🔵 [May 10, 2020] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

The buff is welcome. Khagan is not a great hero, but to be honest, he’s not among the first heroes I’d request a buff for.
(My teammates always mock me for being a big fan of slow heroes so I guess it’s just me :joy:)


Master Lepus+5 - Caedmon+18 - Seshat+11 - Triton+18 - Rigard C


Pretty easy for me. Emblems to Melendor.


Same team,
Not considering any change for now,

The battle

No item used, rewards saved for now.


No need for 5* heroes, only emblemed 4* (same team last time): Triton+15, Caedmon+4, Buddy+8, Caedmon+4, RigardC+19. Other options: Neith+4, Kadilen+7, TiburtusC+1, Mireweave+0, Gadeirus+8, MelendorC+1.
I used only minor battle items (one arrow).
Boss Brienne was my first target.


Did it with:

  • Vela +12
  • Gregorion +14
  • Caedmon 4/70
  • Saruman 4/70
  • Ranvir 4/80

Saruman died last round, so used one Revive scroll and one Mana pot to heal everyone with him afterwards. Not too tough.


Gandalf turns into a bad guy with his costume :rofl:

I was able to beat all 3 levels for the first time :smile_cat: Here is my team:

(I dig plug my tablet in before playing, lol).

I can make Dragon bombs now so I used Dragon bombs, Bombs and Axes on the last level. I had enough ranger emblems to take Tiburtus up to 11 :slight_smile: I fed the 3* green trainer to Lianna.


Thank you! I saved this to my phone.
I appreciate your love for spreadsheets.


I was able to beat all three levels with maxed Horghall, Lianna, Melendor, Tiburtus and Mireweave. Yes, you may laugh at my max Horghall, but he was all I had in green 5 stars for a bit (and he may getting a buff with the next hero balance!).

The exciting achievement of this run was the ability to finally10-stack Mireweave. She hits like a truck at that point and made the boss round easier (even though two of the bosses [Horghall and Brienne] are strong against blue tiles).


Team last time

Team this time

Swapped Mel our to try 4/30 Vela… paid the price too.
Needed the extra heal on the last stage and her color is not best suited for this trial anyway. So I’ll probably go back to Mel next time. Used almost all my items and Triton was last man standing. Better luck next time I guess.

Emblems saved for now, trainer to Vela.


Enjoy your Hatter. Love mine!

I wanted to find a way to fit Vela in but I don’t want to give up Evelyn or Lianna:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

Back to recruiting, anybody wanna help me with that? :wink:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, only Seshat is +13 and Alby +12.
Other Options:
Screenshot at May 11 01-23-02

The Battle

Great start, all mana charged.

Use some items, Melendor was died with slash attack from bosses :man_facepalming: but revied and all in healthy.


Emblem keep both for Seshat and Alby.
Trainer goes to… 2nd Telluria or maybe keep, because she is almost at 3.70 and will keep there for long time I think. I’m not sure next green… maybe 2nd Kingston (3.70) is better. But only have 3 tonic currenly, so calm for now.


Not the best team but EZ clap this time b/c I brought 2 dispellers:

The only real threat is if Horghall fires off his attack when Brienne’s buff is active (happened once which is why belith died).


I switched in Melendor +10 instead of Costume Rigard +20 to leverage greens…

Melendor +10 / Caedmon +20 / Finley +8 / Triton +19 / Khaghan

No real problems. I used several healing potions and a couple of manas. Also threw a couple of axes to speed it up a bit. I get impatient when the board gets bad.

Finley will be getting the ranger tokens. Druid tokens banked. Currently leveling Skittleskull, who took the trainer.


Team last time (Brienne+20, Melia,Isshtak, Berden, Belith) - 2600TP was tough to beat the last level haha

Team this time much improved :smiley:

Didn’t even need to use time stops this time and everyone survived! Really loving kvasir- that bee minion damage and poison really adds up and extra minion meat shield sure helps with surviving. Him, brienne and costume gunnar exceeded my expectations for this trial :slight_smile:

Emblems from first two levels went to Tibs and Mel before I took screenshot for last level

Trainer saved for now, might go to Isarnia when I’m getting impatient for those last few levels (maxed my first 5* telly yesterday hahaha, maybe should have waited XD)


Same team as last time.

  • On the bench: Evelyn, Vela, Tibs, Triton, Buddy 1 and 2, Gad, Jack, Mel, Dapper Rigs, Viking Sonya 1 and 2, Lepus, Chao, Caed, and Mireweave
  • Currently leveling: Lianna 2 4.1

No issues getting to the bosses, I was even able to start with Zim’s buff going. Unleashed on Chao, finishing him with tiles, though not before he and Horghall attacked together, nearly dropping Neith. She’s a trooper though, and she hung in there.

Interestingly enough, Athena got the finishing shots on H and Brienne.

Trainer to Lianna 2, emblems to Lianna and Vela.


Alright lets do dis!

RNGesus y u no luv me no moar???

Ah pudge it Imma firing mah laz0r

Trainer saved for Telly (currently 4/70), emblems might give to Caed to bring him to +16.


Did it with this team.

Vela - Melendor - C.Rigard- Tibs- Caedmon

emblems i will keep them for now


Beat it again. Swapping in Chao for Melia seemed to work worse,actually. This time the final stage team was: Triton - Rigard(C) - Kadilen - Chao - Melendor


My team this time:

  • Noble Rigard +20
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Vela +1
  • Caedmon +18
  • Buddy +19

Compared to last time, Vela is up one talent, Caedmon is up 2, and Buddy is up 4. Also, Noble Rigard is in for Melendor +c20.

I actually held several specials during the mobs so as not to wipe them out before I could recharge. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged. Went after Horghall, and since I immediately made green and blue diamonds in succession, I got him before he fired. Brienne charged and fired, allowing Chao to put a near-fatal wallop on Caedmon, but I whacked Chao before he could fire, then took down Brienne, using no items. Adding a purple with attack up to go with my defense and attack down was a great combo.

Not enough druid emblems for Vela to get another node; may reset her anyway if they nerf her too hard. Chao gets his first two ranger nodes. Trainer hero maxes Brienne’s costume.