May 2018 - Pirates Legendary Final Stage with 70s


Thank you for sharing. For a rather new player that is very interesting.

Sadly I didn‘t record my run but I finished legendary event with 3/60 3/60 3/60 4/30 4/70.
(My highest items was bombs)

Just for others to know, if you do it right you can do it with way underleveled Heroes! If you need any tips just ask;)
Cheers and good luck

Well, thank you for the offer.
I actually have questions.
I am rather new in the game (well, not that new).

In the beginner tier I got as far as 7 (did not finish 8).
I don’t want to use items, because, well, I do not expect to be anywhere near a bonus getting level and the normal yeah-you-finished-loot is not enough to spend items to get it.
So, one questions is: is it possible to finish beginner tier without using (expensive) items?

For the other 2 tiers I am too weak, I guess.
Still rather low-leveled troops. Only 2 4* heros. And again, I am really not tempted in using items for that loot.

Totally not ready for the last tier. I have no 5* at all.
Only 1 4* troop. And not sure, that it pays back to use items (well, maybe except for the last level).

Hello dante,
nice success bravo.
but we do not have all these beautiful heroes that you have, I admit that I’m having a bit of trouble with the small team I, I can never finish the legendary part, it’s frustrating.
I never have a good draw in the invocations…
I collect the 3 stars, I only have two 5 star characters…to believe that I’m out of luck and that the game is against me :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

I just finished the legendary tier with a team strength of below 3100 (Belith 3/50, skittleskull 4/70, 2x Colen 4/70, Grimm 3/60). Items do make all the difference, especially for the final stage. Nuke them with 5x axes, 5x bombs, 5x dragon attacks and you will be fine.

Mind you: This is far from a perfect setup. Double Colens’ specials are usesless regarding the burn effect, axes and bombs potentially negate Skittleskull’s special’s effect. Also no yellow hero despite the high amount of purple enemies. This was what I had to work with for lack of any better heroes - and it worked out perfectly. Legendary is way easier than it appears imho.

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@Maaeetz or anyone with advice

I have just the last level to complete of legendary and got this far by the skin of my teeth and running out of battle items to use !!
So I reckon I might only get 1 maybe 2 tries that are worthwhile.

I’m playing with kiril 3/60 , wu kong 3/60, kashrek 4/68 (and plan to max him before trying) colen 3/60, chao 3/60

I’ve had Scarlett in the mix but she’s only 3/12 and dies too easily so I switched her with wu

I have 9 bombs , 1 miracle scroll, 1 timestop, 7 revive scrolls , 1 tornado, 7 axes

I figure I need to take antidotes and healing potions
Bombs for my third slot
And unsure what’s best for the 4th - axes or maybe the miracle scroll or timestop to give me that breather. But as I only have 1 of each is it a waste of a space ?

I took axes in the fourth slot because they represent 1000 damage aswell. Bombs represent 1500. also I rebuyed once for 75 gems.
Try to get a red diamond and a blue diamond and all heroes loaded up before you enter the boss stage. Thats how I did it. Good luck!

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