🏯 [May 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

Bad luck I guess, with everything in this RNG, one can’t be sure of anything. I got 1 ninja and 1 mana troops from 24 pulls. I wish you luck with your next pull.

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Only have 1x Red Ninja Troop.
29xpull troop ETT: 4th Purple Crit, 6th Green Mana, 6th Blue Crit, and 2nd Red Ninja.
Well, 2nd red ninja… not sure where and when I use it…

Ninja Summon, was chasing Ametrine.
5xpull Ninja: notable 2nd Sapphire, not sure if I would level the 2nd, I realy like Grimms more as with costume can use mana troop lvl 5.


One of the few portals in game that I find worthwhile. This time I overextended a bit but I really need red legendary healer and this has the best one to give so…

41 Epic Troop tokens, got 2 ninjas (still no blue that I am missing) and 4 regular epics. Not great, not terrible.

55 pulls from the hero portal. Until 45 I only had 2nd Yang Mai and 150th Elena which was pretty devastating. Then this happened:

Lol special thanks to Censore method that is a bunch of bs but let this 10x happen. Having Mica and Cobalt from the previous iterations, now I almost have them all.

All except the only one I really wanted lol. Hope dies last - let’s see what the remaining cheap offers bring.


Bought the offer, this guy showed up!
31 troop pulls,got a green, blue and yellow ninja plus a red crit troops


26 ETTs, 1 blue ninja, 1 blue crit. Better than last time, i guess, when i was zero for 18 getting 4* troops.


31 ETTs. 1 Dark Ninja (now I have one each for Onyx and Ametrine), 1 Green Mana (3rd one), 1 Yellow Crit (will be retrained when I get HA9 up and running)

Not too bad I guess for the odds, but was hoping for Dark Mana troops


41 ETTs. Only 3 epic troops, all dupes except the first blue ninja troops.

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It’s 1:30am and I’m crying myself to sleep with Shale as the only Ninja I pulled

35 ETT burned, 33 rare troops, 2 blue crit troops.

Ninja portal archived as well - no real money into it ever again. 1 by 1 not so fruitful portals are being retired. The only trophies so far here were Jade and Richard, both without real value to me, so yeah. Message understood. :muscle::joy:

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23 ETT only 1 purple catch to be honest can’t complain as didn’t had it before still waiting for blue one though. Still not a single ninja hero but not going to spend gems or money anymore

18 ETTs. 2 purple mana dupes, 1 yellow mana (first), 1 green mana (first), 1 red crit (first).

Overall I am happy although was really hoping for red mana or additional red ninja troops.

As planned, I went slightly ape in the troop portal, using 15 ETTs and 3 x 10 gem summons. Two purple ninja troops (I already had 1 of those) and one green, plus a sprinkling of crit and mana, none of which I was desperately needing but will come in handy. The only sad thing was failure to replace the holy troop I sadly ate a few weeks ago. You can bet I dived in and locked the new ones immediately! A red would also be nice - already have a blue.

I may not use the hero portal at all this time round, but may use coins if the wind changes by the time I have enough for a couple of pulls.

Anyone feel like sharing their scores so I get a rough idea of where I stand? Feels like people are doing significantly more board farming this time round, and I’m not sure if I’m still on track for top 1k or not.

I’ve already farmed 4 flasks worth of boards, reached floor 24 with 509,733 score. Still had some dreadful boards on a few floors but was forced to play through them either because of a stubborn oni curse, or I’ve already farmed that level 5 times and I simply can’t sustain this level of board farming.

19 troop summons. 19x 3* troops. Not a single ninja.

What do you mean by board farming?

Hunting for the great opening board - the way people do in monthly events. :slight_smile:

Tbh, I didn’t know it started to happen here as well. :man_shrugging:t2:

Means you’d have to flee an attempt that wasn’t scoring well. Couldn’t be doing with that myself. As if 50 levels weren’t long enough!

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Guys I dont know if it has been asked/answered before but does the tower energy stack? If you dont do any attack the first day do you have 20 flags the second?

But don’t you lose the energy then? So you’re fleeing in the first moments only to then have to buy the energy back?

Yep! Hence why he’s used 4 flasks so far and it’s only the second day :grinning:

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