May 2020 Finalised & Live Balance Changes Discussion

Seshat Vs. new hero
Fast. Fast
Ranger. Ranger
400% damage. 400% damage
18% minion that multiplies 20% minion that kills minions - except you had it spawn minions for allies as well (unclear if you meant all allies or just adjacent)
Innate prevent mana. Innate prevents mana
Dispels target plus ally. Mana 24% sled plus ally (again, unclear if you meant adjacent or all allies), but, increase mana gen isn’t the equivalent, it would be cleanse self plus adjacent.

Mana regen (self plus allies aka adjacent) is better then dispell (Target and allies Aka adjacent)

Minion replicating is better then minion killing minions. As minion killing is subjective to hitting hero’s w minions…

My point is they need a hero that counters Telly types.
The example I gave was comparable to seshat even if slightly better. Seshat isn’t considered overpowered either.
The minion spawn is self only.

The thing is, the mana regen is the part that is a lot more powerful than a simple cleanse or dispel, particularly when it comes to META. I would say that minion replicating and killing minions is on par if we’re talking about a Telluria tank.

A single minion who kills A single minions is no were near on par even against telluria… plus is highly reliant on facing minion heavy teams and hitting a hero with minions after you used your special at the end of a turn. It’s not even close to being as useful.

I’ll buy a single minion, but your original proposal was minions including allies, which you apparently edited after the fact, because the quote that I have was for self plus ally.

As for minions not being useful, I’d beg to differ. But now imagine this hero flanking Telluria, how well do you think that’ll go?

That’s not what I said. I didn’t say minions werent useful.
I said a minion who kills minions is no where near on par as a minion who replicates…
Even if the mana regen is better then dispell.

Yes a fast mana regen at 24% is great.
I also don’t think that flank helps telluria as much as vela or grave flanks. Vela provides more damage and better defense and grave is a strong flank…which is whom this red hero is most likely to replace.

Regardless the point was we need hero’s that counter telluria.

Fast mana regen is definitely much better than cleanse.

But you don’t think this hero at flank wouldn’t help more than Gravemaker? Gravemaker may possibly fire more often, but that’s debatable once this red hero fires with a 17th level mana troop, he/she will be very fast, AND speed up Telluria and whomever is on wing. Maybe you don’t think a sped up Telluria is nothing, but I’d disagree.

If you’re looking for a direct counter, than I doubt that’ll happen. Seshat is being used as an example of Guin counter, but the fact of the matter is that Telluria is significantly more powerful than Guin on the basis of specials. Your interpretation may differ, but I consider the main significant component of Guin’s special is her mana cut. Her purple protection and regen aren’t usually a big deal (in MY experience, YMMV).

Holy heck do you only ever read 1 line and respond to it? That’s not what I said… in fact I already said it’s better then cleanse… I said minions killing minions is worse then replicating minions.

first off you need a lvl 29 mana troop to fire afterwards u can be fine with lvl 17.

Telluria speeding up isn’t her problem… she’s going to fire before this hero does becuase she’s the tank. This hero will then speed her up by dropping a tile so 9 instead of 10 tiles hitting her. If telluria isn’t dead and you allow her to fire a second time it won’t matter because you are losing already. Most of tells ability is just reapplying a regen and mana debuff which is just overwriting itself. The minion becomes an issue though if u can’t kill her before she fires a 2 or 3 time.

Whereas grave does significantly more damage, is faster and is a fairly defensive hero.

Was there a second, 2of2, gift awarded? I received the 1of2 but never saw a 2of2 inbox. Thanks

I have yet to see anything. This is crazy new info to me. :vulcan_salute: Are there more changes I didn’t hear about?!

There is only 1 time gift, the post you quote are old post before nerf.

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Thank you for the information

I got excited for a minute…

Noh, what they need is to make Scarlett a costume hero and give her close allies +34% atk. Telly is an easy prey now. I have her myself - she’s a B+ on offense and useless on Titans (you don’t vri g a minion making hero against Titans).
The only times I struggle with Telly is when she’s flanked by Vela.
Vela should be like she was before, but average mana gen. As it stands she’s the one who makes your reds useless against Telly - and that’s when telly gets dangerous. The HoT and minions isn’t enough anymore, and - 24%mana regen over 2 turns is so little that I usually just get rid of some undesired tiles for those two turns.
My average trophy count was at 2450 before the “balance”, now its 2280. I’ve just ended up cup dropping instead since there’s not much to gain from being in the diamond arena anyways, and the Telly I now have is just painful to look at. I struggle more against Guin than Telly and that’s saying a lot considering who my reds and purples are

My go to against Telly is usually Proteus, Wilbur, Marjana, Sumi (just for tile damage), and C.Rigard/C.Boldtusk. Sometimes I drop Wilbur and use both of the latter.
Earlier, when I actually struggled a bit against Telly, I was forced to use 4 reds and hope I had the chance to fire off at least 8 tiles against her before her SS went off. If she was flanked by Vela it was basically just to choose reroll - cause it would be hopeless if both of them fired.
Individually they’re now Pretty good but there’s just so many better than them. They’re just great when they’re paired up. Releasing a new red hero - especially if that would be a HOTM - to deal with them as a duo, would be the worst idea ever.
So far SGG has got a shy of $1000 from me in the 11 months I’ve played. They won’t be getting anymore, and I’m contemplating on just stop playing. If it hadn’t been for my alliance I’d probably thrown in the towel after this balance. V30 is the last straw though.

Just so you know where to post this.

Don’t do this, it’s what SGG wants. You gave them money, now you’re not using their resources. I mean, maybe Telluria was meant to do this all along? Clear out the top and pave the way for the flood of new spenders from Amazon and whatnot, who will be unaware of how this company treats its customers.

I think what we need is to make a #NoSpend guide to hurting SGG rather than hurting ourselves.

  1. Never spend.
  2. Never click ads.
  3. Actively warn your alliances about SGG’s predations.
  4. Spread these ideas as far as you can.

Maybe we should all commit to posting reviews on as many platforms as possible, so that new players are warned and educated.

now there is Noor 25% + 25% spending a lot of money and then Nerfing…thieves …

Change in Telluria-Vela usage in top 100. Telluria down from 91.56% to 82.27% while Vela down from 80.47% to 70.45%.

Taken from

Their Balancing Changes likely contributed to the approximate 10% decrease in use of the Leaderboard following the official announcement of May 19th, 2020.

Exact Figures were:

91.56% - 82.27% = 9.29% and
80.47% - 70.45% = 10.02% respectively.

I suspect many believed it would be more than it was. I was expecting there to be a much larger decrease in use then it turned out to be.

Data reported does NOT include data collected prior to the official balancing release announcement Issued: May 19, 2020 @4am.

It could take some time before it reaches its peak of decline or perhaps it already has. One thing for certain, the fear that they would become useless was truly an overreaction to a very worst-case scenario that had very little chance of occurring.

Hu Tao is much funnier and explosive to use now.
Sir Lancelot upgrade is still a little bit lacking. I love using him but he still too frail and as a single target sniper, he is still on the weak side. So, most of the times I end replacing him with Scarlett. She is as fragile as Sir Lancelot but, as she hits more targets, she becomes more effective.
As for Telluria, too much has been said and written. She is still my usual tank but sometimes I do replace her in raids during offense.

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