May 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

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S5 5* already getting buffs? Why?

I do like better atlantis family bonuses tho.


I do appreciate the explanations re rationales and impact of changes (e.g., the Kingdom heroes’ scaling and base stats).

I guess slightly buffing Rana and Yunan costumes + giving Roc a costume will help make Sand Empire portal a bit more attractive eh :wink:

re S5 balance, I wonder how many players actually have the 5s maxed and are using them already… one month’s worth of metrics have been used to determine the balance changes… and will this also cause tweaks in the base stats of future 5s??


What a shame. Buff before pulling and then nerf after pulling. Thank you SG

I broke azmia with full emblems and look what they did with her special skill.

  • Costume Yunan
    • Sand damage: 360 → 600
    • Sand damage duration: 3 turns → 5 turns
    • Mana generation status effect: 3 turns → 5 turns

Reading above, It seems like the damage per turn didn’t change - 120. But my cosumed Yunan deals 300 sand damage - so per turn it will be higher after change. I wonder if that was on purpose.

This buffs won’t change my mind - still compared to other new heroes sand empire heroes are not that good. Exept vf wars, where cYunan will be a monster.

My costume Yunan with maxed special skill deals


Why do these updates come out when they can affect a tournament? A previous update happened to Ferant mid tournament and dropped my defense three grades. I finally had an A this time with Azmia and now she is nerfed. The “gentle” changes of lowering her counterattack 20% and decreasing her heal will surely affect the win rate

The changes should go live between the tournament end and about 12 hours before next one


I personally think talking about how lowering a heroes BASE stats by:

Attack: 56
Defense: 30
Health: 68

^^^^ that you all are like… do not worry if you LB and maxed your power won’t change much only 1-7 points…

Makes me feel like you think I am stupid!

Many give too craps about Rare & Epic ‘power’ levels….

Not happy with this Nonchalant, no big deal, minor BUTCHER and truly getting sick of the balancing yo-yo-ing

Like the developers can’t figure correct base stats before releasing heroes… :woman_facepalming:

We are not stupid do not treat us like we are. It is so obvious you will buff at least one hero or add an exciting hero (some type of carrot) before every event for sales… (I do not even mind that)

…it just the nerfing and down playing it that gets to me.


Azmia’s nerf wasn’t needed

she is not close to ferant’s power yet she got overnerfed as usual

no one complained about her :laughing: and blue tanks aren’t a thing

the other buffs are welcome
i do think normal rana and normal yunan could need the 4 turn healing reduction buff too


Change to kingdom heroes is fine but weird. This is one of those things that just seems weird to players regardless of how deserved it is.

Rana and Yunan need a buff so this is helpful. Is this gonna do it though? I doubt I’ll use Yunan more because of this.

Season five nerf I can see as warranted. Buffs not sure they needed it or it changes much.


Why should we discuss those “balance” changes, when app owners/designers/developer simply keep ignoring 99% of players feedback?
Literally, what’s the point if the only communication is between players, and there’s no way to interact with “staff”?


Roc didn’t get buff again hahaha


It seems 3* ja 4* heroes are their new target for nerphs, guess I’m lucky that I didn’t get a single 4* W3K hero in 45 pulls and just 1 of the 3*'s :smiley: dodged the bullet so to say, didn’t get Azmia either.

And the buffs to Sand Empire hero costumes still won’t make them appealing at all.

Also, way too soon to buff those S5 Heroes (and nerph 1), there’s hardly any of them in the game yet… You simply don’t get enough data from this amount of time they’ve been in the game…


@Petri Buff Khufu become average speed!


I’m sorry but I smell BS. Players mostly haven’t even had time to level their season 5, 5 stars. El Nadahaa is being under utilized compared to who? Alasie costume? Data is never ever shown to the player base. Announcements like this are so frustrating at times because things are not effectively communicated or players are just flat out lied to. Balance just doesn’t seem to matter. None of the devs play at even a remotely high level. Stuff like this really shows how out of touch the staff is.

If El Nadahaa is “under utilized” then so is every other hero with maybe 3-5 exceptions.


It did, a paywalled one, costume. At this point you can only hope buffs for the newest stuff

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Zynga acquired 80 percent of Small Giant and remaining 20 percent will purchase over the next three years at valuations based on specified profitability goals.

Small Giant tries to maximize profits by constantly adding new heroes past 2 years.

I think that everything will collapse like a tower of cards because more and more people stop playing and new players rarely continue to play because there are too many heroes, events, seasons …


So, you did nothing to Papyros skill? What a joke. He will never see the light of day on my roster. The only thing he has going for him is tank stats. His skill is ridiculously weak. One of the worst heroes y’all have put out in a long time, and you refuse feedback to improve him.


You completely destroyed azmia, hope her nerf is a joke


more of the same: pay for a product then change it for an inferior version and finally buff others to pay more lol very nice strategy