Maybe a bug! – in tournaments I have a level 1 green 3* green troop but in barrack that same troop is at level 6

Hello I notice in tournaments I have a level 1 green 3* green troop but in barrack that same troop is at level 6 . Now this is unbelievable,

Do you have more green troops? Maybe up some? One would think the most leveled is there, but it’s possible a different one was selected for various reasons.


Show us the troops that are on your teams. The ones that are in use should have labels that say Team 1 2 3 etc. Aren’t you showing us a pic of troops not currently in use?

For example:


This troop is in use in Team 5

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I only have those thats being displayed in barrack and it’s clear as day that a level 1 3* green Troop isn’t in my barrack and have faced other players that more level green troops

AS @littleKAF suggested, please check once again and scroll up to the top of your troops if there is not a 3* lvl 1 tree hiding somewhere. Obviously, there must be troops above those shown in the screenshot. :wink:

I could be wrong, but can’t you verify you have the correct troop before the tournament starts and make the change before you are stuck with what RNG populates for your team?

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I dont have that troop in my barrack but it’s weird how it ended up in my teams defense ,

I think the OP’s issue is that he has since levelled the troop up & it has not translated onto theirTournament Defence.

So s/he started the tournament with the Level 1 3* Deepwood Ents. S/he has since levelled them up & it isn’t showing in the Tournament Defence Team s/he has set.


This isn’t my main team so you won’t see which team number cause I have 4* troop on my main team , 4* troops not allowed in tournament

Although you have not shown the top end of your troop roster yet… Did you level taht troop after the tournament preparation phase?

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Thats only a possibility or reason it could be like that but have been playing over a year now and I think I know my troops and what level they are and I always double check my teams going into tournament and I had a level 10 green troops and 2 level 5 and 6 troop follow (3*)

You clearly have a 3* troop in Team 9, and you won’t show us what troops you have on teams 1 through 9, so people will be reluctant to help you if you continue to obscure your full roster of troops. Anyway, it’s pointless now. I think we all know what’s up.


If you double checked your troops once again and don’t have the lvl1 troop in your barracks that is used in the tournament, you should open a support ticket. Either way - missing translation of the leveling progress or complete absence of the troop - only the support can help you with that issue.
I doubt it is a widespread bug and hope you get an answer to that problem. :wink:


I have my rigard help wanting level also but the game won’t let me

As in the class node?

Check this thread:

Suggestion is to completely close the game & reopen. Has been confirmed to work for most people


It sadly is a thing for a very very long time - it was already submitted on Aug 2019 but without any response: Tournament defense troops upgrading

There is a lot of little or bigger issues with tournaments, but they probably are not on SGG todo list atm.

Our time zones maybe different and I have nothing to hide here as have stated I don’t have a 3* troop in my main team

I did level a 3* red troop and it was okay after I had 3 reds throwing in tournament they all had almost the same level . And to understand what some people say about leveling a troop after tournament starts , saying it wouldnt reflect on tournament heros isn’t true cause i tried leveling the purple troop on Proteus and it took leveling

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