May 2020 Finalised & Live Balance Changes Discussion

So, can anybody here say me now, is it now worth to spend mats on telly, if this is my only 5* green hero( I am playing not so long) or not? Have 4 tonics now

In my opinion she’s still immense mate, an average mana tank who still has a lot going on, I have no regrets and I’ll still be feeding her emblems :+1:t3:



You got a link to the source of this on TM? I’d like to watch it re-normalize.

Here you go:

Hey can I asked what happened with captain of diamond? He was supposed to get an adjustment (no real buff) but look like his card is still the same. Did they change their mind? I didn’t see any notifications about it.

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He was dropped from the final updates, much like Khagan, Horghall, and Gormek.


Yeah, I’ve never seen those charts on their page.

I made that chart using their tank deltas.

I’ve been considering doing flanks and wings too…

Not sure if I should break it up into left and right or just combine them

I think I would have to breaks it up, which would be 4 more charts. Right now I’m tight on time… so…

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Okay, that means my Capt Diamond will sit 1.1 until maybe next update balance.
Now working on 3rd Kiril, costume Kiril and costume Boril for fun.

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I think it’s pretty similar actually. When I tested this team in April, I did so for 3 days, for a total of 395 attacks. I am at about 1.5 days and I have 145 attacks as of when I logged off a few minutes ago.

And thank you. :slight_smile:


Is this some kind of joke? Telluria is still way over powered! One hero completely ruined the game! What’s the sense of having a beta program if you release heroes every month that are either over powered or worthless?!! Is this company getting any data from testers or is it just a bunch of people playing w new toys? I really hope they fix this problem. I’d delete and run right now if I wasn’t so deep into it!!!

For sure Telly is better than Aeron.

I think that for those who benefited from these updates, everything is fine and those who were harmed should have some benefit, they also don’t know how much we spent to raise the heroes to the reign of decay, telluria serves more, it doesn’t lose to an easy three stars…

Acho que para quem teve benefício com essas atualizações tudo bem e quem foi prejudicado deveria ter algum benefício também não sabem o quanto passamos pra ascender os heróis pra do reinado a decadência a telluria serve mais não perde pra um três estrelas fácil …

Khagan getting nothing was truly tragic. One of the oldest heroes in the mix, one of the oldest 5 stars to be completely absent from the top 100 for longer than most can remember…hes not a bad hero…but hes so close to it that nobody who has him uses him. any 5 star that doesnt get used in wars or battles AT ALL was in need of tweaking. Margaret was the perfect example. I havent tried her again YET, and I dont know I want to just because I was such a Marg hater for so long because of how absolutely useless she was…

Its entirely possible shes the new MUST HAVE hero? No idea…but its possible?

But poor Khagan…he deserves some modernizing. Bump his defense up 80 points, make him average speed, increase his attach 30 points…any one of those wouldnt tlt the earths axis, but might at least make him useful on a 5th or 6th war team…which he hasnt been in ages.

Hopefully it will be dealt with one day

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Dont worry. Telly is still a beast. Still one of the strongest defense tanks in the game. The adjustments dont make her easy to beat.they just make it slightly less difficult. If you have fast and very fast snipers and a defense down or a mana block…now you have a chance at 50% plus success…which before perfect heroes were hoping at 20-40 success attacking telly vela grave teams…if the tiles didnt drop perfect you were doomed before your 1st move. Now theres HOPE. WHch is still more than fair for Telly owners (I have one leveled and 2 more at level 1). I dont mind it at all. The game had gotten really flat since the Telly Velly era began.

Im still upset that Khagan was ignored, and Captain of Diamonds. An argument could be made for 8 or 10 others (There are always votes, but certain ones become obvious over months).

The bggest thing with the Telly cut was that its now possible to 2 shot her. the excess healing and mana reduction made that impossible before you needed 3 specials to have a chance. Now its at least possible…by NO MEANS is it EASY…but at least possible. No complaints from me and I do own a Telly.

I still believe Kunchen or Guin are “Better” tanks, but I believed that before the nerf. The nerf set up a certain puzzle that was excessively difficult to beat to be slightly less difficult. But Telly is still a brute as a defensive tank.


It is still being tested. DOnt forget the Athena Problem. Athena was released and primarily against titans she was seriously OP, then she got nerfed and people screamed she was underpowered(she was)…then denerfed, and it was 3 tries before they settled on her current stats. Which are pretty decent. she isnt on 9 out of 10 teams anymore, and isnt drawing posts of OP or UP. WHich probably means shes right in the midle which means shes fine.

Give it a few weeks. Telly may be left here, or nerfed AGAIN, or slightly denerfed…

But by no means was the previous version good. Just like athena…she was altering the entire games meta…thats always a bad thing. Its a team sport…if 1 hero becomes the central requirement to compete…something was wrong


I strongly agree Vela was lumped in. When paired with the OP Telluria she became difficult to deal with, You new when the board dropped if it was over if you saw Vela and Grave flanking Telly. Either you could make a diamond in 3 turns or you were probably dead.
Vela and grave werent the problems. Telly having a wide skillset that slowed multiple attack styles was the problem. Having Telly heal, AND make minions, AND slow mana AND AND AND…that was what made Vela look overpowered.

On Non Telly teams…she wasnt that hard to deal with at all. I only make her slightly less annoying but manageable than Neith.

But I guess some dont agree,

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As I said in my post I don’t really mind the nerf it’s the ascension mats wasted that’s annoyed me as how long will it take to get 4 tonics and giving me some emblems is a joke.


My opinion, based on last days using her:
It depend on your other heroes.
As Tank, he still an option, depend of your defense team strategy. Do you have other Tank options already? If not, she is an option.

For offense, he is more limited now, low damage and a little limited as Healler suport. If you have others good offensive Heroes, you can use her, If not, she will add very little to your offense team.

She is not more a game changer. At Defense, with Vela, she works better, without her a stack red can be used more easily. But can be used, like other heroes that has Tank status and keep you on diamond, It depend on your flanks and wings.

If you are a F2P or C2P and no other Tank options, she still worth the tonics. If you need an offensive hero It is better to upp her at 3/70 and try her skills to know If they will help you.


She is not OP any longer, I get beat all day in raids with Telluria and Vela. As for Athena I have had her for months at 3/70 she is not on my agenda for completing at this time. She does not thrill me and I never saw her before the nerf. I am not upset with Telluria after the nerf, but anymore and I will be. I win some against Telluria and I lose some but no different from any other raid. You learn which heroes to use on any powerhouse and to take them out first!

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