🎭 [May 18, 2020] Costume Event – The Masquerade – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Bosses are different
Does any anybody have the upgraded version??

This was posted further up this thread a little earlier

mobs are mostly yellows with a few greens thrown in

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That’s really bad luck, sorry to hear.

If it makes you feel better, my first 10-15 costume pulls (I can’t recall exactly) only gave me BT, the rest was 3* fodder. But I did get luckier and snagged Tib and Li eventually. Still wanted Rigard though

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I haven’t started to go through stages yet because I want to finish Shiloh first but I couldn’t resist pulling with those free costume keys I’ve collected since last event.

First my junior account pulled Horghall, that was nice, my first legendary with costume. I’m not super exited about him, but he even might eventually get tonics.

Then my main pulled, and that was JACKPOT, Magni! I have planned to level Alice next, but that costume means that Magni nr1 and Magni nr2, both level 3/70 wll be maxed as soon as possible. I hope boys don’t mind sharing.

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New bosses and mobs is easier than previous version. 1600HP for mob is a joke compared to 2500 prev.

But scored a very good pulls:
1xKashhrek (finally will level him)
2xCaedmon (very good)
1xLittle John (do not like him, but good)
1xSonya (3rd)
1xBoril(finally I will strip him from emblems)

And 3* - Karil, Tyrum, Prisca, Renfeld (in multiple copies)

From 20 pulls (25 free keys + 15 donate keys + x10 + x2).


21 New Costumes?!
Which new costumes are the best? (Please choose at least one 3⭐/4⭐/5⭐)

  • DOMITIA :purple_circle: Steampunk Sniper
  • KASHREK :green_circle: Lizardfolk Elder
  • AZLAR :red_circle: King of the Leors
  • AZAR :red_circle: Seker of Gods
  • CARVER :green_circle: The Cutthroat
  • LITTLE JOHN :green_circle: Stealthy Brother
  • ELKANEN :green_circle: Moonlight Conqueror
  • FRIAR TUCK :green_circle: Jovial Explorer
  • BERDEN :green_circle: Adroit Archer
  • KIRIL :large_blue_circle: Master Shredder
  • MAGNI :large_blue_circle: Monolith of Ice
  • RENFELD :purple_circle: Unhinged Surgeon
  • BALTHAZAR :purple_circle: Undead Magician
  • CAEDMON :green_circle: Elven Avenger
  • KARIL :large_blue_circle: The Heated
  • BELITHl :green_circle: Grove Spirit
  • KADILEN :green_circle: Priestess of Moonlight
  • SARTANA :purple_circle: Monstress of Descenthia
  • BORIL :large_blue_circle: Heavyweight Defender
  • PRISCA :purple_circle: Resolute Overseer

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Which element is weaker than others? and do you miss new holy costumes?

  • Nature :green_circle:
  • Dark :purple_circle:
  • Ice :large_blue_circle:
  • Fire :red_circle:
  • I miss holy :yellow_circle:
  • I don’t miss holy

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@Guvnor maybe this might help you in your Topic :slight_smile:

[General Costume Information](Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

The game dont love me … pure 3 star only gave me

Latest loot box unit pricing for Costume chamber


I can exchange my liana,magni,isarnia summoned in totally 20 pulls for such money;)

Anyway my luck means someone else will get only 3s on 100 pulls ,thats life

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I Pulled Kashrek, think he’s pretty good tho!!

Do you think he’s better than the normal version? And is it worth to level up a second one , or just the Costume?

  • Yes, way better
  • Nope
  • Level just the Costume

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But for the last level for Lianna costume i need 6 tonics?

Is Caedmon become a little bit…

I’m not sure Boril has fully understood the idea of a costume change! :joy:


Sadly you can’t level just the costume.

Costumes ascension cannot be higher than the base, so if you want to max the costume (4/70) the base must be at least 4/1)

But at least costumes require less resource.:smiley:

BTW My brain says type “costumes” but my fingers want to type “customers” :confounded:


yeah, I guess so, you can put your opinion on my post Best new costumes

Yeah I know that, but I have Kash already finished, and I’m not sure if I should level the Costume on him or on the second one I got today

That’s really hurt. SG should give loyalty players 10 draws with guaranteed 1 five stars, just like other games do so


Level the costume on the one you already have finished.

If you start on the one you got today you start both base and costume from 1/1.

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Base hero = 6 tonics
Costume = 1 tonic

So u need 7 tonics to bring lianna to tier 4

Nah, costume just 4 shields

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