May HOTM Suzuna should be reflect all

Suzuna should be changed to reflect all to make her actually competitive.

As is she is better than some hotms like ithar - reflect is a powerful ability. But i dont necessarily disagree as the 4* knuckles and kitty both reflect all

I would max 2 or 3 more Kitties before I wasted mats on Suzuna.

I’d do 2 or 3 more Ithars. Her mana control is pretty nice, man.


Those two 4* is why i started the thread makes no sense to have a 5* not do the same.
I have to disagree about Ithar though. She’s legit imo. Stops some of the best heroes in the game right now and adds mana while buffing attack all at very fast. Not to mention, she has high tp and high attack so her hit on defense will hurt if you use her that way.

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