📯 [May 2021] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

Yeah dude. I’ve been playing for almost 3 years and only have like 40 5s and that’s because I’ve gotten 5 s1 5s from ha10 I didn’t have.

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The rarity of gnomes is just stupid. 2 all day and neither dropped coins. Bloody dragon bones ffs.

Valhalla forever needs a massive rethink

What gnomes? Must have missed them :crazy_face:

I’m waiting for this portal to finally give me Almur and Brynhild, but with these weird pulls, I’m shocked they haven’t given me Mireweave or Shadereave yet, like how Atlantis decided to give me Sumitomo and Ammoena before I got Wilbur and Proteus in a 10 pull.

As for gnomes, I really don’t even be trying to get them anymore. Too focused on seeing if I can fast-track the special stage missions for gems, since that has a better chance of accumulating gems for a pull than farming for gnomes with an extremely small chance of dropping coins.

Did 20 coin pulls and a 10-pull. Got two season 1 5*… Joon is ok, but when Obakan flashes out, I really thought it is Alfrike or Bera… :sob:


Not a single gnome all day. Must be too fierce, scaring them all away.

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I managed to find two gnomes, got an iron bundle and three (count em, 3) barb emblems. My WE refills are staying in my inventory, where they belong…

Not that I mind reduced world energy costs to knock off the avatar missions to clean up my to-do list, but really, the drop rate is godawful.

I did manage to come across one shortly after I posted. I wonder if the drop rate is worse than the Atlantis Sea Dragons? You would think it would be the same.

Not sure if the drop rate really is worse, though it “feels” that way. Maybe because the rewards are poorer, both the general rewards (Atlantis’ extra loot is a heck of an incentive that Valhalla doesn’t provide) and in the lack of the coins. I mean, emblems are nice, but seriously… iron bundles?

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I did 10 pulls with coins and I got:

Almur - NEW!
Mist - NEW!
Kvasir x2
Ei-Dunn x2

I am very happy for two new epic heroes. :blush: Unfortunately no legendary or HOTM for me (which I really would like to get).


After months of saving gems did a 10 pull and got Thor :hammer::hammer::hammer:


purchased today’s deal, Pulled Tyr and a second Alfrike


I had been saving my Valhalla tokens waiting for alfrike… Had 30 pulls worth and was ready to finish hard mode for even more… Already had Tyr and Bera maxed so figured that’s who I’d get.

Brianne, Sudri, Mist, Marjana, and then alfrike.


I am at 98 Valhalla coins now. Just need two more to get my Bane. But the gnomes simply refuse to show up and help me out…

Tried a 10pull because, you know, Alfrike and Bera. Got none of them, but the portal gifted me Gefjon (and i think my fifth Almur. The rest wasn’t worth mentioning). I gladly accept my first s3 5* :heart_eyes:


in total:

3 Alfrike
1 Tyr
1 Yang Mai.

I’m happy. Wish one of the Alfrike was Bera, but oh well.


Also, when they’ll show up, they’ll give you a sweet 50k iron bundle or 5 meteor fragments instead. Yay (I guess)!

I had 1300 coins and gems for a 10 pull. Got absolutely nothing. With todays offer i could get enough gems for another 10 pull and GOT ALFRIKE! The one i wanted, now i can do my experimental team of Ariel, Malicna, Seshat, Alfrike, Misandra.


Wow, that’s a lot of mana boost.

So you see where Im going with that. I want to find out how much faster she can charge up.

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