🍻 [May 22, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

Один раз :ухмыляющийся:


Once :grinning:

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I really hope I can make it to the end with these teams.

Hey @GDIBass, thank you so much for Heroplan.io. Any chance we can get the projected team power of each team we build?


@zephyr1, I don’t recall. Did this event offer a 30-pull for 8400 gems like Atlantis Rises and Might of Valhalla? Even without remembering, I’m going to say “No” as it feels like the structure of Tavern of Legends is similar to the Masquerade, which does not offer the 30-pull option.

Yes, it did, detailed here:

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Oh! It’s even cheaper than what I would’ve expected!! But after landing Clarissa in the Costume chamber, I may wait until June to bravely 30-pull Tavern.

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May have missed this posted somewhere, but will there be a featured HoTM from the pool each month in ToL? Or is it equal odds for all past HoTM?

Thanks in advance!

There’s a bit of discussion on it over in the original thread. TP is pretty difficult to estimate for a few reasons, mostly boiling down to me not having any insight into how their calculations work. I may do an attempt at TP at some point, even if it’s only estimates.


How to put like this , any app ?

There were no featured HOTM in the Beta version, just equal (extremely low) odds for all.


Can I use a hero in a suit, and then a hero without a suit?

I see. Either way, I love your website! thank you!

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if you have two copies of the hero, both levelled.

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Yes, if you have at least two of that hero.


Hi, this is from heroplan.io
Amazing website to enter your hero details and see lots of stuff


May I suggest leaving your Proteus for the final stages? Just keep him alive with healing and feed him mana at boss level and you will probably get through a little easier

I have trained a second Proteus just for this event, for the last two levels to have one each


Same here. 2 Proteus, 2 Wilbur and now I’ll be looking for a second Wu Kong. :innocent:

Ah well that’s a shame. Equally terrible odds for each HoTM it is then! Thanks zephyr.

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I usually use 4 color Stack of 4s / 5s plus Damage enhancer on costume bosses final level. Is there a reason this tactic wouldn’t work for the tavern?

I.E. Dapper Rigard. Duke of rock, Victor, Sartana, Tarlak?
On 10,
Zim, Wilbur, MJ, Azlar, Wu on 9.

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