⚔ [May 03, 2020] - 54th Raid Tournament - 5*, Buff Booster; No Purple/ Dark

You’re right. I don’t believe the event was created on purpose. But still, this tournament is the perfect showcase that something is wrong when a green tank gets widely used despite the fact that yellow tanks would have a color advantage.

I’m totally emotionless about telly btw. Don’t have her, didn’t chased her. Just interested in keeping the best part of this game intact: carefully choose your teams for the tasks at hand.

Well Telly is getting a nerf in Version 30 so we can all wait and see how that goes.

I won’t be sad, I don’t want my Telluria to be OP…just good. You shouldn’t have to rely on starting board luck to beat it…I like raids where you can take a bad start and come back with well thought out moves (and some luck on the drops obvs) but with Tel that’s just not a thing really right now. The heal/minion/mana reduction is all too much

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Goes unexpectedly well this tournament.
Today 4-1 (last match I faced this:

With a bad starting board, I lost with a big 0; none of my heroes managed to load to full mana…

Defense won twice for a total of 5-3 and back to A. Currently in top1%, but don’t expect that to hold.

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4-1 so 12-3
Defence 7-6

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Crazy fast victory today.
Fastest ever for me.
Just 2 turns 4 the win.

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Day 3

Offense: 5-0, now fighting 4200+ TP teams with a 3800 TP team. :cold_sweat:.

Went 2–2-1 green-blue-red (Caed-Telly, Kiril-Sonya, BT) for the above team and got 28 yellow and purple tiles on the opening board. -_- (yes I counted, yes it was that bad)

Obviously Elena fired, TWICE I should add, and Kiril was the first to go (there goes my def buff…). Was about ready to throw in the towel when I finally was able to make a green dragon, which was just enough to charge up Telluria (who was also in critical health). She waved her forest staff, and the rest as they say, is history. Yep she singlehandedly turned my certain loss into a win, at 4/49 no less. No wonder they’re rebalancing her in v30.

Defense: a picture is worth a thousand words

I almost feel bad for running a Telly tank. @FraVit93 You’re right, outside of diamond Telly really is too much to handle, even for mid-platinum players.


Has anyone ever been attacked twice in a row by the same person in a tourney? I was. Never had that happen before.

Well… today I got destroyed.

Heimdall tank
Guin tank
Telluria tank

For some reason, I was an idiot and used blue against Telluria + Heimdall, I forgot to change to a red or yellow. So they are on me haha.


I have attacked someone twice in a row on offense…matchmaking is weird

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The same happened to me… twice.

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Day 3 & 4

Attacks went ok loosing 2 yesterday and 1 today…needed to rebuy yesterday as of now

14 : 6

Facing only 1x Telluria…and lost only once with 0 points to Justice tank

Defense stayed equal…now in C one win away from reaching B again

8 : 9 E B B C

Let’s hope for a good last day…but I need a perfect result to go up to top 1%.

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Luck ran out today. Total horriboards, 1-2 and out.
Defense lost one for 5-4 B.

Still top5, but will probably slide down to top10.

So today I went 3-2. Similar story to yesterday really.

But my Telluria tank defence is proving ridiculous. I don’t think I’ve ever, in a year, had a defence good enough to be A rated start to finish. I’ve been attacked 17 times and lost 4 total.

As above I actually feel bad for that…13 people have gotten as annoyed as I did when Tel wiped the floor with me again…I’m usually around 2600 trophies in Diamond but Red offense is my current biggest weakness and I just can’t really deal with it.

Welp, finally bombed out Day 4 on my first hit. Terribad board and couldn’t turn it around. Did a total of 16 attacks this tournament. Went 12-4 on offense. Surprisingly won 7 out of 9 on defense for my first “A” grade defense. RIP

edit: ugh i still need 21 more tournament battles for the final PoV tournament mission.


Haven’t posted one of these in awhile, but I was so proud of this, I just had to share :blush:

Pretty great for someone who’s only using 70 heroes without emblems :wink:


My killer mono yellow defense has only lost one match out of seven. Was super excited to try that defense out just to see how well it would do, and have to say, I’m super pleased; I guess mono ain’t so bad during buff week with all of those undispelable elemental links :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Since RBG are the only colors that matter this WRC, I’ve been sticking to pretty much the same heroes:

Always: Alberich

Green: Evelyn + Kingston (+ Telluria or Hansel occasionally)
Blue: Frida + Athena + Lepus (deadliest combo in the game) or Ariel (+ sometimes Vela)
Red (least used): Natalya + Zimktiha or Boldtusk

I’ve only lost one match, and that was a really crap board:

The most recent, strongest team I took down:

So see guys, 3/70 heroes ain’t so bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But now that I’m making it to the last day, I should be able to hold Top 1% just fine - even if I lose my next three matches consecutively. Hoping I can make it all of the way, but I’m probably jynxing myself by posting this now, so really not gonna expect much lol


I cannot wait for the no red rush tourney


Telly won’t fire :wink: too many mana or ss controllers

Well… I won’t post a video of todays battles.
I won my first but lost the next 2, meaning I am knocked out a second time.

One of those battles I lost, the second one, I was against a mono yellow team with 2x Joon… Needless to say I tried to see if I could be lucky and get a diamond but the move I made to try get it brought in and cascaded lots of other colours, and set off both Joon and then that was pretty much it haha

Only top 5% and i am unsure if I will remain there to be honest. I think i am in the 50,000 right now, not sure what the threshold is for 5% ??

Should be 70.000 ~75.000 with 1.400.000~1.500.000 participants.

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A bit unexpected outcome with my baby acco but I’ll take it. Total 3 defeats and top1%.


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