🔵 [May 20, 2020] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss

I had Boldtusk, Grimm and the others loaded, when the bosses showed up. Miki plus a blue and a red diamond. This went very fast. Emblems for Little John+20 and Fenrir who will be maxed soon, waiting for 240+ emblems. Trainer for Marjana on her way to 4/sixty something.


This was the team today. I dropped Gormek +18 for Azlar as he is maxed now and I want to play with the new toy a bit :wink:

Went well, I do a lot better when I have a healer in one of the classes. No real difficulties this time. The caveat being the wizard/sorcerer trial where I more need someone doesn’t heal and counter attack. Makes for boring fights. I can’t kill anything, but Insure can get hit hard, a lot!


Team last time:


As I’ve finished Mr. Burrito and Tyr in the meantime, I swabbed them in for Kingston and Azlar…not sure if that’s a great idea or not but the result was the same…

Stupid me forgot to take antidotes…so I needed one healing portion for Kage.

Emblems will go to Kage and Tyr once I restock on ham…Trainer went to White Rabbit as no red projects on the horizon…


I did go full attack, Im also using Joon-C forgot I had him

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, but Miki is ascended to tier 4, tired not getting another good blue, but is ok as asset for Tavern Legend.
Other options:
Screenshot at May 20 20-35-48

The Battle

Great start… all mana charged and decent board with 1 diamond blue.

Double Grimm and Miki make it easier.
No item used. :+1:


Keep emblem in stock, currently still confuse which should I put emblem, so many competitor in fighter emblem, barbarian maybe I plan to keep for Atomos, will see later on in coummunity after his buff (as I have Ursena and Poseidon as family, but do not have Ariel).
Trainer goes to… Sumitomo! finally after his buff I ascend him to 4rd tier.


I forgot too, I decided to stop Gormek and Grimm at +18 for the time being and give Gretel some love. Turns out she is a great 4* and I need her to be more talented to keep up on S3 and against my current raid opponents. She is now +3.

Barbarians have so many good heroes, especially in the 4* setting!


Congrats :tada: on the first time win in this trial! Should only get easier :+1: @jaqtkd


My team this time: 3.60 Colen replaced Valen haha

Brought timestops just in case but had a pretty decent board going into the bosses

Decided I’d save my time stops and sacrifice Colen instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Really not bad, used a couple of healing pots, a bomb and a turtle

Fighter going to tusk, barbarian to Grimm

Red trainer will be saved for Elena who I just pulled from TC20 last night!! :smiley: (First 5* red!!!)


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +8
  • Azlar 4^80
  • Boldtusk +c20
  • Gormek +20
  • Little John +20

Only changes from last time are one more talent each for Poseidon and LJ. I love this team.

Mob waves fall quickly if you fire BT, Gormek, and LJ together, so no issues there. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and both red and yellow diamonds on the board (although not too many red tiles). Fired all specials, targeting Elena (can’t afford riposte against my heavy hitters). Popped the yellow diamond, which popped the red diamond, and Elena was history, although she did revive a couple of times. Wasn’t quite able to take out Boss Azlar before he fired, and Boss Nashgar followed up with a regular hit to kill LJ, but by then, it was all over but the shoutin’ anyway. Boss Nashgar got the business end of the Pitchfork of Doom, and Boss Azlar burned to death a couple of turns later.

Poseidon just got a talent thanks to the Telly compensation emblems, so no movement on fighter emblems. Very torn on what to do with barbarian emblems. I could start working on attacking Grimm, so I’d have the entire ramming pulverizer trio at +20. Alternatively, I could start working on Azlar, who is on my defense team and is one of my favorite heroes to use when the situation calls for it. So I’m basically just holding them for now. Trainer hero to Marjana.


I originally had:

BT, / Miki / Colen / Grimm / Little John

I switched out little John for Gretel.
I completely lost focus and Colen died haha. Despite none of them getting a special off, they just slapped Colen a lot, clearly. As soon as it happened I started to pay more attention :laughing:

Otherwise very easy


My team:

No items used thanks to Miki.

New emblems will go to Azlar and Magni.


Сannot finish trials for now. I have only BT leveled as >3* from this classes.
First 2 stages finished, Magni will be happy.


So many options for this trial. I decided to bring in GM for Joon so that I could go full rainbow.

On the bench: Elena, Lancelot, Gretel, Sumitomo, Magni, Poseidon, Panther, Killhare, Sunny Joon, Tyr 3.70, Gormek, BT 1 and 2, Hu Tao, Miki, Grimm 2, Colen, Stonecleave

Got to the bosses, no sweat. Let there be debuffs! Azlar and Nashgar both went off, but Nash went after Kingston. GM’s burn finished the lion.

And Elena.

Then the minions finished Nashgar.

Trainer to GM, emblems to GM (eventually) and…maybe Killhare, still deciding.


This team seriously mowed through the Fire trio of the Boss Stage in less than 30 seconds with fewer than 4 Ice tiles on the board to start, but with all heroes’ specials charged going in.

No items used. Holding Barbarian emblems (Hopefully for Roc of the Sand Empire). Misandra will have Fighter emblems.


This was the easiest trial for me so far:

First I fired all my specials and decided to drop a bomb attack to be cautious. Then I formed the green diamond to clear the tiles. That set me up to form a purple diamond which combo’d into a red diamond that triggered itself and formed another red diamond. Then fired my specials again and popped the blue diamond to finish off the bosses. Combos galore! Nordri MVP :rofl:

Usually I have to use quite a few bomb attacks and dragon attacks. This time only had to use a couple of antidotes (green diamond set off Azlar and Nashgar) and the initial bomb attack. Probably could’ve gotten away with not using the bomb attack. I noticed the boss stage also only took me a bit over 1 minute while it usually takes me like 5 min lol.

Trainer will go to GM and barb emblems will add to the 400+ I have saved for when GM is maxed (keep running out of food when leveling!). Thinking of giving fighter emblems for Magni now that I got his costume.

edit: just noticed I almost completed the Thanos challenge on the final board


Congrats on Elena! I am still waiting on my TC20 for her. Enjoy!

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3* Nordri at Tank? And no emblemed heroes? Very nice! Ballsy for sure!

What is the Thanos challenge?

Thanks! Nordi is the most fragile so putting him in the middle isn’t ideal, but I like setting up my offense in the order that I can click their specials from left to right. I don’t do that for raids obviously but for PvE I do it like this lol.

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Stupid challenge on the E&P subreddit that people did. It’s basically getting a diamond of every color on the board. And if you’re really lucky/pro, then have all the 5 rainbow diamonds line up

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