Maybe Buff Slayers instead of already OP heroes

Zuri was amazing when first released. So was Toxi, Milena, etc. Slayers on the other hand are hot garbage.

Slayers only coming back to portal in April. Wait for the March Balance Update and you’ll see the Slayers skyrocket.


Am I the only one who loves the Slayers? Maybe it’s my long time Buffy obsession… :smiley:


They buff what they want to sell not what we want. End of story

Slayer are great when teamed up for family bonus. A single Slayer is close to garbage. Which is why I never pulled in this portal, don’t even have the epics. It’s just either pull hard or don’t pull. 1 Slayer won’t make any difference to the roster, need at least 3 unique ones.

But wait for it. Only 1 month more to go. I am almost certain they will buff them for better sells.

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The family bonus certainly would make a huge leap forward, but I don’t have that luxury and still enjoy playing with them. Especially in rush attack/very fast. To each their own :slight_smile:

Well of course. Family bonus is to speed them up, and once they are sped up they show their true skill. In the rush attack they skip the whole “charge up” part, so of course they play well from the start. :wink:

Just not surprised people call them “hot garbage” as outside of very fast they do not charge as fast without the family bonus, and for family bonus you need a few of them. And few of them is expensive or lucky.

Just wait for the event to return as others have said, they will be buffed. Circus and Villains show us what they do to boost sales. There is no ‘balance’.

Please please buff the slayers!! :wink:

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A single slayer can still shine - even outside of the rush tourneys.

Aodhan (4*, LB+20) can hold his own with 5*s, especially as the stacks build. His power (828) far exceeds a non-LB, 6 Emblem Khagan (787) and edges out Non-LB, 4 Emblem C-Marj (815).

Similarly, Maeve at the 3* range is heads and shoulders above many other 3s. LB and 18 emblems, she’s at 624 power. Most other non LB, 18-20 emblem 3*s run in 565-570 range.

Like everything else in the game, it is all in how you invest your rescources and what else you have. People saying they are “hot garbage” are probably looking for “plug and play, don’t make me think” heroes…


On the other hand, 3* are relatively easy to get, and as last tourney showed, they can be win button and not even on VF mode. As for others, I liked using Senan and Aodhan in S4 because the length of stages meant they had 10 stacks each at the Boss level, which basically meant immortality. Cilian also hits very hard, his only issue is that if he dies the stacks reset. Orla is probably the only one who is meh.

I demand slayers be nerfed. In fact, lets just delete all of them from existence. And get rid of the event too. From now, we should only be subjected to 200 levels of Ninja Tower.

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And they will also found some new buddies who call themselves ‘‘slayers’’ :stuck_out_tongue:

This post didn’t age well😂. Slayers r still trash

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They’ll just add more slayers and buff the old ones with Cuh Cuh Cuh Costumes.