May 2020 Finalised & Live Balance Changes Discussion

I admit, the emphasis is not as direct, however you are not happy with the finalized & live balance changes. As such, you are asking for more testing. That is how these are related.


I made a post specifically asking for additional testing in another topic in hopes that maybe the laziest team on the planet that @Petri is a part of might actually see it. Since it’s obvious they try to avoid participating in the discussion at all.

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Telluria is still ■■■■■ and devs don’t have balls to make her normal as others,they just make stupid things and decision and don’t care for players

@Petri and @EmpiresPuzzles
Why are the changes rushed and released without proper testing?
When are you going to fix Telluria?
The two turn heal over time did destroy her usability on offense.
When are you going to fix Vela?
The reduced attack debuff against red, did cut off a huge part of her usability against red titans.


Vela got revised on Anchor’s site and she is still classed as A+. Honestly only thing annoying about her now is that she is not so good against titans, but in raids she still does a job, at least on attack. Can’t wait to have Heimdall maxed and pair them together, heh.


Hello, please lower the power of Telluria and cancel the healing in battles.

just don’t spend + money on this game …not even vip pass 0 €…
#noshopp !!

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Players having trouble beating nerfed hero? Vela still important sidekick. Without Vela, Telluria is not dangerous. Telluria special works quite different from Guin, so if you attack her like Guin you could easily get in trouble.


Please put the heal back to
411, minions back to 18%,

And remove the -mana regen.

But replace it with a new skill that stops all mana gain, and silencing the opponent for 1 turn. That way she has value on offense and defense this -24% is a joke.

-24% +low heal, and weak minions…makes her questionable. Velas strength keeps her relevant, but without vela she’s super meh.

You make her a tank that stops the opponent from doing anything for 1 turn while protecting her team.


Teluria needs to be nailed further!

Телурию нужно нерфить дальше!

I was hopping to see less Telluria after balanced.
Still Telluria is everywhere.
SG did a good job with balanced, but still Telluria is there. I don`t think that can be revensible, and we will face one entired year, fighting only with Telluria :frowning:


Telluria is still everywhere because players had to commit hundreds of dollars to build their gtv teams. Nerfing telluria this way was never the solution. I said this over and over. Now we’re left with telluria owners who are upset and still a heavy saturation.

If they want variety Then they need to make telluria do something different, not simply make her worse. trade tokens need to be issued to telluria and vela owners, then you would actually get variety and keep telluria owners happy.

Their approach was wrong in every way.


I really think Telluria ruined the game even after she was nerfed. I’m not going to spend anymore money because every war is the same. she is always there and It’s really frustrating. I also must say thank you, That’s the point that made me think there’s nothing more to invest in this game.

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She was OP.
I wouldn’t say OP now but… I still find both cleanse And dispel useful! Average speed. Santa stats…
She is still very strong… She is still… the best!
By a good measure, which we will all see soon!
Hmmm. This actually still sounds OP.
I blame the stats

“Worse?” Can be misleading. Worse is the turn people take onto Useless Road or Worthless Street. Definitely a lost and incoherent part of town.

Either continue balancing, Or complete make-over
as the so-called refunders are changing their tune to. Question: If the “make-over” is still OP, then is that missing the point for balance and saturation?

I, personally, find the numbers (1/2)
And the word “monitor”
And also the other words “adjust accordingly”
Also also … “on-going process”
Very interesting!..


Speaking of saying things over and over, what’d you pull with your 20,000 gem compensation?

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So you feel like you made a powerful point that SGG didn’t listen to me resulting in leaving the saturation problem the same while also stealing from players?

Or just saying again that making good points doesnt matter?

Congrats I guess?

No mostly amused that you acknowledge that you keep saying the same things (and “proven“ things, “time and time again”), but still do it anyway, as if emphatically repeating them will somehow make them more right or that SG will be more likely to agree.

In any case the Telluria-reset theory is absurd. Of course there are people who have a lot of resources, xp, and emblems locked up in Telluria, and that stops a lot of people from switching easily. But if Telluria were still not (very obviously) top tier, those of us stuck with her would have an increasingly harder time maintaining their cups/tournament ranks. The better tanks, however comparatively low volume that they are, would bubble up to the top and the average position of Telluria teams would drop below the better teams.

But, ahem, time and time again we see Telluria rise to the top tier when she is available to use. The fact that she is still top tier after the nerf means she was certainly OP before. And you do in fact see more variety in Diamond and wars, which was part the point of course. But when you do see her, she is not as oppressive to go against, and feels more like going against any other top tier tank. That was also the point. In fact, this is exactly the expected outcome of the rebalance and is in-line with previous rebalances they have done (e.g. Guinevere)

As someone with a Telluria tank, mostly the only difference I see is that I get attacked more and I hover about ~50 cups lower than I did before (2550 with 7 talents).

I genuinely empathize with people who expected to use Telluria as a sole healer whatever offense-niche they wanted for her. She’s still playable but not nearly as strong in that regard. And I see no reason why SG couldn’t do a hero reset to refund ascension mats. But, clearly that is not happening and I’m not going to keep repeating it until the heat death of the universe expecting SG to change their minds about it.

In any event, this bizarre narrative that Telluria is too weak of a tank and at the same time nothing changed, therefore its “wrong in every way” is disingenuous at best given the observable state of the game and historical expectations. But I’m looking forward to seeing it pasted, err proven, time and time again while the rest of the game moves on.

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Or give us new/different heroes to beat her. Either way works. I think Telluria has been fiddled with enough…move on to the next hero.

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But her current version is so far away from
Her original She still feels like a bait and switch with poor company response, but because Her defense stat is so high and vela is so strong, she will continue to see play as a beat stick.

But that’s not enjoyable, it’s at best disappointing.

Players deserve a better solution

So far away? She has the same effects as before but less over powered.

That would put her far from her original version. Thought you didn’t want that!? You contradict yourself.

Exactly. She is still the best tank in the game. You say it yourself, more or less. That is exactly why people pulled for her. So how is it bait and switch? This question is rather rhetorical. I have no intention to get involved further in any Telluria discussion whatsoever.

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