whatnot. Those gloves are eluding me, but RNG will smile upon me again someday lol.

JAHAR! Small but dedicated!

Yeah, the cut-off is pretty much C loot tier, as D will halve the loot tier. So getting to that 1% makes a significant difference in loot. Are you burning a lot of items?

If you ever want to ratchet down a little and grow some
more we do 9-11*s so you’d be into B-C loot much more easily. Then when you get a bit stronger you could return where you are and maintain that loot.

Yeah, I’m burning through Dragon Banners. Those seem to be the only way I can sustain more than 1 hit. I’ll also usually throw an axe just to take the edge off the hits. Mana Pots for Bertulf, if I see a good move out there. I was determined on the Rare Titan to make B Tier, so I used some scrolls of alteration. Obviously not sustainable at my level to regularly consume items like that.

What’s the general consensus, here? Would you all agree that someone is better off in an intermediate alliance? Lower stars, but higher loot tiers. Which way is best? Does it work the same for Wars? Will I get better loot if I can score more points?