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Lordy, that was rough…

Team power was 3610, all heroes maxed except Misandra at 3^70. BT and Grimm were max +13 and +10, respectively.

I forgot to change my battle items and charged into the hard tier with only minor antidotes, minor mana pots, minor health pots, and arrows…

It was going well enough until Elena fired her special, then I had a heck of a time. At the very end, I had to use the rest of my minor antidotes to gain as much HP back for Grimm as possible before launching one final Ramming Pulverizer. As you can see, he held on by the skin of his teeth against Elena’s counterattack.


Awesome narrow victory! :tada:


Last 2 times.

This time.
I can actually pull together a rainbow team this time.
I expect to finish all 3 levels even though I don’t have any healers yet. My boldtusk will be getting maxed soon.
Last time i talked about getting Gretel leveled. I did that, but i also leveled Poseidon up stronger.


BT+10 (+11 now), Grimm+4, Kage+2, LJ and Azlar.
Still the same team from last time.

I used a single Antidote, but it was unnecessary because I finished them with a big combo in the next round.
Emblems are for BT and Kage. The red trainer is sitting on the bench while waiting for his doom. I only have green and blue heroes to train.

Got a level up, so that helped with doing shrikewood afterwards. Only have the last stage remaining


I completed the 1st stage last time it came around, but I only had baby 2* heroes then… Was able to complete the first 2 stages just fine this time around with only 1 casualty each stage. I really wish they’d remove the Level 30 requirement on the last one… I wanna try to beat it!

Stage 1

Stage 2


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

And indeed I did!

The Battle

Click for Battle Details

This was definitely one of the easiest ones for me.

The first 2 Stages were uneventful.

The 3rd Stage was straightforward too. As usual, the biggest challenge was Elena’s counterattack, but she fired late enough in the battle that it wasn’t too bad.

Having the extra Grimm really helped a lot on damage.

In the end, I used 2 antidotes to cure DoT from Nashgar and Azlar, and 10 minor healing to supplement the dual Boldtusks.

Shiny New Emblems

After Stage 2, I was able to bump up both Grimm Prime and Boldtusk Prime a node each.

Click for Talent Tree & Stats Screenshots

Fight Fire with Fire

Colen ate the Trainer Hero, and is now up to 4-39, making his way slowly to max.

Click for More on Colen

He’s destined for some future 4* Rush Attack Raid Tournament, and also got an outing today on a mono red team for Shrikewood just for fun.

He’s also on my rainbow farming team, and had been there at 3-60 for quite a while.


Boldtusk has replaced Rudolph :cry: lol
And also have a 2nd 4* red troop


Last time team was:

A lot changed since, player 3 Boldtusk entered the game fully leveled and embed [9] and kicked out a dusty 3/60 Colen, while Gato made room for a 2/60 Magni [that can do pretty good if he manages to put his defense on and he’s only 5/8 with the special]. Troops were upgraded too, plus found my first 4* blue troop and Grimm was very happy with it.

This team is in beast mode, NO ITEMS USED, burn cant do me ish :sweat_smile: [poor Azlar didnt even see me coming].



I still need to spend 75g to finish some class quests. Usually when I have bad luck on waves 1- 4, or when I am trying to save on Dragon Attacks ( my Dragon bones are getting really low ). I think another poll would be cool.


Click for example

Did you spend 75g to continue?

[poll type=multiple results=always min=1 max=7 public=true]
  • Yes, I had bad RNG for waves 1-4
  • Yes, I had bad RNG for Boss wave
  • Yes, I was trying to save on battle items
  • Yes, I was out of some battle items
  • Yes, my roster needs the 75g continue to finish
  • Yes, I accidentally used the wrong team
  • No, but I need multiple attempts to finish
  • No, but I needed 2 attempts, the first was with the wrong team
  • No, I was able to finish for zero gems on my first attempt
[/ [poll ]


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I bring Boldtusk.

I can trade carpet bombing items for healing potions thus saving rare materials [quote=“zephyr1, post:1, topic:104574”]
Did your team change notably since last time?

I use Colen 3/60 instead of maxed Azar.

Old team:

New team:

Healing Potions x10, Super Healing Potions x4, Axe Attack x1, Bomb Attacks x2.

When they are maxed, Hu Tao will get one node but the rest of the fighter emblems go to Boldtusk. Barbarian emblems will go to Grimm.


My team was basically the same as last time, except Kage and Grimm 2 are now fully leveled, and the emblems have been moved to Kage. I could have brought Gretel, but given the end bosses are all red, I stuck with 2 Grimms. I also swapped out the carpet bombing mats for the “I can beat this” setup.

Unlike last time where minion damage forced me into the final battle too soon, I started with everyone except Delilah locked and loaded, and a blue diamond to boot.

I started with a bomb, but that wasn’t strictly necessary, as only Nashgar got his special off before going down. I finished it easily, thanks both to favorable boards, and a really good team for this event.

The emblems will go to Kage and Delilah, and the trainer will go to my next red 5* (probably QoH).

Edited to add: Thank you for making these threads @zephyr1, I appreciate the opportunity to review my progress last time and compare it to my most recent attempt. I also like seeing how my teams change over time.


Gretel was my new addition for this challenge and she was a HUGE help to fend off specials, major game changer for me:

Blue diamond ftw :facepunch::muscle:

I used a couple more Super Mana Pots that I had hoped to but my goal this time was to use as few battle items as I could. I wore down Azlar first and used Gretel to eliminate his special (which is where most of my mana pots went, rather than for healing). Dropped a dragon attack to finish off Azlar and Nashgar and then got to work on Elena. It was close but the team got there in the end.

Still hoarding all of my emblems for no good reason :see_no_evil::poop: 257 fighter and 245 barbarian emblems :man_facepalming:


Bold, Grimm, Kage, Gretel, Bold. Cake walk. Went in full mana, unloaded on Nashgar. Forgot minor antidotes so Azlar hurt a bit but left with all alive albeit on fire at the time lol. Was able to keep a Boldtusk ready with heals and board was cooperative even without diamonds.


Yeah, thanks for this reminder that I still don’t have Boldtusk. He’s at the top of my most wanted list.

My team this time:

  • Gormek+7
  • Grimm 4^70
  • Valen+15
  • Gato 3^50
  • Poseidon 2^55

This differs from last time only in the talents for Gormek and Valen, and I switched out Namahage for Poseidon for a little color variety, which was good, since I got terrible boards with lots of green and purple tiles and very few opportunities to clear them with diamonds. If yellows had also been misses, I probably wouldn’t have completed.

I really thought I finished this trial last time, but after just squeaking through the final stage this time, I know I didn’t. There is a lot to like about this team - multiple defense downs, lots of fast mana heroes, and a triple stack of blues against red bosses. The thing that is not to like is that three-star heroes just aren’t durable enough to play in this rarefied air.

I was out of small healing potions early in the fourth wave, and Grimm was dead before I even made it to the bosses. Accordingly, I unloaded my full arsenal of bombs and axes, and I tried to let my first dragon attack burn through. I also managed to fire the specials of all my living heroes at the beginning of the battle, choosing to focus on Elena; with all snipers and splashers and no dispellers, I couldn’t afford to let her fire that counterattack special. My item assault wiped her out, and left me in decent shape with Azlar and Nashgar. Even had a couple of blue matches right below them. Got worried when Azlar fired; it was curtains for Gato at that point, but Gormek (beefy emblem build) and Poseidon (with ~700 HP) both survived, and Zombie Valen rose from the dead with his revive talent. That was enough to finish the job with blue tiles and claim the emblems. Also don’ t remember seeing the Nashgar dialogue at the end before, so I know I didn’t finish this last time.

I took Gormek to +7 using emblems from an earlier stage, so the 8 from the final stage went into storage for talent number 8. I did bring Valen up two talents, though. He’s holding the emblems for any four-star fighter (I mentioned I’m waiting on Boldtusk, right?) or, if it comes to it, I’ll strip them off and give them to the Big Dog Daddy Poseidon if I get the mats to max him. Trainer hero went to my current red project, Kelile. Finally had to give her the blades since I didn’t have another four-star red (like Boldtusk).

Starting to feel like I’m making progress, as I’ve now finished the trials of strength, mysticism, survival, and shadows. Rogues, barbarians, and sorcerers, ftw!


Close even with a nuke down of the bosses. My squishy dudes already had probs to stand the mobs. Grimm @ 3 anything died immediately from normal attacks. Boards weren’t on my side, too. Everybody died but Sumitomo.

Need a 2nd Boldie…


Boldtusk, Grimm, Lancelot, Hu Tao, and Little John are mainstays for my team in these trails.

Probably the easiest trails for me since I have a lot of selection.

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You’re welcome, glad to hear it’s helpful! :slight_smile:


I can relate, it took me around 5 months to get any 4* healer. And I only had Hawkmoon until then, not even Belith.

Oh, yikes! That must have been painful. My second-ever 4-star was Sabina, and I think my third might have been Melendor. Drew both before Belith or Hawkmoon; before that, I was relying on Friar Tuck. Ugh.

Another TC20 pull around 6 pm tonight. Wish me luck! :slight_smile:


Good luck!

And yes, it was. Hawkmoon got a lot of use, though. I’m sure if Emblems had existed back then I would have given them all to her.

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