May 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Guess who predicted the future again? Well… lmao.

Azmia nerf was a surprise. Was it really needed? I’ve never fought/seen her.
It looks like the “balance” now is to boost base stats? What a lazy way to fix game balance if that’s the point. Jez…

Are you serious on sand family bonus? Leave them with +10% defense? Is it? …

Also, buffing only “Atlantis” family only because they are getting newer heroes is VERY dirty of you.


The so called “buffs” on the sand empire heroes are still a joke. They are the laughing stock of all the season summons… Looks like Roc will be keeping his bench seat warm, and poor rana-c wont ever eat another hero, maybe get eaten in Soul exchange instead…


Just came here to say i despise these gargoyles. A passive stoneskin is over the top irritating. Its like the raids are saturated still with taunt heroes, and now these gargoyles. Lol i really dont know why i even bother playing when its just annoying everytime i log in.
In before “wElL aDaPt AnD gEt NeW hErOeS”… ok just keep throwing money into this sinking ship…ok


Well done SG, well done. :face_vomiting:


Developpers are really not reliable people
I swear developpers are the kind of people that you will never accept as a friend or talk to
Its like this game was made by the devil


Couldn’t agree more :yawning_face:


But…but…you said you’re a “programmer “. Does that include you? :joy:

Come on now. He’s definitely not as bad as this one.


I think that this is the only “advantage” that we, F2P have over P2P - I’m not bothered by those nerfs because I don’t have a single hero they “balanced”.

Nevertheless I can understand that this rollercoaster of nerfs and buffs can be annoying to most players.


I just maximized Azmia today. Breaking news that jumped in there!
Fortunately, she was +0 and not LB because I was pondering her emblem path.


I think that this forum is not really needed. SG gonna do whatever they want without listening to players or testers. They can just announce what will they do and that’s it.


I agree with this. Unless you are doing 2000 pulls every portal, or saved ham and feeders forever for season 5, ignoring all the heroes from previous portals, players have not had time to level all of these heroes.
Most of us only have managed to finish the useful 3’s and 4’s (big mistake on our part there, all of our limit broken, max emblemed Azmias are now only fit for the garbage pile,) and maybe a 5 or two.

But everyone who got El Naddaha have been kept busy giggling about how good she is, and she didn’t need anything, except for a higher chance to pull her in the portal.

Stat boosts might make a slight difference for a hero like Sobek, who many at the top level do not use as he is considered a little slow.

Purple is a hard color to use on attack in this meta, so that means even though a purple attacking hero might be great, they are not a priority for anyone.

In terms of papyros, no amount of stat buffing could possibly help with a special that is that useless. Not many will touch him.

But Azmia’s nerf is a big kick in the face to a lot of players. A hero that was useless when she first entered beta, then buffed to usefullness, now back to junk.

4*s used to be considered the backbone of the game. Now it is becoming a game of .1 percent heros.

Sounds fun :frowning:


Why are people complaining about their W3k heroes?

Nothing (or nearly nothing) changed

They start with lower stats unleveled and get more for each lvl gained.

A max hero should look nearly identical after the change compared to how he look now.


Nerf 3* and 4* - Buff overpowered 5* Like sobek or khonsu. Money, money, money. That’s disgusting!
I hate you for nerf azmia, im regret LB her now. Pff…

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We are already buffing new heroes base stats while S1 and their costumes are left in the dust :man_shrugging:


Most of the “problems” that people are bringing up here are literally things that have been suggested and supported by the users here at one point or another (do incremental buffs, try just tweaking stats, I think these heroes/costumes are meh and need a buff). But of course it’s far more fun to just screech “shameful” and “they never listen” every time no matter what’s done.

These threads aren’t discussions and at this rate never will be, because a certain group of very dedicated people seem to be absolutely uninterested in discussing anything. They’re just here to vent loudly for a hit of vindication. Which creates a toxic cloud that drives away everyone with more measured opinions.

What’s the point of “communication” when half the folks here don’t read anything longer than a few paragraphs, barely understand what exactly they’re complaining about, have limited memory, and are absolutely determined to continue to believe whatever they want to believe?


Can this week become any worse ?

That shocking upcoming change to Summon Hero preview. Now in beta.

Another seasonal event. With some heroes resembling upgraded S1 heroes with Costumes.

That very nice (for now) August HOTM whose release should coincide with the launch of Kalevala.

Money money money! It’s all about money with Zynga/SGG.

ATLANTIS family bonus = it’s so obvious that it’s that family first cos there’s gonna be Oceanus n Tethys. I get that SGG needs to be methodical in raising revenue from each and every portal. Okay. I let this go.

SANDS = yeah okay. I don’t have them. Not going to try either after news of the new event now in beta.

W3K = its amazing how negligent SGG can be in their hero due diligence. No, I don’t blame the beta testers. Nothing to do with them. I blame SGG fully for this.

I hold them to their promise that the difference is only 1-7 points.

I am comparing stats after balance changes are effective.

Update: The Nerf is within that proclaimed range. It’s still a nerf though. SGG is still at fault for coding negligence.

S5 : buffs to 5* so soon ?!!! It’s only been less than a month. There’s been so many new heroes released that lucky active players have their hands full, 4AM, feeders, emblems, aethers, ham ! Can’t SGG just be GRACIOUS and give us some time to level up our new heroes ?!!!

You wanted money. We gave you money. Can you give us time to process our new toys ?!

What metrics are you talking about for S5? It’s only 2-3 weeks since S5 launched. You designed this game to be a marathon, not a sprint.

Now you expect players to sprint?! For the sake of your metrics?!

Why nerf Azmia ? 15% health is way too little for an average hero. I was just about to start on her. You spared me some effort. For that I thank you.

Keep this up … you may not have a game left. Or maybe that’s exactly what you want. Run the game into the ground so that you can realise all that deferred revenue happily piling up in that gilded tower of yours.


Sorry. The purchase is already complete yah. 3rd payout was in early 2022. Since then Zynga owns SGG and this game 100%.

Haven’t you noticed the increasing intensity for revenue via buffs and nerfs have escalated since early this year?


:slightly_frowning_face: I was really wishing for some Zhuge Liang buffs.


Since the Krampus nerf I’ve been waiting to work on new heroes for a few months because of lack of trust!!! Held Azmia and had a feeling she and Wang Yuanji might be wacked. Same little bait and switch game. We should redirect our anger at SG not at angry players. Disappointing