🍻 [May 2020] Portal Stats, Summon Results & Offers – Tavern of Legends

You have a 9.3% chance to get no 5* in 90 pulls in the tavern portal.

Yup and basically did 3 x 30 pulls so odds are I should have seen at least one

Right I guess what I am saying is - its bad luck, but its also a common outcome. Roughly 1 in 10 people who did what you did will get nothing.

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What I don’t get if many complain about summons why don’t they listen. But when many complain about telluria vela guin and etc… Being overpowering they listen

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It’s just crazy when someone one Facebook post a 30 pull and they get 6 5 stars and some that do similar or more get zero

Because the odds of this portal are crap. As I said in my post. I did never want to start a discussion in here like you did. Beer, wine??? No. The odds are crapppy - ■■■■■■■■ than the usual odds atlantis or Valhalla or any event. Unless being pretty much a beginner I‘d never advise ppl to pull there. But feel free to do so :wink:

Here for reference why I feel bad for people using this summon: Do not pull on tavern of legends -- math analysis


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Didn’t need a ton of gems to get to a 30 pull, figured I’d get nothing but did want a chance at the super rare so tried for him.

Pretty happy since I missed him in Atlantis but will limit myself to single pulls in this portal going forward, hoping to be shocked by the bonus some day.


You show than you are donated to this game)) Congrats for getting Gravemaker)

They aren’t worth spending One dollar on. That’s what I meant by worthless. Let alone what I had to spend to get them. They are expensive food.

Yep. The feedback was given by the people putting in the time to test the game, Then it was ignored. This summons is a joke. I have no issue spending $500 on a new hero, but I am walking away from this game because for the money, you don’t even get that. So pointless.


@Badone it’s becoming pretty clear that the beta program is nothing but unpaid marketing. The decisions made after beta feedback are not often based on the actual feedback given, sometimes they are quite random. The reaction seen today was all predicted.

I’m sorry but seeing so many posts here from sad and disappointed customers, misled customers, that I am sickened by Small Giant. A business with zero moral compass.


It is sad. This was a chance for SG to do something different. It could have offered a lot of good heros to newbies and long time players (that missed getting them) alike. Even if they made it to where you had to pay for a hero, it would have been something different. Instead, it is the same old season 1 heros given out for a supposed Tavern of Legends. More like Tavern of the same old worn out heros.


Well said I am relatively new to the game and saved gems for a chance at hero’s I didn’t have a chance at but alas would like to thank SG for the 65 3* food and the 5 4* crap they gave honestly I’m done with this game they can find themselves other suckers to pull money out of.

@petri here is another one. I hope you guys are proud of yourselves because it makes a lot of us sad, disappointed and cross. Customers should not be treated in this way by a reputable company.


I can say that as a leader of my alliance I have more than a few long time players leaving for good because they say some things will never change, need hero’s and crappier odds as months go on its lost the fun factor so I suppose congratulations on messing a good thing up

nerf hero’s spell check lol

they are laughing all the way to the bank.

For the first time since I started playing in 2018 I’m genuinely angry with this company. I’ve not spent a penny as I saw what was coming. But good people have been misled into wasting good money on a sham. It is immoral, pure and simple. In these times when people have less money, more worries, and more time spent online, it is beyond the pale. When will morality return to Finnish commerce?! We can only hope.


I have been saving gems for months and had 3k, decided to do the 10 pull here, and all 3s… Was like ■■■ it gonna buy the 15$ deal, and 850 gems for $25 total and do 1 more 10 pull. Pulled mostly 3 again, few dupe 4s, and boom out pops Gravemaker. He has been evading me for years, so this was nice and I have 5 rings so almost ready :slight_smile: Happy poop here.


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