May 2020 Finalised & Live Balance Changes Discussion

I’m not even sure if any of the devs actually play this game.


Every man and his dog :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t think it will stop the Telluria Vela team from popping up everywhere, but it definitely means they will no longer be as 'up to RNGesus" as it used to be.

It;s not gonna change their status as top few tank-flank combi. But ppl fzcing them have a chance at trying not to suck now.


Cross your fingers. This means Khagan will show up in beta at average speed.

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Well said as usual. Beta testers can only do so much. Many issues don’t manifest until the new heroes are used on a much larger scale.

I was kicking myself before that I ate Gobbler after holding on to him for so long and that was pre-balancing, you can Imagine now…

PLUS The Monstrosity called ATOMOS got what I think he deserved (an opportunity to truly be something in this game), now I just need to get him!



And if you have a useless ferrari is it still better than a Ford?
Answer is NO.
So this was a bad example. Did sou see the movie Ford vs. Ferrari? I guess not otherwise you would not say this.
Back to Telluria. She was my only good tank. I dont have any other good tanks. I playing since 1 year and i got no realy good heroes beside Telluria,Malosi. Now i lost my tank which would keep me above 2400… and im tired of the bad boards of the game so i lose even if i have the upper hand from heros point of view.
Whit this summoning system this ridiculous. I spent on this game. I wanted telluria so i spared my games and coins to get her. And i got. But since then the game is just playing with me. I had 3000 atlantis coin from the hard and i got zero 5 star.
Now the developers screwed up with us who spent some money and have only telluria as a tank without GM and Vela…
So good job and i want back my ascendion items.


If they survive it. We won’t know either way except anecdotally through lower tier alliance members. I feel for anyone lower than say level 20 who has been sweating with either tell or Vela these past several weeks. Gonna be a major letdown to them especially. Emblems don’t matter if you aren’t using them in the game yet. Empathy is important to recognize their point of view.


I’ve only been playing for 3 months. My Telluria is not fully keveled, so I had not yet experienced his full power. I did however notice that he gets killed very easily and will no longer be my tank of choice. While I understand the need for balance, my hero team has taken a huge disappointing set back. The gift of emblems was a nice gesture, thank you, but I am still underwhelmed . I also have made the adjustment of not spending any money on this game except for the extra builder until I reach stronghold 20.


Balances are ok, but that Khagan and Horgall are not touched is a little bit sad (for me and both of them).

That is a cheek, Telluria has become so weak, the nerve is far too strong !!!
What about Agir for example ???
He’s still super strong and he doesn’t get nervous …
Total insolence!
Some just got lucky and Telluria and some just got Agir, they are strong yes but now Telluria is simply WASTE !!!
Toatal unequal the adjustments !!!

Das ist eine Frechheit, Telluria ist so schwach geworden, der nerv ist viel zu stark!!!
Was ist zum Beispiel mit Agir???
Der ist immer noch super stark und der bekommt auch keinen nerv…
Total die Frechheit!!!
Einige haben halt Glück und Telluria bekommen und einige haben halt Agir, die sind stark ja aber nun ist Telluria einfach MÜLL!!!
Toatal ungleich die Anpassungen!!!

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Well SGG thank you for making a subpar tank and taking the strategy out of the game. I would rather go in and win 60% of the time instead of winning 90% of the time against max emblems. Tell is no long a top tank which is fine all I’m going to say is that I learned my lesson on where my money should go. Let’s bring on the saturation of purple and yellow tanks again like everyone wants…


Your being rude to the developers. Its their game and if they feel it needs a balance (just like every single developer in existence does) they do it. Did they put a guarantee on all their heroes that once you buy then, they cannot be changed ?

And i honestly think these minimal changes wont do anything.

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and now, telluria is only history


For all of those in here saying that Telly is “over” or “overnerfed”, point me to a better Green tank. Point me to better tanks in the game right now except Guin. If you can do that and explain why then I might agree with you.


@Tomesz Well my Telluria and Vela defence hasn’t been smashed out of Diamond yet. I’m still sat at 2600 ish cups.

So you think it’s useless but is it really? It’s easier to take on now for sure but you get a poor starting board and it ends just the same.

So maybe give it a week and see before you declare a hero “useless” just off what you see.

Try raiding Telluria teams more…see how it goes.

I wager if you struggled against Telluria teams before you will still struggle now.


I’ve been raiding a lot of GTV defenses this morning. It’s like someone put E&P on easy mode.

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I should be pissed because I have heimdall but telly looks ok to me… so many negative opinions from 1 hour of her release… Everyone has become a tester

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It’s hard to judge on paper alone, but the final changes to Tell and Vela seem reasonable to me. I don’t have or use most of the other heroes affected, but the changes there seem mostly positive, though I would’ve liked to see Khagan’s buff survive.

The criticism that SG could’ve made a better decision and/or listen more to beta testers before the initial release is a valid one, I think. But it’s unreasonable to expect things like this will never, ever happen - we are all human and so are the people that make up SG. What matters more, in my opinion, is how things like this are handled, and I think they’ve done a good job on correcting it - the next days will make more clear the real world impact of the final changes. I was a little bit worried about an overreaction which I think wouldn’t have been good either, but that hasn’t happened at all (again, in my opinion). And full disclosure, I have neither Tell nor Vela (but still would love to have both, as they are now).

The gift of 200 emblems is seriously more than I expected, thanks for that SG.

What I am less impressed with to say the least, is the extreme, toxic, and largely unreasoned negativity that is coming from some players on the forum, this seems to be getting worse and worse over time. Or maybe I’ve just been reading the wrong threads lately. To call either of these heroes “garbage”, “useless” etc. etc. after the change is simply absurd. Like I said, I have neither and would still absolutely love to have both of them if I had the chance. Same with calling the emblem gift things like “a joke”, which is equivalent to the amount of emblems you might expect for a top 1% finish in a raid tournament, about TEN times over.

But going so far as to call it “fraud” (the possibility of balance changes is laid out in the terms and conditions, has happened in the past and no doubt will again in the future, it should not be a surprise to anyone that this happens on occasion), and then making casual reference that murder might not be entirely inappropriate in response, is absolutely, utterly, insanely beyond the pale. Over a relatively minor change to a hero, which by any objective observation was warranted. I don’t think we’ll reach a new low from here.

I think and hope that it’s only a small minority that’s stooped to this level of negativity, but unfortunately their voices seem to be disproportionately loud sometimes. I’ve enjoyed this game a for quite a while now, and I plan to enjoy it for a good while longer, but for my own sanity I think I need to step away from the forum some, or at least selectively leave some threads entirely alone.


Atomos is pretty OP now tbh.

hits like an Ursena, but harder if you have more mana, and is immortal!!!

Also, there is no red debuffers to direct counter Atomos.

Now, you owe me a beer.


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