📯 [May 2021] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

Can you believe it… :heart_eyes:


OMG that’s litterally a contendent for best pull ever.

Don‘t know about that, but it was my moat successful for sure. Been waiting for a dark monk literally forever, so I am more than happy with Bera

Did around 30 pulls, no fives… Waited for Alfrike for a long time, going to try again tomorrow. :confused:

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On to Teltoc!

I made three coin pulls and a 10-pull for this current Valhalla summon portal. I just had blessed pulls from it now. :heart_eyes:

Addendum: I tried another Valhalla coin pull tonight, and the HotM arrived as well. :sunglasses:


As much as I would love to do even a 10 pulls, I have so many darks in my roster and starving of tabards. Adding new darks at this time would be more of a burden. So I’ll pass this time round

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40 pulls. Isarnia and Lady Loki.


Look on the bright side. They’ll still be in the portal next month, and being featured doesn’t make a huge difference. I got three of my four, plus the spare Fenrir that I don’t count, in months when they weren’t.

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Please tell me where to farm for nature (green) chest in S3? Thank you :grinning:

That was my thinking… Would like to have Alfrike and/or Bera, but I have Kageburado and Kilhare waiting… Both are good heros, so I have no value added if I score those two now… Easy pass. :slight_smile:

which is the best stage for farming experience at Valhalla Forever and grinding for the gnome?

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1-5 or 1-8 are the best, you can check this in EP Toolbox app

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Second free pull


Only took damn near 3 years to get a hero that’s not a s1, event, or hotm. Still dont have a s2 5s hero tho. Got him off a free token pull


Congratulations, man. I don’t have Odin. You sure are lucky this time. It’s a good thing getting him using Valhalla Coins. Hope it continues until Season 5.

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Well did a few Valhalla Coin Pulls…and landed my 2nd Alfrike :yum: and got Rings from bonus chest :smiley: ty RNGeezus


Just so that people don’t feel bad on not getting legendaries on their pulls. I did 10 pulls with coins and got Almur, Mist, 3x Jarvur, Kvasir, Bjorn, Nordri, Sonya, and Tuck. Only Almure was new.


If you don’t have Evelyn, almur is the poor man’s version. Def level him and put him on your green mono team.

I’m not disputing the worth of Almur, and that’s where he will go on my anti-blue titan team, finally replacing Little John. I’m just providing a counterpoint to all the legendaries that everyone is pulling.

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