Maybe guardian gazelle bug

Hey guys, so i usualy farm all my WE at season 2 1-9, at the boss i always activate gazelle-> grimm -> richard so the problem is that some times they all die but sometimes don t.

First picture is when all die

Second picture is when the boss is alive, i also have videos but i dont know how to upload them.

Video if you have a YouTube account add it to that then you can share it on here. That’s the simplest way I believe.

Do actually target gato when firing Grimm and Richard?
As could have to do with “near by enemies” on there special?

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tap and hold on whoever’s left alive to see if they have any health left. Dunno if you’d be able to get a screenshot of that tho. too many fingers lol

Damage dealt is not a set amount. It can vary a bit, sometimes just enough to keep you from killing an enemy. That’s what I think is happening here, especially with how low Gato’s remaining health is.

Moderator edited to remove video since NSFW content and issue was resolved without video.

Hmmm, i still think something is wrong or maybe its something with her but if i understand the special skill enough must be +100 attack without miss or lower damage

Probably but still +100 attack on same enemy with same heroes activated the same every round i think must be same damage dont u think?

P.S sorry about 2nd video with my friend sending a hilarious video with a couple having â– â– â– !!!

In the video where Gato survives, Richard’s special does 1071 damage. In the video where Gato dies, his special does 1176 damage. From what I understand, a difference that small is normal for heroes. I see that all the time

Unfortunately not a bug.

What is going on is the “random” element of the damage calculation.

Link below for more reading but essentially while the damage calculation factors in the attack of your hero & defence of the enemy & any buffs/ debuffs that are there, there is also a RANDOM element to it… Just like everything in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

That random element causes variations in the specific damage which gets dealt when everything is the same same as before.b

Damage Calculation

Ok then, i thought its a bug, sorry
The topic can be closed

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