🗿 [May 2021] Guardians of Teltoc Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

19 pulls, no panther or other legendary :frowning:

Had been holding onto gems for a while. Did a ten-pull. First pull was Guardian Panther! Only downside is that I had just brought Malicna to 3/1. Still, she’s on the bench again (already displaced once by Kageburado), 'cause those tabards have a new owner.


Pulled the holy jackal, was waiting for that one already for a while.
Now dark panther :grinning:


Saved up 12 pulls for Teltoc, third try to get an hero from this event. Again huge slap in the face, first eleven pulls were all season 1 3* s and Little John. The last pull went purple and giving me the 3* bat as a big FU in the face :face_vomiting: dunno why I had any hope. Think it’s time to move along and stop wasting my time on this game


I’m so sorry about your Teltoc summons @leejow.

I hope you can get a Falcon or Jackal before the portal closes. :four_leaf_clover:

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Welcome to my world, im nearing 130 pulls without a single Jackal.

Had some 80ish coins saved, decided to spend them on guardians, and got a bingo:

Since my 3* reds are not that great, nor are my red 2* troops, I decided to skip pushing for 1000, but had some great boards on legendary:

I dont think it will be enough, but will see if I can stay in 100. I would really like to get that Kong avatar :slight_smile:


Anyone else seem to be getting more coins during play throughs?

I mean, I’m very happy but the rate seems better this event

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I doesn’t expect this

I wish SG will buff Yang Mai. She is like just Poppy with 5* stat.


Thanks @SamMe not likely, i will finish the event but I’m not counting to get that from just the one pull I have left. Normally I try to rank well but who cares, gonna finish this crapfest without wasting my items

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Not here - I’ve used 119 WE and haven’t gotten one yet.


First 11 pulls only 2 that are new

My first wu kong in 2 years of playing.


I did 11 pulls with coins and I got nothing, all S1 3* heroes only. Then I used gems for 10x summon and I got

Great that I got Falcon and Chameleon. I don’t know how to use Chameleon, he is specific, I need to read more about him.
No Jackal or Hotm for me, but at least I got something interesting. :+1:


Congrats with Falcon and Cham, seems a lot of people are pulling 3s so far at this portal with coins. Pretty much everyone from my alliance had the same as me and most saved up their coins for this portal to.

Did a 10 pull with saved coins…got Panther, Jackyl (new to me), Owl (meh) and Azlar (dupe)…obviously would have preferred a Gazelle to owl but I’ll take Panther any day!


Asking for one of my alliance members. If you had no event 5 stars which event would you pull from. Teloc, Avalon or the Circus. Curious what people think…also he only owns Wu in regards to titans attack up hero’s


4th 10 pull, plus a bunch of coin pulls so 50 pulls in total I think? Not exactly cheap but could’ve been much much worse. Got more bats than I care to count (at least 5) but I’m glad I can finally stop pulling from this portal. :smiley:


There are 3 elemental defense debuff heroes (two of them 4*, that are easier to get) in Teltoc. They make huge difference in titan scores. So, if your ally mate is lacking elemental defense debuff, I would go with Teltoc.

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I have some awful streak this event… 98% is s1 3*… it feels like the odds are lower than usually :frowning:

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