🍻 [May 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

That’s what they want you to think. The actual point of this portal is to empty your bank account while showering you with Dawas, Renfelds, and Fat Tucks. :joy:

Congrats on Onatel and Alassie! Great cards!

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Sorry, but I won’t contact support to get back 4 pennies.


obv :rofl: could you show the picture of his hero card please

I’ve asked that because i saw this on the web

And i was wondering why there are this 2 differenti cards for the same hero


Thanks, lucky pulls. :four_leaf_clover:

Cards are animated, I assume those are just two different poses


And his blade is clipping through his hand. I suppose SG thought nobody would get him so they didn’t bother to animate him properly :laughing:.


I actually got lucky on this event and thought it was super fun. I enjoyed the “use a hero once” set up and would play this again just for that aspect. I messed around with weird teams I normally wouldn’t have and used heroes I haven’t in a LONG time. Even Dawa did something!

I have been F2P the whole time I have played this game, which is about 3 years now. That means I only got two pulls from coins and certainly didn’t expect anything. I got Azar, whom I am told was delicious by her teammate, and Athena! I am super pumped as she is my first HotM ever, and a good one too! Don’t worry, I won’t bother posting “Thorne or Athena?” :wink:

I get people’s complaints about low summon rates and the poor option using the Tavern as a rare hero source. That being said Hehir is easy enough to ignore too though if you’re just chasing heroes. If you’re just playing the game for something to do and wanted something new to try I thought it worked out great. While I know not to expect it ever again, I also got a HotM as a F2P player out of it.

My only disappointment was how easy it was. The bosses seemed to get more life as you went, but how slow their mana made them so easy to beat still with any kind of mana control IMO. Granted, if they had their normal mana it may be another story entirely :slightly_smiling_face:. I beat the last stage with a team right around 4K and could probably go 3-5 more stages with the heroes I have.

Good luck to everyone still playing it! Cheers, I’m glad it happened!

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Really major disappointment- did one free pull and I did not get Dawa.

I got Prisca.

Major ripoff. Saving my other coins for next month.



The only person in my alliance to get a 5* with free pulls actually got TWO 5*s, both free pulls paid off. Thoth & Aegir. Miracles do happen. :man_shrugging:


Toth and Aegir… not sure we should call the Pope claiming a miracle on that one but if he’s happy right on!

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For an FTP casual player, she’s ecstatic. Not everyone adopts the game as a way of life.


This summon is such complete garbage. I’m very much on the fence of deleting the game completely. This portal has me ready to just be done completely. Over the course of 4 months the content creators have basically ruined every aspect of it they can and are continuing the trailblazing destruction with the next 3 hotm. It’s an absolute travesty. Nothing can be trusted in it and players are leaving in packs. It’s a damn shame.



Ugh… Plez no more…

Price in AUD so is about… $30 USD? Or $39.99 USD?


Yeah think the $46.99 AUD ones are the $30 USD ones.

Anyway, with the backlog of heroes to level I’ve built up recently I’d love to get my hands on thirty 3* feeders, but not for this price…

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Euro price is 32,99€

13 calls: 11 3 * and 2 4 *. The gems I was saving for Valhalla, I wasted on that crap.

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The offer today works out quite cheap per pull but there’s still less than 1% chance of me pulling a hero that I don’t have.
If only the S1 5*'s weren’t there or there was a chance of the Hotm I might actually consider it.

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