🔵 [May 17, 2020] Trials of Justice Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I seem to have got to a position where the last level of most of these are now possible. First time I’ve completed this one and it was actually a lot easier than I thought. (Although I did have some friendly tiles)

I only have 4 maxed 4* heroes for this and so it was a choice between a fully levelled 3* By-Ulf or a baby Telluria at just 1-20 to make up the 5th slot. In the end I went with …

Wu Kong +10, Li Xiu +7, Falcon +12, Sonya +4, Telluria 1/20

I’ve been hoarding my emblems recently but I think the amount of times Li and Sonya have been useful recently justifies their hopping up anothing node here. Trainer hero will go to Malosi who is already pretty useful on his third tier.



Even easier if you have Tarlak… Ratatoskr and Tarlak make great friends for each other :slight_smile:


There are additional powerful healer options for Trials of Justice - Telluria is an easy choice, and Heimdal or Ratatoskr from Season 3.


I went to start this trial with a hole in my lineup, and filled it with Telluria. If I had thought more about it, I might have dropped Arthur for Joon (missing because he is dressed as a fighter, currently).

  • On the bench: Valeria 1 and 2, Wu, Falcon, Frida 3.70, Wilbur 2, Cyprian, Li, Jabbar, Iron Chef BT, KISS Army Tibs, Sonya 1 and 2, Joon, Sumle
  • Up and coming: Clarissa 1.16

I did not have everyone ready when I got to the bosses. With this lineup, it didn’t matter.

Wilbur’s buff dropped, and QoH was still able to taunt Justice and Richard. Richard dropped to tiles.

In truth, they all died to tiles.

Trainer to Sif, emblems to Joon and the “My tank is getting nerfed so pally emblems are on hold lol” fund.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, only Telluria is max and emblemed.

Other option

Screenshot at May 18 03-51-22

The Battle

Great start, almost all mana charged with decent board.

CTibs is died, and used 3x heal, 5x antidot, 5x arrow, 2x minor mana.


Emblem keep stock for Telluria, monk will save it.
Traner goes to…keep later for Hu Tao, he is still at 2nd tier.


My team this time:

I was able to finish the last stage without using a single item. Often I need at least a few healing potions at trials, but not this time. Last time I think i used cBoldtusk and Wu Kong instead of cTibs and Clarissa


Here is my team:


I beat 2 levels. I tried to beat the last level but the monsters were just too strong and I ran out of healing potions. I was pleased to win some emblems and I will store them for Cyprian and Wilbur.


In the immortal words of @Guvnor: ■■■■ you! Eat Telly ■■■■■■■!!

Light work, everybody at full health by the end LOL

Telly emblems errr sorry paladin emblems reserved for Telly of course, monk emblems held for now (c’mon Joon where art thou??) but may give to Wilbur depending on things; trainer reserved for Malosi.


In fairness, I said that about Raid Tournaments:


Breezed through without any items needed.
Jabberwock+18, Rana Tell+18, Frida, Clarissa

The dark burns along with Rana just nasty.


I know I know, which is why I included the source. Just thought the quote was very apt here, especially since you got two AoE hitters and two blinders, which really just makes you rage sometimes.


Not bad. Only 1 each of Bear Banner, Dragon Attack, and Bomb used.

Paladin emblems will still go to Telly despite the nerf. Will continue to hold Monk emblems.


Easy trial this time for my newb f2p

Sonya (c) Tiburtus (c) Justice Cyrpian Wu Kong

Couple healing potions and 1-2 bombs just for attack reduce on boss wave.


My trainer also went to that male chicka. My team this time:

I used 3 antidotes to get rid of thode annoying ailments from Justy and Richy. Tootie made my team unbeatable. :wink:

Boss battle:



Yeah went about as expected. Had to hold off on either Cyp or Wilbur. Whoever was charged first because riposte acts funny with damage sharing. Emblems are being stored for now, when I do get Joon maxed, he will be replacing Leo on this trial.

1st alt:

Having KISS Tibs for this trial is a very good alternative to Wilbur. Emblems are being saved for Li Xiu And Sonya.

2nd alt:

Wu Kong sped up the stage and I got lucky with my misses being kept to a minimum. Emblems are being saved

Note: I only did the 1st couple stages on my main and 1st alt. 2 d alt only did the first stage.


Forgot to post yesterday. My team this time:

  • Thorne 4^80
  • Wilbur +20
  • KISS Tiburtus +20
  • Chef Boldtusk +20
  • Cyprian +17

Compared to last time, Cyprian is up four talents, and KISS Tiburtus is in for Li Xiu +20. Li Xiu’s attack is higher, and Tiburtus’ defense down overwrites Wilbur’s, but doubling purple against two yellow bosses seemed worth it.

Mob waves were nothing special. Tried to stagger specials so I wasn’t left desperately trying to recharge before the boss waves. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. Really tried to focus on Justice, but without snipers, it doesn’t much matter. Had pretty decent boards throughout. Neither the doubled purples nor riposte seemed as effective as I had hoped, even when Richard got his full hit-3 riposted. Probably mitigated by Wilbur’s def buff. On the bright side, though, I didn’t have to use items beyond healing potions, and this used to be one of my worst trials, so that’s nice. I feel like drawing Richard would help me a ton, as his attack down would really help mitigate the monster hits these bosses can deal, but alas, I am stuck with Thorne instead.

Got a big backlog of emblems in most classes right now, as I’m spending tons of iron trying to get the storages opened by SH 24 upgraded. Paladin emblems will go to Cyp and monk emblems to Wu Kong, I suspect. Packaged the trainer hero with a few lowly feeders to do the first ascension of Bane’s costume in one fell swoop! :laughing:


Haha, I was so pumped when I found these posts after the one a few days ago and then promptly forgot about them.

I didn’t take a picture, but by memory my team was:
Sonya +20
Cyprian +1
Joon +6ish
Richard +7ish
Li Xiu +1

It’s an okay team, I can beat the final level without nuking the bosses, but not having a healer in either class really hurts me here.