May 2020 Finalised & Live Balance Changes Discussion

If I get the ascensions materials, iron and ham back…
Sure, no problem.
But as those are gone, I won’t be able to that.

You give me this material back, then I gonna feed that useless hero away without a regret.

Show me, where it was properly tested.
The test time where a joke and they did release the second worst version of her.

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You don’t get it.
I never said that she is a bad tank now.
But she is a useless hero on offense and they should have done more testing instead of doing a quick nerf, which resulted in a still not balanced hero.
Which now is just a tank and not useful beside that.

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After a few days playing with telluria and vela in my lineup I must say that the nerfs were ok. Telluria still remains one of the strongest Tanks in the game and Vela remains one of the strongest Flanks. So I think it is ok at the end. The positive changes foe other heroes may help to increase diversity in the game, especially Atomos.

I apologize: when you say:

I got confused that this means she is a great tank.
Currently, the best…

You wanted an offensive green. You should try and understand that Telluria was not meant to be an offensive weapon.

Look below at the green line. Notice before Telly’s release how it was at the bottom?

Can you see how there was no green tank meta at all?

Telluria was meant to be a tank!

Need further proof?
Look at her stats…

Why should a hero be the overwhelmingly BEST at defense, But also be amazing on offense?

Heroes can be “versatile”. But if they are…
Then they should be good at offense and defense. Not the best at either!
That’s terrible balance and should be fixed. Just like Guin. Amazing at defense. Once the best! Not so good on offense.

Do you get it?

Beta sampling is challenged by not having the capacity to represent the feeding frenzy of millions of players

So, mistakes will happen, and this one was missed. But corrected to protect your entire bench.

And more good news for you! You still have the best tank in the game!
And if you don’t have green offensive heroes, than you must be new.

Don’t worry. There are MANY green offensive weapons. The game doesn’t need more of those…
Keep playing…they will come eventually.
Eventually you will have so many green offensive heroes that there won’t be room for Telly anyway.

The game needed a great green tank! And now there is one…


Nice good to hear hit me up on line or whatsapp i’ll call for SOS :wink:
same name as above.

Chagan needed a little boost…it would be better to lower skills and make him average…

Yes, I did ascend her for the use on offense not defense.
I didn’t need another tank and no, I’m not new with something around level 70.
And I got more as 30 ascended 5 stars, but that doesn’t matter.
As said, I don’t need her as my tank as my alliance keep using purple tanks.
Also as said several times I wouldn’t have given her the emblems on my main account and I wouldn’t have ascended her on my second account.

But don’t worry, I keep my grave telly Vela raid defense up, just to annoy those who still think that this combo is op.

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You have so many 5* heroes but needed another offensive green. What an interesting dilemma.

Great! This will pay dividends for you :+1:

Good luck

Yes, I didn’t need another defense hero.
I did emblem her for the gameplay during season 3 and for her usability on offense.
And sorry if you can’t understand it, but it’s pretty annoying that the nerf was done in this way and that they don’t give us the option to reset the hero and get back the ham/iron.
Even better would be, to get the option too, to get back those ascension materials.
As for me the hero is useless now, even as she is at 19 emblems.
I’m glad I didn’t reset Frida’s emblems too, just to get Telluria up to 20 emblems.


Too many bla-bla-bla, very few facts.

Facts. Top 100 - 75% Tellas, then I made an experiment. Achieved 2700 cups in raids, which is the level of 3500 best players, and started changing opponents 100 times in a row, and got the result of 68 Tellas proposed, which makes 68%.

As a result Tella is still very OP as a tank. I remember times when Guin was the best, but in its better times in 100 they never reached 50%, it was about 40% average and many players considered her very unbalanced, lately after entering new heroes like Ursa, Kuni, some others, there formed quite a good balance in top 100, many Kunis and Ursenas but not more then 25% for each of them, and many other heroes with lower representative.

Tella still have to be nerfed. Second big mistake for SG in a row, first - entering such unbalanced hero, then mistake with low nerfing, too many unhappy players on both sides.

P.S. I do have Tella :wink:

I agree with you. I wonder how people now prove that Tella after the nerf became almost better than before. They do not know my team, do not know my goals, do not see how Telluria is now beaten by weak teams.
They don’t see what rubbish it is in the attack with my squad now.
They appeal to the top 100, but Telluria is in such a powerful synergy with very strong heroes that being in the top 100 is not entirely her merit. With jabberwock and finley it’s easy to get up even with Telluria even without her.
Why does anyone care about the top 100, except for those who are in it.
They don’t like that there’s a lot of Tell everywhere, but at the same time they resist, ridicule and criticize the demands to return the Ascension Mats. Although the return of these materials would lead to their goal, less Tellurium is around.

It seems like the players are so used to the constant restrictions that the game imposes on them that they will no longer be able to want to be good for themselves and for others.
In general, I am surprised at the lack of solidarity of some players with others. Unhealthy rivalry. Reset token! If there was such a button that returns the Ascension Mats, each player would only be better. But instead of support, one criticism.

Ask yourself everyone - would you refuse a reset token in order to resurrect a better hero instead of a worse one? Perhaps it is worth supporting this idea, instead of telling about how beautiful the flawed Tella and Vela are?


Problem is that SG is still in very bad position, they made a very unpopular decision to nerf Tella, which definitely made unhappy many Tella owners, who spent their time and money to catch her, but they made even worse mistake, because nothing changed and Tella is still OP tank, because the other part of players didn’t become happier after the nerf. Unfortunately, there’s no good decision in such a situation. I think, the crisis will be much stronger than in autumn 2018, when they started that rubbish war paring systems and many players left the project.

In all your text your forgot a important fact.
If guin had been a hero of the month, she would had been all over the place too.
If I e.g. had pulled guin, she would had been my tank, but I just did get king Arthur, that’s ok, I used him on titans.
Also, Ursena and Kuchen where much easier to get as guin is and that’s why you saw them also very often.
And that the original Telluria was op, yes that is true, but the current one also isn’t the solution as they mostly reduced her usability on offense…


No, I didn,t. I,m talking about top 100 among 1 million players. Most of Guins were concentrated in top. You argument would work for much bigger number of players, it,s just maths.

Still Kuni and Ursena never had such dominating pisitions, not more than 25%, and now we have 75%. 75!!! After the nerf! That’s nonsense!

It’s not difficult to understand. You and a few others wanted yet another…
Offensive green weapon.

Sorry that you don’t understand how the game doesn’t need another one of those. Especially with the many 5* heroes that you already have, which… I admit… is very confusing for someone with bench to be so single minded.

The game needed a green tank. And that’s what it’s getting. Sorry for your imba loss. But that is an unhealthy direction for the game to become super creep mode. Only a few can’t see this and are kicking and screaming. The rest are playing on and finding fun again.

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