⚔ [May 03, 2020] - 54th Raid Tournament - 5*, Buff Booster; No Purple/ Dark

thanks! that makes perfect sense! :slight_smile: i think I’ll do Sonya / BT / Aegir / Greg /Joon then, I have costumed Joon so the Fighter talent will make him more annoying in Wing. Plus faster mana too compared to Greg.

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So you suggest to mirror the setup…interesting…shall work
:grimacing: :laughing:

We will see. :wink:

Any advice gratefully received.

Unfortunately my 5* are mostly purple or ‘in progress’ and I think most of the useful talents for this raid come from my 4*. Obviously would love to stack yellow more heavily but not sure that Wu, Hu Tao or an ‘in progress’ Malosi are going to be of much use here.


Just to clarify. I have a maxed costume for Melendor & Sonya’s is currently very close and will likely be maxed by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest.

I don’t have much in the way of 5* Yellow to work with for defensive purposes. I have two maxed Li Xius with costumes, and I briefly looked at those, but it just didn’t seem like enough damage.

So instead, I’m going for the Telly + Boldtusk route to super-buff and then my three best snipers, and hope for the best:


I think the buffs stack up well enough; Lianna, Magni, and Joon should all hit pretty hard if Telly can keep the enemy on their heels for a bit.

Good gaming!


My current defense.

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At the end I’m leaning to this, with one doubt; I’m not a great fan of Onatel in the wings, and my Joon is unemblemed: do you think a +19 Kingston would fit better in this combo instead of the Blind Seer?:thinking:


@Yayo Often, the center-3 in this specific defense will decide the match already… Although agree with Onatel not best in wing, it will most likely work here…
I hope I am not going to face too many of these set ups, as without My purple attack stack I am in deep trouble for this defense…

I will go with this, not sure if I shall take Tyr out, he is unemblemed. Could bring emblemed Morgan or emblemed Kingston or nonEmblemed Puss, who has nice buffs but probably too passive with Guin…

This tournament will be brutal…


Maybe I would go with Kingston (his elemental link counts as a buff also) instead of Tyr…he could only survive longer than the others, but he’s a lonewolf and you probably need some more punch with this set-up…my 20 cents, my friend! :wink:

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I don’t have much fast(er) buffing heroes, not to mention holy ones. I could tank with Vivica, but I decided to tank with Guardian Chameleon - flanked by Richard and Vela. If GC fires those two will wreck havoc for sure. The only problem is that GC will make all red attacker green and thus strong against those two. Well, nothing is perfect :man_shrugging:

I am expecting a lot of Guins and Tellys, yay! :partying_face:

I’m more or less equal to your doubts. Onatel doubt maybe switch with Kingston.

I’L decide better in the morning before it starts

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Telly is my only usable 5*, and my roster isn’t that deep, so trying to build a team around her is a giant headache. I’ve listed my roster before in this thread so won’t repeat.

Option 1:


  • Full of mana controllers/cutters, if the attacker can’t charge they can’t win


  • Grimm is seriously the weakest link here, just too squishy for flank duty this tourney
  • Mist’s mana slow interferes with Telly’s mana slow

Option 2:


  • Somewhat deters a red stack, since there’s now two strong colors against


  • Grimm still not ideal for right flank

Option 3:


  • Death to red stacks! :rofl:


  • Weak against green stacks + same cons as 1 and 2

Like I said, when your roster is limited, it’s hard to come up with something that makes sense and has synergy. =(

(just to clarify one thing: LX’s costume is maxed, so with a lv5 mana troop she is “medium fast” instead of average)

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You can try Li at tank, Most at L flank, Telly at R flank, and Sonya and Grimm on either wing.

I think I’m probably gonna end up with this:

LX on right flank means she’ll hopefully fire at least once and stall for more time for the wing hitters. Still not a fan of wing Grimm but eh what can you do when your roster is limited.

Soooo who do we prefer as tank in this format, Tell+18 or Guinn +0 :thinking::thinking::thinking:

This is going to be fun, facing all Telurria’s.
My Team, is one I am just going to try have some fun/test with:

Kiril / Mist / Telluria / Joon / Evelyn

3990ish TP I think.

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I’m thinking of running this but not sure on placement:

Telluria is my only maxed 5* hero. I’m guessing attackers will be bringing red so maybe no point in 2 flanking yellow?
Other options are: Scarlett, G.Falcon, Boldtusk, Melendor, Caedmon, Li Xiu (3.60), Danzaburo (3.60)…

meh they should remove telluria from this tournament so that it isnt just like normal raiding lol

some really good teams being used on this thread!

The great try to destroy Telly w/o cRigs tourney. :wink:

I’m going to set up something completely unholy. Mono always disappointed me and I don’t have any yellow 5* buffers nor maxed HotMs with elemental links but Malo, who probably won’t be ideal neither on def nor on att against holy.


To be fair, I think this might be a good little thing because it may showcase some new teams/heroes to pit against destroying Telluria. My roster isn’t as good as a lot, with 5* heroes, I only have a couple max, unfortunately I will have to go 3x Red and 2x Yellow against Telluria, I think (Wilbur, G Falcon, Boldtusk + Joon and Justice)

Honestly I expect to do really bad this Tournament, in both offense and defense BUT as long as I can do all 5 matches in 1 day, I am happy - then I have 30/30 for the Tournament POV Challenge


I decided to bench Guin+18 for this.


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