🏅 [May 7, 2019] 5th Raid Tournament! — 5* Buff Booster, No Nature/Green

I might have missed a bit, but what’s the thinking of leaving out the 5stars?

I don’t really have any good options for 5* for this. :laughing:


@zephyr1 are there no changes in matchmaking system for this tournament ?

If the defense is still matched based on tournament defense, I might go with this:

I’m considering Toril and Olaf in wings to help attacker fill their raid chest…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The Change Log had no updates last I checked, but l’ll ask for confirmation.

Guys I really dont think Kiril will even go off in the corner

@Olmor hi there, sorry are u replying bout yr own setup or mine? if mine, why kiril in centre? isn’t his life kinda low to be in middle?

Yeah Isarnia is my only maxed blue 5*. I have Rochard at 60 but like my 4* options better.

I really need to pull a cool blue 5*. I have Purple (Khiona, Victor, Kunchen, Sartana) and Yellow (Joon, Onatel, Drake x2) covered for a while.

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I don’t have any developed 5* but as I don’t even have any fully ascended green 4*, I gladly welcome the restriction :joy:

My normal attack team is 2 blue and 3 purple, 2 dispeller, so I also have less worry using my blue stack or facing buff booster rule.


Ok, confirmed!

I was told there are no visible changes for this Raid Tournament.

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To yours.
Kiril is a nice epic tank and if you have one centered and a second one winged, they might keep their buff all over the time.

I’m working on Frida, but she’s at 3-43 currently. Her stats at that level would make her squishy even without greens around.

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I wish I pulled Frida. I never seem to get the HOTM I actually try hard for.

I have Khiona, Natalya x2, Drake x2, Onatel, Kunchen, Anzogh in 15ish months.

does Wilbur spirit link also apply 20% attack buff for your oponent?

What about trying 3 heroes defense? Kiril-Boril-Triton

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hmmm ok, i’ll try it out then thanks.

Just to be sure - @zephyr1 would you please confirm that green heroes are not allowed in both attack and defence teams?

Yes, this nature restriction will affect the whole tournament.

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The nice thing is the blue is the only element I have 5x 4* troops in. Albeit 2 at level 1.

what about element link like Kunchen gives - is it considered as a buff?

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Please fire the worker that have made Aegir and who was responsible for making him better and now obviously made a tournament just for him.
First he gets better. Then they create a tournament where green is not allowed and when Aegir uses his attract he and his allies gets stronger…

Even with a maxed gregorian, Buddy and Melendor I can have problems getting Aegir down… This is beeeep and I’ll bet all in top 1% will have Aegir… Honestly, I’m so disappointed. I was really looking forward to the 5* tournament… I can’t believe you did something this unfair.

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