🔵 [May 26, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My team:

  • Melendor+7
  • Tiburtus+7
  • Caedmon 3^48
  • Brienne 3^50
  • Melia 3^50

My current green project, Caedmon, joins the fray this time in place of Isshtak 3^50, and Brienne 3^50 tags in for Belith 3^50.

I had only planned to try the first two stages, but when Atlantis Rises ended, I thought, “Eh, what else am I gonna spend WE on.”

The mob waves went down very easily on stage 3, and I actually arrived at the bosses with all specials charged and all items unused - a first for me on any trial. Opening salvo was a dragon attack, followed by Brienne, Melia, Tiburtus, and Caedmon, all targeting Brienne. Had intended to try and kill her first, but the board decided we’d go after Chao instead. He fired his special and took out Brienne at full health, reminding me that three-stars are generally out of their league in the hardest stage of class trials. When enemy Brienne fired, I countered with a bomb attack, killing Chao. Was beginning to wonder what the big deal was about this trial, then Horghall fired, killing Melia and Caedmon. Oh yeah… that. Haha. Melendor was not close to firing, so I used a ton of small health potions, lit off another dragon (the first one was done), and resumed the fight with Melendor and Tiburtus. Brienne and Horghall fired in succession, but my guys survived and healed up again. Finished the fight with the rest of my items intact.

This is the first time I have overestimated a trial. I actually intended to bring Belith for another healer/dispeller on stage 3, but Tiburtus’ def down plus Melia and Brienne’s buffs had everyone punching way above their weight. Thus endeth the lesson. Tiburtus goes to +8, Melendor saves emblems toward +8, and Caedmon gets the trainer, heading for 3^60, where shields await. This also moves up my list of favorite trials.

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