🏅 [May 21, 2019] 6th Raid Tournament! — 4* Buff Booster, All Elements

If we are going to get awarded points based on the grade of our defense each day of the tourney, would it not make more sense to reset the grade for each day? I’ve had consecutive tourneys on both sides of the coin, where one benefitted from a strong first day and was seldom attacked each day afterwards and raked in huge points and the other lost it’s only two defenses day 1 and never got attacked again so never earned ANY points


I knew about that statement. I am just not confident enough that it means that we are surely going back to the original loot and not something in between.

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Great point @Shemerlamp ! @Petri , you should be careful in translations… in Polish we’ve got info that “every effect” without description if it’s buff or debuff what makes a great difference for all Polish players!

Everything which would be dispelled from the enemies by e.g. Sabina is a buff due to that rule.

Is there any epic with a non dispellable buff?

It seems no :slight_smile: only debuffs

  • The idea of this change is to even out the distribution of attacks for those people that get attacked tens of times more than the rest. Most of the players will not notice any change because they are attacked less than 5 times per day.
  • The attack counts if it is in the Log.
  • The hour is counted from the last attack that contributed to the Defense Grade.

I hope this helps!


First 5 attacks were fun, but apart from being sure to bring at least one dispel it was pretty much business as usual, despite the boards trying to sabotage me with the wrong colour tiles (not today Sartana!)

Peaked at #3 and spotted @Mr_Style_Points after he bumped me a few spots on the leaderboard (congrats!), but we’ve both plummeted now and will surely continue to do so. It was fun while it lasted :wink:

I’ve heard a lot of things. We’ll see. I’m not holding my breath.

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It really helps.

Ok so now, when we look at the log, we will only see the attacks that counted, but there could be more attacks behind the scenes that we won’t notice.

So if a player has a log of 7 attacks on day 1, there could have been for example 20 attacks, 13 covered and 7 uncovered. Those 7 ones are the ones that appear in the log and those are the attacks that will affect that player’s grade.

I don’t know what to think about this. Looks like the attack distribution will still be uneven among all the players but now we won’t be able to figure out who had a lot of attacks because some attacks will be hidden. Sounds like a patch to reduce complaints. Maybe it works.

It’s ridiculous only scoring one defense hit an hour after five hits. It doesn’t solve any problem, it hides it and causes another. The problem being that fair distribution of hits to warant a rating still exists and now many hits I’m not count, further reducing the base size. It’s like hiding rubbish behind the sofa when you can’t be bothered to tidy up. Please use some sense and solve the distribution of hits issue.


Agree with you

20 censored attacks

Your win rate on defense is now more random because of biased picking.


I agree. The “facts” I’ve heard (and chose to believe) support this stament.

The unfair issue is still there. Even if iwin all the 5 attacks. Got 2800 pts. Why on hearth the top 100 as more than 3000.??? Até the beginning???

At least let’s us choose our opponents

A few thoughts:

  1. ‘hiding attacks’ against your D is silly. Let them all count. I am 1-8 on my 9 attacks and will be destined to E for the rest of the tourney. What if the ones that didn’t count were 8-0? Even if I went 2-0 on phantom attacks that would be a D rating and meaningful. Or maybe it was 8 more losses. Who cares - they should all count.

  2. Some type of transparency is needed on offensive attacks. My guess is that if you have access to the top heroes with emblems you fight similar teams on offense (which has been stated) and as such have access to the largest POOL of available points given you will attack the top teams. I can field almost 3800 TP in 4* so I am seeing all 3700+ teams, which presumably are worth more points than someone facing 3200 teams the entire time. This is a decision that makes people feel good because they always have a shot, but ultimately is a HUGE handicap if you are not the cream of the cream of the crop. Nre players get matched with equivalent teams that are worth less points and therefore they will never be at the top. What’s the other choice though? Random assignment? LOL, then the forums would be 100% complaining about ‘too hard’ or ‘too easy and not enough points.’

@Raghstpart - what is your general team power you can field in 4*? I am seeing 600 point teams with my attacks given my TP.


I know your were asking the guy you were replying to, but whatever. Maybe this will be useful anyway:

I haven’t emblemed any 4-star heroes, so my tournament defense team power is 3404, and I’m sure my top five heroes available for this tourney would be around the same TP.

My first three attacks:

  1. 565 points for defense team power 3332
  2. 573 for 3371
  3. 580 for 3476

(I’m saving my next two attacks for the next raid chest fill-up)

Well, that’s not a problem. I know what hes thinking, ‘’ who is this noob??? ‘’ here is my 4* for this tournament. I’m a leader level 53 2600+cups playing year and a half.

If you think this is fair.

Wow, try and help and get attitude, lol. My defense team is 3741. So regardless of level (I’m 65) and time playing (2 years) my defense team is over 160 points higher than yours, and as such will force me to fight harder teams based on matching. Harder teams are more points. This seems to make complete sense to me. So yeah, I think it’s it fair that if I have to fight harder teams I get more points.

What were your opponents TP and points?

Mine were: 3592 - 599 and 3577 - 605 and I have 3 hits left.

I’d say if there are any problems it’s that there’s almost no difference between a 3300 team and a 3600 team, lol.

Thanks @gregschen for supporting my point with some data.


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