🕵 [May 2021] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 4 (Underwild)

Russula will be new meta tank, 30% dmg reduction on top of 790 def at very fast speed is ridicoulous…

also holds enemy hostage for 2 turns

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I did a 10 pull today, and was very happy with the result!


Did 32 pulls from stored gems and today’s offer, and I got this beautiful heroine:

But really, she has great design and more importantly, interesting mechanics. Would like Russula more though not because she’s better (Lepiota is pretty good), but because I am low on 5* blues while I got Bera, Panther and Lepiota in space of two weeks while I have 4 tabards. But well, I got pretty lucky so I am not going to complain.


This is just the reality, all the posts you see here are just people getting unbelievably lucky. I have had more 10x 3* 10 pulls than I can count, I’m close to giving up.

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Yep the odds are a joke. And yet people still sink hundreds into this game to get the 5*. Which is why the odds will never improve

Here is a food for thought .

Thor came out few months earlier than Russula and has 50 less attack and 50 less defence with comparable skills and same speed :O?

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Did a 30 pull earlier today and got Azlar and a dupe Yang Mai.

Sat down tonight, prayed hard, and did another 30 pull

God blessed me tonight!


Did another several coin pulls since it is my first anniversary playing and i was hoping for Professor as a little gift - of course rng and SG showed me middle finger :neutral_face:


30x pull and no Morris? Is that even possible?


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Coin pull this morning, Elizabeth. Very pleased with that


More than 20 pulls since S4 was introduced, and not even a 3* from there…very sad of pulling only S1 from this portal

I have just one coin pull for this month’s portal. Got Lepiota :neutral_face: :neutral_face:
I have had such a struggle to pull 5* heroes (one from s2, one from s3 and both in the latest months), but in s4 i’ve had three in 11 pulls :neutral_face: :neutral_face:


I’m sorry to hear that @Rafa_Correia03. The game giveth, and the game also take away. :sweat_smile:

Hopefully much better luck on your next summons!

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Season 4 hates me, ~150 pulls total in s4 portal I think and 3 S1 5* heroes, 0 s4 5* heroes. I’m trying to resist trying anymore

After 15 token pulls on the first round, decided to give a 10 pull a try and pretty much the same useless 3 * and 4* S1 fodder, as the last run . No surprises there .

Neither good nor bad luck, simply no luck at all . And less incentive to bother with trying for new heros .

I got akkorog and obakan one after another in last attempt for featured ladies…
This game is broken. I managed to score 0.6 and 0.9 chance but no featured?
I am gonna feed off obakan, this is how much i care for s1 heroes in special portals :expressionless:

Another coin pull.

I like her but this is my third. :yawning_face:


Hehehe… @SamMe I’ve spent all my luck i guess :thinking:, now i just have luck with my unlucky lol

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Do you want trade her with some of my Briennes? That all I gain lol

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Bought the day 1 offer, nothing new in all 20 summons. Then bought the day 3 offer and had some solid luck with that .6% chance

Final day came and I was a couple summons shy of getting another bonus ascension chest, bought one of the gem deals from day 1 and on top of rings, hit that .6% chance again! Never have I been so lucky. I snagged 4 4*AMs that day too from titan, war chest, and monster mission.

I needed more greens, so now I’m set for a while.