🏯 [May 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

I really hate this event…

I need to push lvls 1-20 harder to get top 500 but I’ll take 760th.

I’m very much finding the more I commit to NT the easier and less annoying it is becoming. This one was nearly fun… :joy:


I think the earlier levels you’re looking at yield 1k or maybe 2k additional improvement tops. Past floor 35 is where it really starts to matter, since I’ve seen my scores swing from a low of 37k for a really bad opening that took over 2.5 min to finish, to over 44k for a miracle board that just kept cascading and killing mobs by themselves and ended the level in under 1.5 min.

Yeah true. I just went harder at the later levels. That 20k lost from the early levels will matter. Top 500 is getting crazy competitive

Did around 80 pulls this iteration, if not more. Went way over the budget so not spending gems on circus nor incoming S4.

Results are as following:

  • Jade x2
  • Onyx
  • Yang Mai (dupe)
  • Thorne
  • Elena
  • Kadilen

The game just doesn’t want to give me Garnet :man_shrugging: Super annoyed by this, especially by dupe Jade and the S1s.


Awful summons at the beginning of NT this time: Hu Tao (dupe) from a single coins pull. Then one Ninja troop and 19x 3* troops from 20 ETTs. :disappointed_relieved:

I pushed myself to finish NT. Did one more coins pull:

My first Ninja! :star_struck:


Before the latest ninja tower i had no ninja heroes. This time I pulled Ametrine, Zapphire and this beautiful lady in around 20 pulls.
I have also saved around 25 ETT, finally found 4* blue mana troop together with red and purple ninja troops - which I already have.


7 legendaries in 80 pulls is amazing. Getting s1 5* sucks tho

Yea, I somehow don’t feel like a winner.

At least Onyx and Jade are new, and I had mats to max them, so they are welcome. Would trade both for 1 Garnet any time. I wonder how many dupes of Ninjas I have to eat now to get her.

Still my best red healer is Boldtusk.

I just stayed in top 500 :hot_face:


My best finish yet! And I’ve improved each month!
Until proven otherwise, I’m going to state this is the best f2p Ninja Tower finish (I said something similar last month and haven’t heard otherwise)!

Month Rank Score
2020-10 10983 ???
2020-12 1349 1,391,059
2021-02 712 1,444,267
2021-04 550 1,465,655
2021-05 283 1,515,874

I’ve been targeting top 1K. After doing well last time, I wanted to push for top 500 this time.
I used backup four and five star heroes for levels 1-20 whereas normally I had been using 3 stars. Once I got to level 25 I only used my top mono teams of each element.

Scores & strategy

I track my scores by level each month. This shows my score by level, cumulative score, and the cumulative difference compared to last month.

Stage Score Total Score Dif
1 20,288 20,288 3,612
2 22,384 42,672 9,820
3 18,608 61,280 8,520
4 14,172 75,452 4,384
5 18,708 94,160 4,652
6 13,876 108,036 -892
7 20,556 128,592 1,388
8 18,388 146,980 236
9 20,636 167,616 2,156
10 19,619 187,235 1,462
11 20,812 208,047 6,371
12 23,071 231,118 10,340
13 16,609 247,727 10,385
14 18,823 266,550 10,138
15 17,297 283,847 8,454
16 20,704 304,551 8,724
17 20,078 324,629 10,798
18 17,374 342,003 10,595
19 19,881 361,884 13,948
20 33,825 395,709 13,334
21 37,500 433,209 21,037
22 32,767 465,976 19,402
23 35,677 501,653 22,679
24 30,135 531,788 21,397
25 33,847 565,635 25,387
26 33,247 598,882 27,157
27 35,069 633,951 25,484
28 33,150 667,101 28,192
29 33,660 700,761 30,855
30 34,552 735,313 33,765
31 31,964 767,277 35,467
32 32,490 799,767 36,255
33 32,932 832,699 36,255
34 33,870 866,569 38,123
35 43,191 909,760 38,933
36 43,731 953,491 42,830
37 44,172 997,663 48,068
38 42,579 1,040,242 49,535
39 42,120 1,082,362 55,088
40 46,089 1,128,451 58,328
41 40,185 1,168,636 56,015
42 28,674 1,197,310 42,371
43 42,903 1,240,213 48,221
44 37,764 1,277,977 47,141
45 40,203 1,318,180 51,515
46 42,597 1,360,777 55,565
47 40,581 1,401,358 54,269
48 40,149 1,441,507 50,966
49 39,060 1,480,567 53,252
50 35,307 1,515,874 50,219

I broke down the improvement by “day” (group of 10 stages). I did worse on the last stages this time. I struggled on 49 (down to just Buddy) and on 50 lost Wu on the first wave. My biggest improvements came in the mid to late stages. I tend to save green and Holy teams for the end. So I used mono blue if red and purple didn’t stand out as the obvious choice. Adding Jott recently over Grimm (including emblems), and taking Isarnia up to +18 probably helped a lot.

Stages Dif
1-10 1,462
11-20 11,872
21-30 20,431
31-40 24,563
41-50 -8,109

Next time I’ll commit to using mono red and purple on early levels (or Gunnar-Nordri).


I stopped using arrows, axes, and bombs around stage 10 this time. I went tornadoes, and all three versions of mana pots. Between Ninja Tower, Titans, Mythic Titans, and Challenge Events I’ve never struggled with minor and regular mana pots. My storage of super mana pots is starting to dwindle. I have plenty of food and materials to build them up, I just need to commit to it over heroes and troops.
I did use 50 tornadoes which are the only items I consider costly. Top 1K nets back 20 which is huge.


Rewards from Ninja Tower are great.
166 coins and 277 emblems from completion alone. Add in 150 coins and 700 emblems from completion and this is a fantastic event. If you can’t complete the event I can see why it’s certainly not worth pushing. If you can complete, I can see why you’re priorities are different and you don’t want to use all of your items. I also understand players who can’t make the time commitment. I’ve enjoyed the extra time I can spend playing the game. I like the game, I enjoy more content. But who doesn’t need emblems? I don’t get the people that hate Ninja Tower so much they completing avoid it based on principle.

I wish I could have picked up that second Jackal or Falcon last Guardians Event. Maybe I’ll get another Gullinbursti or Almur from season 3.

I did 40 token pulls (aka over the past 8 weeks I collected 40 tokens). 6 ended up in 4 star troops which was exactly 15%. Imagine that. I did get 1 Holy crit troop which brings my total 5 star crit troops up to 4. Really could use another Holy mana troop. In comparison I have 21 blue troops.

Every other time I’ve gone all in on the minions for extra survivability and to add in some extra damage along the way. This time I did not. I’m not sure 5% defense and health benefits along the way actually help. I’m not sure I liked it more. I used mana pots on healers when I was low health more than I wanted to and got stuck at the end of a few waves with one low health enemy. I think I might go back to minions in the future.


I was able to stay between the 10000. :partying_face:

My best result in this event and having used the least amount of objects.

Nothing special to say regarding pulls. I got three more ninja purple troops (I already had three of them😅).


Anyone out there keeping track of the amount of emblems they bring in each tower? I’ve seen a significant decrease in mine. It’s probably bad luck with RNG…or…We can put on our tinfoil hats and talk about what we really think is going on. :grimacing:

I’ve kept track of the total emblems I’ve received from the past 3 towers, but only the 2 most recent I kept track of exactly what I got from each floor, chest, and for placing.

January 2021 Tower: 668 total emblems

March 2021 Tower: 526 total emblems

May 2021 Tower: 477 total emblems

I have placed in the top 25,000 in each of those towers and the accounts for 250 emblems.

Is anyone else who’s kept track notice anything similar? Maybe my tinfoil hat is broken :joy:

Emblems by month from completion and chests:
February: 206
April: 266
May: 277

Your count is clearly based off of ranking differences. So only reason you’re seeing less is if you are doing worse relatively.

Apologies, I got the wrong dates, I just went back 2 months from May. Did we really just have the tower in April? Anyways, here is the breakdown of my past 3 towers:

February: 418 tower + 250 reward = 668 total

April: 276 tower + 250 reward = 526 total

May: 227 tower + 250 reward = 477 total

February tower I got x20 on 4 floors.
April tower I got x20 on 0 floors.
May tower I got x20 on 1 floor.

Taking off my tinfoil hat… February shows that I was probably extremely fortunate with RNG, probably getting the max amount of emblems possible per floor. April probably shows what an average RNG looks like. May probably shows how extremely unfortunate I was with RNG getting the minimum number of possible emblems per floor.

The reason for my post was to see if this wasn’t just happening to me. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that since the numbers are getting lower and lower, that SG is out to get me! The realist in me says I got some good luck, some average luck, and some :poop: luck

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Everyone I’ve checked with gets the same emblems as I do on each floor. So I’m surprised by seeing you got 418 in February.

My going theory is there is some level of randomness in number of type of emblems for each level but everyone gets the same. For chests everyone seems to get the same number but different type.

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There definitely is, I randomly got 20 monk emblems on floor 46 even though I’ve never exceeded 10 on all other post-40 floor. Yeah sometimes flukes happen I think


Late post… target just want to complete this events.

Final Result

Last Team Used:

Did not screenshoot Blessing, but it is the same as April and Feb and Dec 2020, I did not post/track in April.
So it is like in Dec 2020:



Final Chest Level 50

No AM, as always… :sweat_smile:


Another some couple pulls with coins and gems: notable is 3rd Sapphire :sweat_smile:
Goodluck, finally Ninja Tower is finished, see ya for 8 weeks :ok_hand:.


Here is my breakdown of the previous tower:

Her is my breakdown of the most recent tower:

I wish I could find my note pad with December’s E&P stuff written down, but I think it got thrown away. I’d like to have the proof for that tower and the emblems I received, but I guess we can just focus on the past 2 towers since I cannot produce such evidence.

I am curious to see what other player’s breakdown of emblems were.


70 gem pulls and 35 ETTs yielded my best Ninja Tower troop summon ever.


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