🔵 [May 13, 2020] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I’m trying to do each Trial with as few items as possible, which means using items only when my team is in danger of being wiped out (includes: protecting a healer who might die).

I only have one (very good) healer for this Trial, but the combination of Rogue skill and synergistic specials meant I didn’t have to use a single item here!

Inari, Rogue Li Xiu, Marjana, Scarlett and Sabina. With Scarlett’s attack debuff, Inari’s dodge, Li Xiu’s mana cut and Marjana’s DoT, plus Sabina’s heal and the rogue and sorceror talents… whew!

Focused fire on Skittles first as she can’t dodge direct damage. Then focused on Domitia. My Scarlett would always target Domi so all 3 bosses would get the attack debuff. Enemy Scarlett and Domi dodged like crazy, but the other effects still hit.

After a not-too-terribly-long barttle, Domi goes down, then Scarlett. Yay!

Rogue emblems took Marjana to +7. Saving the rest (I recently pulled Danzaburo, but Margaret’s gonna get buffed…)

Sorcerer emblems in the bank for now. Sabina’s already +20, but I do have a second at only +5. Skittles already +6.


Same team

Items, 5 arrows, 5 healing pots, 10 minor mana pots

Rogue emblems saved for Brynhild, sorcerers saved, trainer goes to Sonya 2.


Trials by Guv - Shadows

Last Time

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Guvs Shadows History:

Team This Time

Team worked really well last time. No sense breaking it :slight_smile:

Other Options
Note - Skittleskull is UNCOSTUMED option; Elena, Li Xiu, Tyrum & Hawkmoon are COSTUMED options.

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Autoplay sorted out the first couple rounds as usual

Final Battle - Trials of Shadows 13th May


  • Reset Token = NO
  • Rogue Emblems = 215 / 125 for Alice Node 8
  • Sorcerer Emblems = 64 / 65 for Lady Locke node 4
  • Trainer = Fed to Master Lepus (now 2-31)


Here’s my team:

This was a new team for me. I can beat all the other trials without much effort, but the sorcerer class quests are not great for me. Other options were Danzaburo (+1), Quintus maxed, Skittleskull (+1).

I beat it and ended up using some axes and bomb attacks at the end after Sabina died at the stage 3 boss. I think I doubted this team too much and brought nuking equipment. If I had done a standard kit of mana pots, antidotes, healing pots, and maybe arrows I could have kept Sabina alive and beat it without items. Live and learn, hindsight is 20/20, some other cliche phrases …

Kelile went up to 18 between stages 2 and 3. She is my mini-Marjana until I get Marjana. Sorcerer emblems to the bank.

Good luck out there!


This is the first time I started using lady of the lake. She’s only middle of her tier 3, but god she’s so helpful against bosses!

Usually I fear ennemy mana gauges and had to use many items to finish the last stage, but this time it was a piece of cake. Once you have 3 minions on her + neighbors, it’s so beautifull to see the ennemy mana drop. No special fired.

Can’t wait to max her. /end of bragging.

EDIT: my team was made of LotL, Jackal, Marjana, Scarlett, Hawkmoon costumed


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Danzaburo out, Marjana in.

Other Options
Screenshot at May 13 19-51-30

The Battle

Great start, all mana charged and decent board setup.

Clear without using any items :+1:


Emblem both keep for maybe Marjana after max, and Soccerer keep for Ursena.
Trainer goes to Miki.


Without any items. None of the bosses ever cast due to LotL.

1 minute boss round:


My team this time:

  • Domitia +17
  • Sabina +20
  • Ameonna +19
  • Skittleskull +5
  • Brynhild 4^70

Big changes, with Skittleskull and Brynhild checking in for Kelile 4^70 and Scarlett 4^70. Gives me slightly more beef at the expense of some speed. I still have only two colors represented, and both are weak against one of the bosses. Still, Brynhild has proven herself worthy in the recent raid tournament, and I’m considering her for rogue emblems whenever I stop on Domitia (probably +18 or +19). Speaking of Domitia, she’s also up 3 talents. Just gave Marjana the rings yesterday, so she’s an option for future trials.

Mob waves went really slowly, since again, I’m weak against both colors in the mob waves. Had several times where I was trying to save some on-color tiles for the next wave, but the moblings kept hanging around, forcing me to use them. Still, I entered the boss wave with all specials charged, and I fired everyone but Sabina. Targeted Boss Skittleskull first, using antidotes to counter attack down. Ended up using a bomb when Skittles was about to fire with almost no health just so I could get rid of her. Thought I was going to have to do the same with Boss Scarlett, but triggered a cascade that did her in, thankfully. I found out that full health Ameonna can take a special from Boss Domitia (just barely) which surprised me and cost me some health potions. Later, I got the satisfying experience of seeing Boss Domitia target ghost Ameonna with her special, which reminds me why I still keep her around. Domitia by herself isn’t too bad, so I took her down to claim the loot.

Both Domitia and Skittleskull got a talent on the previous stage, so emblems in storage. Also don’t have a good use for the trainer right now. Sonya #2 is too close to max, so I’d be wasting XP. Guess I’ll hold the trainer until I start on the costume for Sonya #2.


First time beating the 3rd stage of this trial. Forgot to take a pic before but I used this meager team:

Margaret and Danza dodged like 4 times lol (yay incoming marg buff! Was my first 5* hero and left her at 2.60 for almost a year :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).
Didn’t want to risk it towards the end and carpet bombed b/c my healer Sabina died.
Emblems saved, trainer to Kiril.


Wow awesome synergy between Puss and LotL! Do you think Puss and Freya would be good flanking a Telluria tank on defense or would it be better having GM and Clarissa?



  • Cheshire Cat +19
  • Guardian Jackal +20
  • Sif +4
  • Sorcerer Vivica +6
  • Natalya +6

The last stage Natalya just burned the witch at the stake and Sif waited for AI’s stupidity to do them in. Scarlett felt like attacking the trio with Counter and Damage halving most of time for some reason. Otherwise not hard. Cat was mostly there just tagging along.

Emblems are going to Sif and Nat.


Team this time

Swapped out C. Li Xiu for Brynhilde this time, did ok but Might have been better with Li Xiu swapped in for Scarlett. Used what items I needed as usual but lost Scarlett and Jackal about midway through the boss stage.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Vela who is now up to 4/70… so maybe I’ll get some use out of her before she’s nerfed.


Grave Claris imo, but minions can be annoying too.


Went with…
PiBs+0, Alice+12, cIsarnia+9, Locke+11, CCat+0

No sweat, no sweat at all :slight_smile:


No… But I brought a different healer - PiBs


Cool, a fellow Ameonna user! (+19) is huge on her, her attack value must be off the charts! I assume you went attack path on emblems. I was trying to push for her to get a buff on the hero buff thread to no avail. She’s a lot of fun if you’re not always playing to win as dominantly as possible.

Why is Skittle more beef than Kelile and Scarlett? I know Scarlett has a high attack value and Kelile, with emblems like mine, can’t be far off. That’s at least equal power on fast mana, right? I don’t know all the S3 heroes by memory yet, so perhaps Bryn is the difference there?

I used to have Skittle maxed +20, but with the rest of my hero roster I just never get slow mana AoE’s to feel worth it. I used “feel” on purpose because that could all very well be in my head.



These are cool threads, seeing different hero combos and all. I assume these are done for all trials?

I am not new to the game, but new to the boards. I just putzed around in game myself or with an alliance (when I am with one) previously. I did a lot of things wrong at the beginning :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


They are, yes.

It’s fun to see who has maxed and emblemed which hero’s… Trials really show up some of the interesting hero’s that aren’t necessarily discussed regularly.

Almost any monkey team of 5* hero’s will win the final stage (even with no synergies at all) but some of the 4* teams Dan be interesting to see :slight_smile:
(And yes, I typically load up with 5’s and cruise it, but only because these seem to land when something else is going on and I don’t necessarily want to focus too much time on it).


My team:

I had to use 2 bear banners.

Emblems will go to Quintus and Domitia.


I need to learn this patience stuff. Was happily taking down the last stage and the board went dry. Was no real danger…I just got bored and dropped 5 bomb attacks to finish it :joy:

Nice on the Sorcerer tokens though…building them up for Mitsuko when I finished her ascension in the next day or so. Looking forward to seeing how she runs


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