🍻 [May 22, 2020] Tavern of Legends Event – FAQ & Team Discussion

Rainbow teams may be difficult; particularly in the 3600+ stages

I’d personally look at maybe rearranging some of the heroes to get 2-2-1 or 3-2 stacks going…

Stacking the colours benefits as:

  1. specials charge off the same matches… A team of rainbow average speed mana heroes needs 5x 9 tile matches to charge all their specials (45 tiles). As opposed to having a 3-2 stack of average heroes = 10 tiles to charge all specials
  1. Boosted damage. Stacked colours have their attack stats added together in the damage calculation & as such deal more damage per tile. This is very useful when the bosses have high defence AND high HP stats.

I’ll be massively looking though this topic. I’m so scared of not being able to finish it.

The lvl1 costumes have maxed heroes behind. Do u think I’ll be able to finish?

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This would have been a great challenge, instead of stopping at stage 10, it would be incremental until you run out of available heroes.

Sure this will favor the long-term players with deep rosters but the boards are random so we can see how many stages we can clear for personal milestones.

Maybe have the rewards portions capped but it’d be nice to see someone get rewarded for top score like other events.

I can see @Uclapack, @JimMe or @Xero786 or even that top level Russian player clear stage 25!

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The other thing to remember is that the summon odds are (or at least in last beta version) so terrible that you could have a dozen extra free pulls and it wouldn’t make a difference.

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I’ve got a whole thread for that now, by the way: 🍻 [May 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends


I think I may at least do a 10-pull just for laughs. Maybe I’ll get surprised.

Waiting for the Boss details… but something like this


I would suggest grabbing & uploading your heroes into heroplan.io (made by @GDIBass)

It will allow you to plan out your teams. If you “make” them in EP you can see what their TP would be & can then compare to see if they would be suitable.

Remember that Items ARE allowed so you CAN carpet bomb your way thru the 4k+ stages if needed

Edit: See my comment up here for an example of “planning the teams out”


And gem continues I believe are also allowed, so you can spend your way to victory too if the carpet bombing leaves you choking on carpet frays and threads.


I should be plenty deep enough, but I’m going try unleveled 4* and 5s in the first 2 levels before starting with the 3s.


Unlevelled 5-star will do Ok. Just have to temper your expectations if you’ve never used a SS at 1/1 before. Direct damage is weak, but healing is even weaker. Unleveled 4*s are probably a step behind trainer heroes.

Let’s see. I’ve got an unleveled LJ @ TP 312. A max 3-star is TP 450-ish, 3-star trainers are 289 TP. 1st level recommended TP is 1800 which implies five heroes at 360 each. Unleveled 5-stars are 395 or better.


As long as your specials do not overlap too much and each has a specific purpose I think rainbow is fine. I’ve always managed fine that way but I guess that’s just me.

Supplement with tornadoes and bombs lol

I ran the beta with rainbow teams up to the point where the recommended TP hit ~4k. This time around I think I may run a recon group of disposable 3-stars just to scout the bosses.


I would watch this on pay per view

I think I’ll do the same lol

A little bit off topic, but do you Beta testers get any rewards for Beta testing like free gems or mats or anything ?

Also, I hope Miki is in the Tavern of Heroes. Im hoping for a miracle to get him and Gravemaker. 1 5* would be lucky, 2 would be a miracle lol

Historically speaking the only reward is grief.


He’s not, because he’s not 12+ months old.

He’s originally from last August.

Well that’s depressing…
I was rooting for multiple rewards…judging by the posted info/comments, it sounds like this is going to be a uniquely difficult quest.
I just hope it’s worth my while haha :sob:

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