May 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

Think of the portals as manufacturing nitroglycerin.

Several years ago…
The portals trickled this explosive material into player rosters. The events were spaced, so as not to feel like a… "chore…"

Then a statement came:

The “mellow power creep” was replaced,
With an "easier and/or faster" increased flow
of nitroglycerin:
Condensed events… now more can be added!
stronger and faster skills…
Heavy stats
And continued ladder extensions with Emblems
Then LB… & something new
brewing on the horizon

Costumes were allowed to leave the chamber.
And MANY of you endorse this with your cash.

Now…rosters are chocked full…


You guys asked for this…

But, Niches need to be narrow… expensive!
Moreover, maintain production where the money is…with the legendary’s

And now $kill is the “red-button” counter vs. rooting through your roster to compose the strongest synergy available to you.

Welcome to the $ tragedy.
Now go purchase a counter…

The only reason to balance,
Is too increase revenue
Because you pay for costumes

Congratulations, E&Peeps

Enjoy your OP ducks

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