[May 19, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Piety Guide & Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I had pretty much the same team as last time, except that Li Xiu was 3/60 then, others a couple of levels lower:

Hawkmoon 3/50; Wilbur +7; Wu Kong 4/70; Li Xiu 4/50; Leonidas 3/70

Spotty healing was the big problem here. I took big heal potions, big manas, antidotes (for blindness) and dragon attacks. I used everything except a couple of mana potions. Hawkmoon died in the third wave, otherwise it might have gone a little easier on the items. At the end, I charged and fired Leonidas 3 times in a row to keep Joon from firing and kill Tuck with the spirit link. It was relatively close, with two heroes down, two “in the red”.

Li Xiu is using the trainer. Emblems to Wilbur, hopefully sooner or later I have a cleric worth embleming… (Agwe probably doesn’t count…)


Just cleared the final stage. I was a bit worried when Joon plus a slash killed Hansel to remove my mana control. Then I started a cascade with Wu and it just kept going, all three of the final bosses just melted by the time we got to the tenth combo, that was nice!


Last time
Leo wae 4/60
Elk was 3/70
Rigard was 3/60
Swaped out Valeria for Li
Still had to bomb crap out of mr Tuck :flushed:

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I went with the same team as last time, except everyone is leveled. Hansel at 4.11 was saying, “Put me in, coach,” but I asked him to wait until next time. He spent the trial sulking accordingly.

I backed off on the “kill them with craft” items, since last time it went reasonably well without nuking them from space.

I over-committed on the four mob set and didn’t have Wilbur ready for the bosses. Since his link wasn’t up, I used a bomb to debuff Joon before he went off. Withstand. So, I used a second bomb to debuff Joon, and thankfully that one took.

I worked mostly on Joon first, since he can actually hurt folks in this trial. He kept going after Wilbur, which was annoying, but I killed him regardless.

Boril came next, with his counter-attack mitigated by Wilbur and healed by Tarlak, it was just a matter of time. I then had a beer with Tuck to celebrate.

The trainer will go to Poseidon, the emblems to Ma North and Tarlak (though I may sneak some to Wilbur). Next time: Hansel!


This one was annoying, since I had to whittle them down by tiles due to a very healthy team without any damage dealer.

Took a while, but I didn’t need any item. Inary had a 3* meal.

Watch the ridiculous boss fight.


Rigard and Ariel. Firepower is severely lacking as I have to rely on 3*.

Please tell the fishmonger to come to my empire at next atlantis. :slightly_smiling_face:

Only replace Hawkmoon with Ariel.

Old team:

New team:

I save 2 Dragon Attacks compared to last time which mean it is easier.

6 healing potions, 5 arrow attacks, 5 bomb attacks, and 3 dragon attacks.

Still waiting for Rigard and 4* monk…

Hu Tao.


Went with drake, 2x hansel, Wilbur and ariel.

Boril on last stage sucks when you’re getting crap tiles. Had to use bombs and axes to finish them off since I couldn’t dispel counter attack.

Course there are no 4/5* dispellers in monk or cleric class. :roll_eyes:


Will update with more details when I get on my computer box:

Well that didn’t last long, did it. Team last time:

Aaaaand this time. I’m getting to the point of ascending Elkanen because he’s the best of my “bad” 5* green options, and he’s a cleric. Good to see Wilbur and Rigard go up in talent nodes, Wu Kong max out at 4/70 instead of 4/1, and the troops go up.

I’d say this was a LOT easier than I recall. I think Wu Kong going to 4/70 helped a lot, as well as Rigard going up a massive amount compared to the last time. Generally, I was a little more prepared this time.

All I’m going to say on this one was “Oh, Friar Tuck is about go go off. I’d better nuke the board to finish it off.” And then I immediately connect the three green down the center and Friar Tuck goes off. :expressionless: Following through with my commitments, I did. Ah well, the last bomb and a dragon took care of it. Also, MAN was Boril the punching bag this last stage. I swear every bird and rock golem had his number. All 9 of those minor healing went straight into the little blue guy.

Vivica feels full now.

Not really, which is partially also why I’m thinking of final ascending Elkanen. It’s super tempting now just because my Cleric options are limited, but it was enough to get the job done. Wu Kong + Wilbur cascade squad is scary, man.

See above.

Mostly minor healing and some of the carpet bombs partially out of laziness and as an insurance policy.

Wilbur got from node 9 to 10 after stage 1 of the trials, but neither Rigard nor Wilbur got enough to go to the next node after that.

As always, thanks again Zephyr for posting these threads and linking the old ones. Much appreciated! :+1::raised_hands::clap::clap::clap:


Wilbur - Drake - Rigard - Rana - Hansel

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This was my team, same as last time. I didn’t use any items. Think my selection of items is from the first run when I didn’t know what to expect.

The pictures are from after using all specials on the last stage and then setting off a yellow diamond as the first move. Second move was blowing that blue diamond to see what would happen and it finished them.

They are max level, Vivica has 5 emblem levels and Tarlak 4. They will go to them once I have a few more.

Hu Tao got the trainer hero. Running out of good options so working on my goal to level one each of every 3* and 4*.

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Team : Drake,/Rigard 4.55 , boril/elk 3.60 , Wu 4.70

Normally I would say this would be my best challenge due to more leveled heroes , but this time I almost got slaughtered being cheeky on battle items…

First went drake, then boril, then Wu…
At 3400TP, I didn’t use any battle items except healing pots on boss stage but once the opponent’s skills got launched I found myself in a bit of pain …ended up using battle items as fair just wouldn’t go down…:alarm_clock:

In meory of Wu, drake and boril …:wind_chime:


Forgot to take a picture this go round.

Clerics: Rigard (4/70), Hansel (3/60), Boril (3/60)
Monks: Wilbur (4/57), Li Xiu (3/60)

This team hits like a wet noodle on a rainy day, but I still passed all three stages with a little help from: 5 dragon attacks, 3 bombs, 1 arrow

Took out Boril then Joon then the rotund friar.


took me 3 tries, but finally I made it (yeah 60 WE spent, and a lot of potions) Brought axes, bombs, and mana to keep Wilbur working. TY wilbur, without you, this quest didn’t stand a chance


I had to use Mnesseus to the dispelling purpose. Not very hard keeping him alive with Wilbur

This is without question my worst trial, being the only one where I haven’t been able to field a single four-star or defeat even the second stage. I thought I’d share because it was at least more interesting this time.

My team last time:

  • Bane + something (can’t remember)
  • Hawkmoon + 19
  • Bane 3^17
  • Friar Tuck 3^50
  • Kailani 1^17

And this was literally my only qualifying team, save for a Mnesseus 1^1. After finishing Skittleskull, I went back and maxed Mnesseus specifically because I needed a hitting cleric for this trial and the trials of fortitude (plus some raid tournaments). That allowed me to feed away Kailani, who I never really intended to level anyway (and Poseidon is a hungry dude). Also, I recently drew Boril and have been leveling him to be the new tank in my defense team. So I was at least able to put a four-star in the field this time, which was nice. My team this time, then, was:

  • Bane + 15
  • Hawkmoon + 20
  • Boril 2^16
  • Friar Tuck 3^50
  • Mnesseus 3^50

This worked pretty well for the first stage. It was Boril’s first action of any kind, and my first time ever using a riposte hero. (Also recently drew Cyprian, but he’ll be at 1^1 for a while now that I have Rigard - not yet strong enough to participate in this trial - and Domitia.)

Bouncing part of Joon’s attack back at him was about as fun as I imagined it would be. Wrapped up the first stage and thought I might as well give the second one a try. As usual, it turned into an endless battle against Vivica’s heal. I just didn’t have the firepower to bring her down, and losing Mnesseus early in the boss wave also meant I had no way to control the enemy Boril’s riposte. Since neither boss has a damage special, my own Boril’s riposte was no help, so I failed, again. And if that were the end of the story, I wouldn’t have even posted it. But…

Right before leaving for church, it was time to do a TC 20 pull, and out pops Leonidas! Now, I’m already heavy on strong yellows to level, which gives me a dilemma I’ll detail in another thread shortly, but, ridiculously, Leonidas 1^1 is my second best monk as-is, straight out of the box! Could that Spartan Cleave put me over the hump?

Quests ate up most of my world energy all day, but right before bed, I built up enough to try it again. This time, I swapped in Leo for my Boril and focused attacks on the enemy Boril instead of Vivica. Mnesseus lived longer this time and kept riposte dispelled, while Leo kept it from firing as often. This, plus stacked greens, brought down Boril. Now it was just a matter of “do I have enough firepower to overcome Vivica’s def buff + heal?” And it turns out that, with the damage + mana cut of Spartan Cleave, I did! More emblems for me! Monk emblems go to Bane (now +17). Cleric emblems wait for Boril, since Hawkmoon is already maxed.

Drawing a 5-star holy hero on Sunday right before church and using him to progress in the Trials of Piety has to be a sign from above, right? :laughing:


Stage 1 and 2 were easy, but I failed at stage 3 due to not having enough fire power to finish off Friar Tuck and no dispeller to remove the annoying riposte from Boril. My only 2 eligible damage dealers were Bane and Gan Ju and Bane died pretty early and Gan Ju, well, meh :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully I can bring some more power next time. Currently levelling Ariel (to 3/70), Wilbur (to max) and Wu Kong (to 3/60), so that should give me lots of survivability here and perhaps I can kill with lucky tile damage from the monkey :slight_smile:

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