⚔ [May 31, 2020] - 58th Raid Tournament - 4*, Bloody Battle & No Blue/ Ice

It’s a bloody, so Boldie will only serve half as usual. Most punishment will come from Wilbur. I struggled hard without blue against him on bloodies. Paired with DoA my attackers often went down faster than I wanted to.

I’m going to try this:


After last week’s debacle I’m thinking I’ll just throw this out and see what happens. I’ve no real idea with the no healing thing and I’ve spent too long.

So decision made, let’s see how badly it gets mutilated


Yes wilbur is a better tank than colen

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Does boosting health, like Gullinbursti has, work in Bloody Battle?

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I think it should not work.

no… boosting health is a healing

Let’s do this!


Falcon is much tankier than Wilbur; and I need him to apply his -FireDef penalty. Slow Colen on the wing seems like he won’t get to go, but my hope is that Lancelot will fire to both boost his attack and speed up his mana and ruin the enemy team’s day. :wink:

Looking it over… maybe I just dump Lancelot to move Colen in to flank instead, and throw my second Scarlett (4-70, no emblems) on the far right?

Good gaming!


Normal attacks on defence are colorless what means that only fire special benefit from it.

My 2 options


Probably going full red

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In my opinion, defending with one color does not make sense. I always take 5 heroes of the same color for such defense and it is rarely lost.

I will try with these guys. I have no viable option for a red tenk, so this is the best I can this time. Courious to see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Hoo i really want my new kashh. So let’s test it

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This is a pretty weird tournament for setting up an ideal defense. Not a fan of Wilbur as tank and BT isnt very useful for blood battle. Maybe Sumle will surprise me?

Also, it looks like I need to use emblems on 4* heroes other than healers :smiley:

Even in this case? Where blues cannot participate? That’s my main doubt, bringing heroes of different colours gives me more variety, but full red means my defense won’t be receiving any effective tile damage.
I can agree that maybe full red is not the wiser solution, but definetely I won’t be bringing any nature hero

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Plenty of mana controllers in both yellow (Gretel, Mist, and yes Li Xiu and Chao) and purple (Proteus, Merlin). They don’t need to kill you, just prevent you from firing your specials and then slowly whittle you down, especially if a core part of your defense strategy is having Lancelot go off first to boost Colen.

Do you expect health boost to work? That would be great.

Nope. I expect red defense boost

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Maybe put the non costumed version in then. It’s 80% def vs red without it and 50% costumed.

I would attack him dark anyway.

The thinking goes a bit like this…

Full red defence - no weak colour, three neutral colours.

If an attacker has a great yellow mono, for example, thats neutral to all defenders.
If (more likely) an attacker has a great purple mono, that’s neutral to all defenders, also.
And then, naturally, if an attacker has a great red mono, that’s also neutral to all defenders.

By inserting, for example, one yellow and one purple to the defence… Suddenly there’s a weak and a strong target for those yellow or purple mono attacking lineups.
The red lineup still has 100% neutral only targets.

If you particularly want to discourage certain attacking hero’s, you can offer a carrot - for example, if you want to discourage attackers from bringing Proteus (lots of players have him highly emblemed) then dark/s on your defence but no holy discourages dark attackers… But it does offer a weakness to strong holy attackers.

There’s compromise whichever way you skin it.

The only thing off limits for me is greens.


Or bring Falcon and flip it.

I like these bloody battle tournaments… Looking forward to this one :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


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