🔵 [May 31, 2020] Trials of Serenity – Share & Discuss!

Sure, but that doesn’t change that there he has now more than last time :rofl:


Beat the first two stages with this team, which is the same one I have used the last few times. Only difference being talent amount per hero:

Then for the last stage I tried this for variety, aka “The Spice of Life”:

This is yet another trial with no healer for me. I dropped Sonya due to her being off color with the mobs. Added Cyprian due to him being a strong color with a boss and wanted to use riposte to generate passive damage to go through the mobs faster while taking less damage.

Between riposte helping as mentioned and minions from Buddy adding fake healing I made it through no problem. The boss stage was easier with riposte and I took less specials because Richard and Lianna killed themselves on it.

I did use two minor healing potions when it was down to just Chao. I didn’t have to, but didn’t want to cheat the authenticity of the poll and answered accordingly :+1:

Cyprian and Tiburtus both went up one more node from the second photo with emblems. I am stopping my 5’s at node 7 because as FTP I decided it’s better to beef up my 4’s then to spend 125 emblems for node 8 on a 5, at least for now.

Cheers and good luck to all!


Finished. Used 1 mana-potion to charge rigard for healing and (mostly) attackbuff. lost tibertus to lianna, but no real danger to the rest.


Been a while took this


Should of took more health pots instead of mana emblems in storage trainer Athena


Pretty good with all :four::star: heroes. Looks like a slight nuking might’ve also taken place!


Did it with this team and some forge .


Alas, I don’t have Rigard’s costume… among my Rangers and Paladins, Aegir is the only one who provides any sort of healing.


  • Seshat, costumed Tibs and Cyprian to exploit the Yellow weakness (and because Seshat is amazing, and so is costumed Tibs’ defense debuff, and Cyprian makes the bosses suicide)
  • Gregorion as strong/neutral color against the mobs, and an additional sniper
  • Aegir for healing and survivability

Yes, I know, using Aegir and Cyprian together is NOT ideal. But… who else do I have? I left out Triton, I do like going 3/2 normally but thought it would be a pain to bring 2 Blues against the mons. Also left out normal Sonya, nothing to dispel, and decided to use antidotes for the cleanse. Jack O’Hare is quite good, but not better than Gregorion… and I wanted Aegir to have SOME healing.


it worked pretty well, I would hold off on using Aegir until Cyprian’s riposte ran out. Most of the time. Was useful in the mob waves, as Aegir + tile damage let me heal.

Chao fell early on to tiles; then Lianna suicided using her special while hitting my team when Cyprian and Aegir both had their specials up. Used an antidote after Richard hit, then finished him off with sniping and tiles.

  • Paladin emblems in the bank; Aegir is +7 now. Sonya already +15, so will emblem Ei-Dunn up a bitt
  • Ranger emblems in the bank; Seshat is +7 now, so will be saving up for Gregorion who is only +3
  • Blue trainer to Isarnia, who is now about 4/65. Can’t wait to emblem her up.

Yeah of course I had too haha! That was back up. Iv done it before with that team without nuking (barely) but took more health pots this time I took mana for some reason. Wasn’t a good idea so the nuuke come In pretty early on.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, only Seshat is +14 now.
Other options:
Screenshot at May 31 22-44-13

The Battle

Decent start… with heavy minnion ready.

No item used, great and savety with heavy minnions.


Emblem both in stock because lack of ham/irons, plan for Seshat and I’m not sure I will continue Telluria or maybe keep later for Clarissa, because my AW currently purple-tank.
Trainer keep on stock, currently blue project is 2nd C.Kiril still a baby lvl.


Team last time

Same team used this time. No real issues, this team does well for this trial. Took Lianna out first then Chao and finally Richard. No items used.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Ursena.


I am surprised you don’t have Cyprian. Although looking harder at the number of special heroes I find it more likely in retrospect you’ve had many Cyprians and found them delicious :laughing:

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@Muchacho, well I have Cyprian sit on 3.60 for long time, too many other great purple, but he will be ascended next time,… I’m sure.


Got it, I just saw your option list and thought that was all the heroes. I was like how could they have not even gotten 1 yet!?!

Then again, Cyprian could be your version of my Hu Tao (3 years and counting) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


what? :astonished:
I have Hu Tao sit at 3.60, then as I do not have any other yellow, and Hu Tao get buffed, so I ascend him, and a week ago he is maxxed. I will try him maybe for Trial, the point is he is good at very fast tourney 4* in theory.


This was my first attempt at the final level of this trial and I have to say it was a struggle for me.

Took two attempts, both with boards that were heavy on the red, which would have been great against the green mobs if I had any fire heroes that I could have put on the team. Unfortunately they are thin on the ground (a trio of three stars (two of which are untouched) and Khagan who isnt ascended.

Took one health potion and 5 bombs to finish.

I managed to scrape through running Sonya (+4), Cyprian (+4), Telluria (at 2.60), Chao at (at 4.52) and Triton (at 4.11). So not ideal.


Congrats on the win! :ok_hand:


Yup, 3 years and no Hu Tao. Only classic 4* I am missing. It’s been long enough that it’s funny now. I digress though…


Hu Tao was the last 4 star classic hero that I needed too, though he didn’t make me wait that long. In fact it was him and Colen that eluded me and then I ended up pulling them both in the same 10 pull earlier this month, with Hu Tao being the very last of the 10 pull. Ironically I then pulled two duplicates of him in the Tavern of Legends.

And thanks.


Actually had 4* to use for this one, but no healer so I had to blast my way through on the last round. Managed to keep everyone alive ( miraculous).

Arrows, bombs, and tornadoes ruled the day. It was lovely to see Lianna’s perfect shot miss, then deliver a ramming pulveriser. Bye bye. Not so perfect, huh sweetie?

Richard came down after a couple tornadoes and Tag teaming. Cyprian still comes in handy, as I said ciao to Chao after he got perfectly reposted. Yummy.


Congrats on the win! How did you blind Lianna to miss with those heroes though?

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