🏅 [May 7, 2019] 5th Raid Tournament! — 5* Buff Booster, No Nature/Green

12 victories and 2 defeats in raid defense.

I’m not reading your comment if it’s written in full caps lock. Try again next time.

  • What was your score and ranking?
    rank: 74973
    score: 10321 (Top 10%)
  • What did you get for loot?
    crypt mushroom, strong rope, axe attack, summon token, 3 barbarian emblems, 2 Atlantis coins

My defense of ~2800TP was attacked 13 times (7W-6L). I had most of my attacks on first 2 days (none on third and one on the last), but yeah, can we bring the loot back? :smiley:

Edit: My maximum TP is about 3000 TP. Went 14-4 against opposing teams of 2875 to 3215 TP. ~-100 to ~+200. Pretty fair.

Does it means if you fill a 4star team with tp 3500, you’ll get matched with teams around your level and if you win 15 to 20 of those matches, you’ll probably end up in the top 1% (but can’t challenge the top 500 or top 1000 scores probably)??

You defense is matched according to what you put in defense.

However, your attack is matched based on 5 strongest heroes available.

My defense was 2600, it was attacked by those who have defense team around 2500-2900 (I don’t know their attack team though)

My best 5 heroes available was 3300, I was matched in attack against those between the range of 3200 to 3900 (escalating with each victory).

This is the details.

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Top 1% but mostly there due to winning raids.

Defense sux as I was ranked D from the first till the last day.

So basically you’ll be competiting in your own team power range. If your best 5 heroes are total 3000 tp, and you’re matched with 3000 to 3200 defences and win them all, in theory you have a fair chance to be in top 5% or even top 1% (obviously the points per match are lower so you wont be able to finish top 100 or 500 for eg)

Though, I’ll like to see the algo to be expanded to best 10 or even best 20 heroes though. Most people will try to mix and match on stacking and will hardly ever just use their best 5 heroes to attack.

Best 10 or 20 heroes gives a better picture of a player’s team depth.

You will be matched with 2900 to 3600 or maybe up to 3800 if you win all attacks. Note that I lost twice in my first 19 attacks, that reduce the next enemy power level, if I had win them both, I could have been matched against 4000 team in the 20th attack.

If you can win all attacks and your defense hold, you will enter top 1%.

On the contrary, a player who only have 5 strong heroes and 5-15 weak heroes will thrive in that situation because the average will be lower/weaker than the best five. Thus the best five will form a team that easily beat those weaker opponents.

I was able to thrive becauae top 9 heroes of mine have similiar power and none is green. If it was 10 best, it would barely make difference for me who had depth of 9 heroes.

OK, here in small caps. I like the raid tournaments, but this time Fortuna hates me. Only green combos. After seven fights I was defeated. The results was the most extrem I ever get So it makes no sense to invest any Juwels - the game was cursed. E.g. I was not able to get a single point even though my opponent was 400 points weaker. Anyway I like the raid tournaments and I was successful in the past, but in this game I was not able to win my fights nor to defeat myself successfully (15times attacked by weaker teams and only one victory). So I am looking forward the next one and hope that Fortuna is giving me the right colours for my Combos.

Kinda satisfied by this tournament, beyond all expections I survided through all four days, ending up in top 1%, and ranking 997! My defence (TP 3542) has been attacked 3 days out of 4, for a total of 6 times, that’s probably more than the sum of all the previous tournaments. Here’s the result:

and this is the loot

On offense, I’ve always used the same 4+1 team, only one 5*, and yes, with boosts and elemental links going on I’ve reached a +115% attack that helped me a lot


Lastly, this starting board…

… led anyway to a victory!


At the moment Raid Tournaments are the part of the game that I’m enjoing the most, they were definitely needed.

So you are from Keraton Lebah :sweat_smile:

No wonder my alliance founder who had alt account in that alliance said something about “rogue” translation around the same time you commented on this thread.


@yelnats_24, yes I also know you from our alliance friends, and I always follow your post here, very well explained, good suggestion, valuable posts, and you speak very good english. :+1::ok_hand:

That “rogue”, I have bump and request re-open old closed issues. But then still not yet corrected until now. well…


I agree with your comment about enjoying Raid Tournaments the most out of all the content available. I like the different formats, hero star levels, restrictions - everything else feels like I do it to just grind AM but these tournaments I play for actual (gasp) fun!

Now, can we get our rewards back please?

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I also liked this tournament. Pretty easy to see how defenses are going to be run in these color restriction tournaments, though.

I finished:

Ranking: 1%
Defense: (A) 6-2
Eliminated on the last day. Faced challenging teams from day one in raids.

Loot: Orb, 30 Druid emblems.

Also hoping that they’ll return raid tournaments to former loot levels eventually, because it’d be nice to have a shot at more emblems and 4* mats.

Also interesting: I was attacked by one of my own alliance mates for the first time in this game. Got to watch a video of my own team on defense, since they were kind enough to record.


5* tournament without having 5* heroes?

For this circumstance it was quite ok…at least some maxed 4*'s

Attack: 6 / 10 so out at the end of day 2
Defense: 6 / 15 Rank C

Finished: top 50%

Loot: EpicHeroToken…some emblems - lucky me this time

Looks like we have to wait a week for the next tournament - anyone know if we are getting our loot back?

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Firstly, I can’t work out how to embed the quote but this in reference to a question.

I know it’s a late answer, but my experience is that while “teams” may be fixed in a variety of situations, all of those heroes and troops can be fed/trained/levelled up/emblembed while things are in progress. It makes sense because once 2, 3, 4 or 5 star hero or a 1 to 4 star troop, that is what it will always be; never anything more.

Don’t worry, @Petri have answered the question.

You can quote partially by using this method:

Or quote all part of the post using this:

Thank you most kindly. Why I gave no thought to a speech bubble as a quote symbol? I can’t explain.

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