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Yellow Rogues

Musashi has the second highest attack stat of a yellow 5* hero. Even dead Musashi does great tile damage. All Rogue quests have purple mobs ( yellow strong against ) and red mobs ( neutral ).


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Class quest memory

I agree


I used the same team as the previous two times,

Khiona, Inari, Grave, Gretel, Grimm.

No items. No healing needed. Just murder.


Oh thank you for this info. @Gryphonknight

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Tried a new team this time by dropping a max Little John and adding a max Gretel for a 3/1/1 yellow stack. Also gave emblems to Grimm since last time so he was beast mode:

Azlar fired once (I used a time stop and Gretel) but I brought antiodes this time (thanks for the guide & tip @zephyr1) and got lucky with a yellow diamond in the final stage:

Pretty happy with the results overall but I need to get more comfortable losing a couple more heroes. Debating giving my precious rogue emblems to Scarlett after seeing that attack power, wow!


This is one of only two trials where I can field a full team of 4-star heroes, and I think it is my favorite. My team is:

  • Danzaburo +6
  • Grimm 4^70
  • Gormek +7
  • Kelile 4^60
  • Kelile 3^60

This changed from last time because the Kelile at 4^60 was at 3^60 last time, and the 3^60 Kelile was somewhere below that, so she was on the bench in favor of Namahage 3^50. Also, more talents for Danza and Gormek.

I blew through the mob waves, using only a small healing potion or two to keep the Keliles alive. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged and, per usual, unloaded on Azlar, both to take advantage of the defense down across the board and because it’s so much easier to complete this one if he doesn’t fire. Continued to make matches to hit Azlar, and actually had some luck with up-the-middle match-3’s, but I got careless and charged his mana just a hair too fast, so he got to fire right before the DoT would have killed him (I think). Anyway, at that point nearly everyone went critical and on fire, and Scarlett was only at half health, with Nashgar at more like 3/4 health. Used up all my healing potions, fired off a dragon attack, and kept blasting tiles at Scarlett and Nashgar in hopes that I could set off a fight-winning combo. Sadly, I did not, and I dropped to Gormek and one Kelile after Scarlett fired, so I unloaded all bombs and axes and saved the rest of my dragons by finishing off Nashgar with tiles just as the second Kelile burned to death. Gormek the Beefy was the last man standing at the end of the trial.

Gormek was only 1 emblem short of a talent at the beginning of the trial, so he picked up two talents to go to +9 (Gormek the Beefier!) Danzaburo has been getting my rogue emblems, but he’s on a node that requires 40, so he has to wait for the Trials of Shadow to advance, but he will, because that’s the other trial where I can field a full team of 4-stars. Red trainer hero went to Kelile 4^60. About to hit that wall with no red project again (that’s the only reason Kelile got the blades to start with). Not maxing a second Kelile. I’ll feed my reds to Poseidon (skill at 8/8) before I do that. Would be nice to have an Azlar of my very own, though!


Me last time, thanks for the old thread link zephyr!

Me this time in a dramatic recreation:

Biggest change was pulling and leveling a Little John with the full intent of getting him to 4/70 since I have a ton of shields, though I got Kelile to the final ascension tier which helped add some additional firepower. Grimm is slightly up in emblem tiers which didn’t hurt either, and I pulled a 4* mana troop this morning who immediately helped out compared to a level 8 Barbaric Minotaurs that I was using beforehand, though it is Gormek, so not by much, but every little bit helps.

Result. Surprisingly I didn’t need to blow the full arsenal, though I probably could’ve sustained less damage had I blew either an Axe or Bomb attack sooner. Oh well. Coulda/woulda/shoulda. Little John, who I thought wouldn’t really do much given he’s weak/neutral to most of the bosses and monsters actually helped a ton with his mana generation slowdown. Had everyone charged and ready to go before the final encounter, and I blew a gem. I was intending to blow the full arsenal, but found to my surprise that I didn’t need to. Poor Jack Sparrow died, but he’s 2/60, so not surprising:

I did alright. Probably should bring minor healing instead of regular healing since I’m running dangerously low on shrooms and use regular healing on a routine basis when fighting Titans, but I forgot.

I didn’t think so, but I guess I did!

Rogues are just banked and waiting for Kelile to hit 4/70 and nom them all. Barbarian will go to Grimm, but I didn’t have enough to push him up another node.

I was thinking Ares, but given that he’s level 79.5, about half of the trainer hero is going to go to waste, so probably Kelile then.

I’m just glad one of my weakest class trials is something I can viably do without carpet bombing now! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now I just need to buff up my Sorcerer/Rogue bench for Trial of Shadows, and I won’t need to blow the entire arsenal every time.

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My team: Marjana 4/80 +4, Obakan 4/80 +4, Grimm 4/62, Danzaburo 3/60, Peters 4/55
Same team as last time. Only Peters and Grimm are almost maxed this time around. I won all 3 with minimum use of items.

Saving the emblems for now. Wilbur ate the 3* trainer hero.

Peters silence skill is great here. Kept Azlar from firing until I could take him out.

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Team from Last time around. Photo taken today of previous team so doesn’t quite show the advancement.

A few significant changes. Gretel was previously at 4.45, Scarlett at 3.60 and Jackal comes in for Domitia who is still languishing at 2.60.

Last time around I had to nuke the bosses to oblivion given how weak my team was then. Pleased that this time I made it through the final level only using 5 healing potion although it was a nail bitter at the end.
It was a photo finish though right to the end with Peters and Scarlett at 3HP and 27HP respectively AND with Azlar’s burn effect still going on. Managed to string together some gems to chip away Nashgar otherwise it would have been gg.

My emblems will go to Grimm and Jackal respectively since they continue to see a lot of use for me. 3* trainer hero will go to Mitsuko whom I am levelling up.


I used Scarlett, Gormek, Kelile (3/60), Gretel, Danzaburo. I generally just nuke the final stage to save time, as I’m very lazy!


Wooo extremely well done, congratulations! I see that you ended up with no items at all. Those enemies really pushed you to the limit.

Make good use of those emblems and your 3* trainer hero!

And from this point forward give a try to any trial. In my case I have being having success in my last 4 trials on stage 3 (level 31). Those levels cost a lot of items and eventually you’ll need to invest iron and crafting materials to get those bombs (and in a future dragons) back. But the satisfaction of winning is priceless.


Jackal 4/55
Grimm +8
Gormek 3/60
Alice 2/60
Kelile 3/60
First try. Alice’s special made Azlar less threatening. Kelile got everybody burning! And Gormek and Grimm just crushed their defense.
Used a miracle scroll, 3 axes, 3 arrows and 5 full health potions
Emblems to Grimm and eventually to Jackal
Trainer will go to Kelile once evolved.

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Fairly weak team here:

Grimm (4/30ish) / Namahage 3/50 / Carver 3/50 +1 / Marjana 3/70 (needs one hidden blade) / Kelile (3/30ish)

The first two levels were quite easy, so I risked the last one. Ended up using 5 dragons, 5 heals, 1-2 antidotes, 4 super manas. (At the end it was “charge Marj; fire; repeat”.)

Marj will enjoy snacking on the trainer if she ever finds her blade. I will probably give her the emblems when the time comes. Grimm will get the barbarian emblems, certainly.

The lack of healing hurts here, but also the preponderance of red heroes.

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@Gryphonknight, what’s your experience using Scarlett +7?
I have jackal +12 but wish I had given some emblems to Scarlett. Next 30 will go to her. Slightly slower but the skill vs 3 is better for these trials than single attack jack.

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I.miss not getting to post my landmark /progressive reports on these trials.

I believe this time I added a 3/60 Grimm to the lineup and walked with a team of 3/60 (Grimm, lil john , Scarlett) and a 4/70 Grimm, and 4/55 azlar. About 3200 TP.

A few items …mainly health potions were essential , but managed the win with casualties… I suspect I’ll have to add Danzo to the mix or max either Scarlett or John for future … any thoughts/advice ?

Ps why does the horizon line go.all the way off the game frame lol. :thinking:

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I had Gormek, Nashgar, emblemed up Dawa, Nahamage, Azar plus tornadoes, bombs, super green potions, and super healer potions. The bombs and tornadoes won it for us! First time beating the last stage


Gormek and a bunch of 3-stars, and you beat the final stage? Impressive. Kudos.


Yes, thank you. It’s all I had, and now that it’s harder it was impossible but I came on here and saw the nuke strategy and had some weapons to use and beat it. It was a wonder to see

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Scarlett and Little John are both powerful but squishy. They benefit a lot from being maxed. They’re still squishy at max, but are much more usable, and both can make radical differences on Quest teams.

Danza obviously adds an RNG component to the mix with his special, but 2/3 of the time his special will be hugely powerful. He’s actually next in my yellow queue after I finish Jackal.

Out of the three of them, I’d say Scarlett is the most versatile, as an attack debuff at Fast mana is useful everywhere but Defense. She’s well suited to Titans, Raids, War, and Quests.

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Thanks @zephyr1

I just find her squishy as well, and sadly to say of all the materials I need hidden blades are my lacking 4* ascension mats .
But I suppose I’ll make her up one day and Danzo soon . And hope he doesn’t freeze!

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Jackal and Scarlett, together they fight crime

For a rainbow team, I prefer Scarlett to Jackal ( see link ).

Scarlett is more helpful for the Class quest bosses. But Jackal is more helpful for the purple mobs.

But both are very useful Rogues
(Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ))

Both are glass cannons, so I need to remember to bring health potions to this class quest since I can not bring double healers.